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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sign of desperation in Columbus

This could be the funniest thing I've seen in a loooong time.  It's a sign located inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center:


Yes, Urban Meyer is trying to woo recruits by implying they'll get a better education at Ohio State than Michigan.  Somewhere the editors of US News & World Report just spit food and drink all over their computer screens after seeing this one.

Stop, Urb.  My side hurts.

Meyer must really be starting to feel the heat being placed on him by the recruiting machine that is Brady Hoke if this is his sales pitch for Tosu.  As our friends at Maize and Blue nation said, "If you're going to compare Ohio State to Michigan, that last thing I would go after as the Buckeye coach would be quality of education."


I guess this is the future job interview process Urb is trying to sell to these recruits...

"Well, I was going to hire that kid from Michigan but he had a degree in General Studies.  And those Michigan degrees just aren't what we're looking for here at J.P. Morgan Chase.  No, we need more people like you, with your Family Resource Management degree from Ohio State.  Welcome aboard.  You'll be in the cubicle next to Johnson, another kid from Ohio State we hired due to his degree in Sport & Leisure Studies.  Hell, our CFO only went to Harvard because he couldn't get in to OSU's Sport & Leisure program."

Family Fucking Resource Management?  You mean balancing a check book?  

And did Urb really put "Criminology" on his list with a straight face?  I mean, isn't a Buckeye football player kind of a criminology major by default, simply by going to Ohio State?  Good news about that degree: you can do all your term paper research just by interviewing your teammates.

Look, Buckeye fans, I know you're starting to sweat.  You lost in football.  You lost in basketball.  And as you read this, Hoke is probably getting a verbal from another one of the top players in Ohio.  It stings.  I understand.  But this way lies madness...and a ton o' ridicule.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

U-M student starts "Walk of Shame" shuttle

Nothing to do with college football, but it's February and this is perfect off-season filler:

Michigan senior Kellyann Wargo has started a shuttle service so co-eds don't have have to do the dreaded "walk of shame" the morning after.  For $5 bucks, one gets a ride anywhere in A2, a bottle of water and a discount coupon for the Plan B pill.

She's even made a commercial for her service...

Ah, college entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Okay, this was worth posting about during the off-season

There isn't much that would make me come out of my off-season blogging hiatus (having a life is nice).  But then I saw that Michigander and self-proclaimed huge Michigan fan Kate Upton made the cover the latest SI swimsuit issue.  So, thinking of you, the MZone reader, I believed it was my duty to report on this fact... as well as include several photos.

You're welcome.