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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recruiting Space: Fixing the Glitch

I get that there are no saints in recruiting these days.  And I realize U-M signed Harbaugh in order to give the Wolverines the best possible chance to once again hunt with the big dogs of college football.  But there is a best way of doing the "business" of college football recruiting.  Unfortunately, Michigan isn't doing that based on the blow back and perception after another player decomitted and then claimed he did so because the Michigan coaching staff stopped calling until finally telling him he was a "plan B."

MGo had a good take on this, but I'm still surprised that we couldn't see such an obvious (and avoidable) problem by being upfront much sooner (instead of, as it appears, trying to "ignore" kids away).  More disappointing is the response of some U-M fans falling all over themselves attempting to justify what we did as "better" than similar things we've all roundly criticized for years at other places (see: the SEC).  Legal and "within the rules," yes, but unsavory nonetheless.  Just because it's "us" doesn't make it less so.  In years past, if Ohio State did something similar (see: OSU RB coach leaving after Buckeyes Mike Weber signed), we'd be lighting up the Interwebs in righteous anger. And to proclaim "THIS IS DIFFERENT!!" (all caps, natch) is splitting hairs.  You can't ask someone to prom then tell them the week before the dance that you found a sexier date.  It's a dick move, even if it is allowed.

Bottom line: we have to "fix the glitch" in terms of our communication with borderline offers and recruits.  Or it's going to end up biting us in the ass.  Because right now, fair or not, it feels like our recruiting coordinators are the two Bobs from Office Space.

And if you're not familiar with the above (shame on you), here's the original clip:

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