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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

New Michigan Logo for Dave Brandon Regime

In the honor of the Shane Morris incident, and the Coke ticket clusterf**k, and the skywriting over Spartan Stadium, and the fireworks, and the student section fiasco, and on and on and on, we think Michigan may need a new logo as long as Dave Brandon remains the AD.


ED. NOTE: Yes, during the days of the Original Mzone (respect) and even MZone 2.0, this post would have gone up the very day of Dave's latest "miscommunication." But, well, real life now.


Ramona said...

That word can only be used so many times!!

Mikoyan said...

Isn't that a Led Zeppelin song?

Yost said...

That's funny, Mik. Should be DB's theme song.

Ploeg said...

I've missed you...

Dennis said...

Congrats on the win. I listened to much of the second half on the XM driving my older son back from a swim meet. Was painful to listen to, but imagine harder to watch. Gardner again gets my respect for grit and getting back upp again. Happy for him they got the win.

Ramona said...

Thanks Dennis - that is indeed gracious of you.
It was actually a blast being there - never was there one of those sickening moments where you think the game wasn't winnable. In fact.. at the very end of the first half when I saw a guy who kept running into the play after it was over, preventing a late hit on Gardner - I just had this feeling it was going to be good.
Even when Bellomy was in and you knew our D was good enough that we could win on the FG if need be.

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