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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Beat Ohio Wallpapers: Bo, Desmond & Charles

You mean yesterday's offerings weren't enough?  Fine.  Andy outdid himself with three more.

Go Blue!


Ramona said...

Loving these!!
Andy where the heck have you been?
Thanks for posting.... and
I'm about to find out if they can be stolen.

Mikoyan said...

I love that Desmond shot.

And Andy...I'll ask you on this thread too.....Can you please look at my EMU pictures on my blog? I know you do sports photography and I'd like some advice. Thank you.....

Mikoyan said...

And I got in the act too:

Yost said...

Good stuff, M!

Ramona said...

I still don't have a decent camera. A friend has a phone that takes surprisingly good quality shots.. this might be the year to get one and join the 21st century...

hs8bern said...

Beat Ohio State! Please do and help restore honor to big 10.