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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Texas A&M does "walk of shame" after getting boned by SEC

(from MZone wire reports) College Station, TX - In a humiliating episode for a school with a proud tradition of grabbing their own and other teams' junk, Texas A&M was forced to do the the "walk of shame" after it was screwed by the SEC over the weekend.  SEC officials met Sunday and rejected A&M's request to leave the Texas Longhorn League Big 12 for the Southeastern Conference.

Texas A&M walks home after getting f*cked by the SEC
"I hope he''ll call," said Texas A&M, looking like complete shit as she trudged back to Texas wearing the same thing she wore to the SEC headquarters in Birmingham, AL, the day before.  "I told the SEC I love him.  So he said he'd call.  Do you think he'll call?  Should I Facebook him?"

Unfortunately for Texas A&M, all signs point to no.

As Texas A&M was leaving Birmingham, some SEC members could be seen looking out the window and laughing.

"Texas A&M is like a 2 a.m. booty call," said defending National Champion and SEC member Auburn.  "You know she'll head over anytime, so you don't respect her."

LSU agreed.  "They're almost as bad as Missouri."

So, just what exactly happened?  In an MZone Exclusive, we have obtained a secret recording of the discussions between Texas A&M and the SEC.  Behold...

UPDATE: Thought the vid needed a little music so I added it to the clip below.  Here's the original sans soundtrack.


HornFan said...

Jim Rome's rant on the Aggies sums it up nicely:

Bigasshammm said...

BOOM out of the park.

Dennis said...

Not sure if we wanted them to begin with, but I would think now they are tainted goods. Imagine the additional crap we would take if we added a school the SEC rejected. I still maintain that the funky looking G in the new Big Ten logo is a place holder for a 6 and we are getting 4 more teams sooner rather than later.

While the Rome post sounds like him to some extent, I seriously doubt it was him, since I cannot imagine he would have said "If you want to carry guns and beat up civilians, move to Israel." Rome is Jewish. I have no idea if he supports the state of Israel, but no matter how he stands on the issue, there is no way that comment wouldn't have stirred up a firestorm if he had said it.

616goblue said...


I would expect this video to be linked to on SI.com...well done.


Dennis said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, very nice job with the cartoon. I almost wonder if it would be better to swap out all the voice work. I think it is funnier the way it is, though. Don't mind me, just thinkin' out loud.

Michael Prince, O.D. said...

I think a bunch of you guys are going to be proven pretty wrong pretty soon.

Michael Prince, O.D. said...

that Rome rant is older than this blog, and never happened.

Michael said...

You should avoid writing on topics which you know nothing about...