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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thank you!

Yeah, I know: the NCAA velvet hammer came down on OSU this week.  Had planned to put up a post at how laughable the punishment was but then, well, screw it.  It's the holiday season and I still have shopping to do.  So I'll just go with this cartoon from Gary Finkler, a graphic designer and sports fan, who combined those passions and started a sports art blog called 7th Inning Sketch.

I do however want to take a moment before checking out completely for the next couple of days to thank those who helped the MZone continue to chug along this year.   There is no way I could -- or would want to -- keep the site going without all the folks who pitched in.

First of all, I must give a big shout out to Rigby who took over the all-important Photoshop post here on the MZone.  Not only are his 'shops top notch, but he was always willing to help, even if I shot him an email about some wacky concept at some ungodly hour.  You have no idea how many hours he put in.  Thanks, Rigby.

Thanks to Michigan Sports Girl who not only submitted a number of guest posts, but was constantly promoting the MZone on her popular Twitter feed @SupportBradyHoke.  She really helped push our following up over the 1,000 mark recently.  Thanks to Andy who, even though he had to step away from regular blogging, still sent us a number of great wallpapers.  Thanks to Ron for his help with fan fave Know Your Foe.  Thanks to Steve for his guest posts.  Thanks to reader Mikoyan for use of his pics when needed.  Thanks to Surrounded in Columbus for material, pics and tips from deep behind enemy lines.  Thanks to all the others who submitted links, pictures, tips and story ideas.   Much appreciated!

A special thanks to my former blogging cohort and college pal, Benny, who returned (after much "No way in hell" talk) to his Know Your Foe creation for Michigan's inaugural B1G battle with Nebraska (he's also working on the Sugar Bowl edition!).  And a bigger thanks to Benny for all the lost work hours for patiently listening to my "Is this funny?" calls throughout the season as I pitched him the latest idea for the MZone.

Most of all, thanks to you, the loyal MZone reader.  Your daily readership, comments, suggestions, kind emails and sense of community make it worthwhile and are why I keep doing it. 

Have a great holiday!

Go Blue!


Dennis said...

Thanks to you Yost, for all your hard work. I admire your passion for your University and the wit that goes into your writing.

May you have a season with only one healing pic next year.

Happy Holidays!

Pam said...

Echoing the sentiments of Dennis...you got us through the bad times (RR years) and helped to share the joy of this year! Thanks!!

Yost said...

Thanks to you guys for reading!

Michigan Sports Girl said...

Wow! Thanks for the shoutout, Yost! Thank YOU for keeping up the GREATEST ][V][ football blog on the web! It simply doesn't get any better than the MZone!

Happy Holidays to you and all of the MZone family, and a very Happy GO BLUE Year to everyone as well!

Mikoyan said...

Thank you for providing this wonderful blog. It is definately one of the better Michigan blogs out there and always very humorous. Also, thank you for the shout out to my blog. In a way this blog has been the inspiration for my blog.

surrounded in columbus said...

a happy holiday to you & the rest of the maize & blue faithful.

and here's a to a Sweet New Year (& even a sweeter January 3rd)

Tom C said...

Merry Christmas to all Y'all from South Carolina.
PS. Dennis.... You keep the healing pic. ;P

surrounded in columbus said...

BTW-n UPS truck dropped a package today. addressed to the wife, marked "perishable". then i looked more closely at the box & saw that it was from Zingermans.

hmmm. wife has been hinting all week that she'd finally found the perfect gift for me, so when she got home she let me open it early.

Z's "Praise the Lard" gift basket- bacon, sausage, salami, bacon bread, hot pepper sauce, & more. i love to cook & eat, so yeah, she nailed it.

Christmas- the season when even M grads & tsio fans come together;)

bigGexpress said...

Merry Christmas to all. Although,with all due respect, calling this the best college football blog is wrong.

This is the best website period. And all of the contributors and commenters are the best community of people on the web. This is the first site I check every day when I get home. No way I am checking it at work.

Seriously. Yost, you and the gang brighten my days. Best wishes to you all.

Ramona said...

Yost, thanks for your time and talents, not to mention that of the excellent team you have... your loyal readership looks forward to 2012 with you!

"And to all good night"

Ramona said...

BTW Dennis I caught that "one healing pic" reference. There will be no, healing needed with Brady at the helm...
I repeat, No....

Back to present wrapping...

Crock said...

Thanks for my favorite Michigan blog and go-to source !!!
Merry Christmas !

GoBlueBob said...

I want to also thank Andy and T9 for keeping the spirit of this blog alive with Spawn of MZone during the Yost dark period and giving him the time for adequate R&R. And to all the loyal MZone readers...

Have a Merry Michigan Christmas.

Amaizeing Blue 12 said...

I live in La Salle, Colorado and I love the blog. Please keep it up!

Andy said...

Congrats on another successful year of making me laugh Yost. God Bless your cotton pickin' maize and blue heart.

Have a very Merry Christmas my friend.

If anyone is going to the Sugar Bowl, I look forward to screaming with you as we cap this awesome season.

Go Blue!

threadogg said...

Denard just entered the draft. Who will QB for the Wolverines's if DR chooses to leave for the NFL?

Dennis said...

He didn't enter the draft, he just submitted paperwork to be evaluated for the draft. Which really isn't a bad idea. This allows him to get feedback on what he needs to do to improve over the coming year so when he does come out, he might move up. I don't see him as an NFL QB, some kind of Wildcat/return specialist would probably be a good use of his talents.

threadogg said...

Thx Dennis and your so right a wildcat is WR possible as some have said , this kid has the energy to excell in the NFL but he needs to play with wild & eccentric freedom, when they make him tie his shoelaces I fear it will drain his powers.