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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

BREAKING: Video of Michigan Plane on its First Stop in Latest Coaching Search

In a stunning exclusive, the MZone has obtained footage of the so-called "Michigan plane" on its secret first stop in U-M's search for its next football coach.  I think this video indicates what a longshot their top choice is.


JamesD'Troy said...

Good times and well done video. Harbaugh is the obvious top choice, but will Harbaugh actually go to Michigan? Possibly, but I'll believe it when he gets off the plane at DTW. I suspect the maxim of 'Cherchez la femme' may apply. To understand the behavior of any man, always look to the women in his life. Usually that means his wife or mother. In this case, the question is whether wife #2(wife #1 still lives on the Pacific Ocean on Coronado Island in San Diego), Sarah Harbaugh will want to leave the pleasant clime of Northern California for the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Detroit and frozen steppe of Michigan?

It could happen but only at a very high price. Obviously Michigan has the cash and it would be good to see Harbaugh drive Urban Meyer nuts as he has done with Pete Carroll(until recently that is). If Harbaugh doesn't leave the Bay area(he may opt out for the Raiders), then it will probably be Les Miles.

As for Mike Riley, that will likely be a good choice for Nebraska. Riley was able to do wonders with very little at Oregon State. The only worse place to coach and recruit in the Pac-12 is Washington State. Good God, stepping off the plane at Pullman is like visiting the Moon. There's absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing out there. It really looks like a lunar landscape with cows.

justthinking said...

Well done Yost. Takes me back to when I cut my teeth on Michigan football. Those really were the days. How the mighty have fallen.

Yost said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Now, let's hope it's not just a fantasy.

Ramona said...

Mo one does these video segments better than Yost at M Zone.

I know Twitter has taken over life as we know it on earth, but I'm so happy to see you make the occasional appearance in the blog hemisphere.

In the meantime I've never quite been able to figure out which of the Yosts you are on the other blog. I upvote them all. One of them doesn't need my votes.

Jimmy Wiggians said...

Harbaugh has one of those innate abilities to find players who can become great. It wasn't like everyone knew Andrew Luck would become such a force in CFB. A lot like Meyer in his ability to discover talent early on, it's just that Meyer turns it up a notch or two faster than anyone including Sabin.