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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The MZone presents SUPERLACE: The Movie ...starring Denard Robinson

Rigby's Wallpaper Wednesday inspired the video below.

(HT to FauxCreative and AGold who did some great vids where I found many of the HD clips)

Wallpaper Wednesday: Denard Returns!

Look!  Out on the field!  It's a run!  It's a pass!  It's...


Big thanks to Rigby for continuing Wallpaper Wednesdays here at the MZone!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #18 The guy sitting next to you

Continuing our countdown of the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays (that was supposed to coincide with and end the day before the first game of the season but is going to miss that by a country mile) we arrive at...

#18: The Guy Sitting Next to You

Before the game, he is a stranger you might exchange perfunctory head nods with if you happen to catch glances as you find your seat.  But by the end of the 4th quarter of a close, thrilling Meeechigan victory over a big rival, the guy sitting next to you just might end up being one of the groomsmen at your wedding (but not at The Big House).

I don't know these people...
and yet I love them
Such is the bonding that goes on at The Big House on Michigan football Saturdays. 

The instant camaraderie of 110,000 Wolverine fans on gameday is electric.  Sure, the same guy on the side of the road with a flat tire during a snow storm may only warrant a sympathetic shake of the head as your cruise past at 75 m.p.h.  But sit that same dude next to you for a game like Michigan's triple OT win over MSU a couple years ago and you'll have high-fived him so many times both your hands will lack several layers of skin.

During Michigan football games, you will also find yourself bonding with folks you'd normally find as embarrassing to be around as your dad that time he wore his dark socks and sandals to the beach.

For example, I enjoy sitting next to Headphone Guy at The Big House.  This is usually an older alum, parked on a seat cushion, who has some outdated and overly-large radio adding 20 or so pounds to his head.  With a silver, extendable antennae reaching toward the heavens and ginormous padded earphones that cover roughly 40% of his exposed skin, the guy looks like he should be hunched over in the radio room of a trans-Atlantic ocean liner circa 1934.

But on gameday in The Big House, this guy is invaluable.  He's the one who updates you all afternoon on Denard's increasingly jaw-dropping stats (eliciting more skin-removing high-fives with Excited Guy behind you).  And when Shoelace got hurt, he's the one everyone in your section turned to.  Waiting for him to share the news of how bad it was.  He'd put one hand on the E.T.-phone-home looking thing on his head and another in the air to quiet everyone so he could hear better.  Instantly, your entire section fell silent.  And if he shook his head and said, "It's not good..." high-fives would be replaced by simultaneous head-drops.

When not updating my section at The Big House
on Saturdays, I listen in on radio chatter coming
from the international space station as it orbits earth

There's also Fire Up Guy, the self-appointed dude who is the first to stand up and try to get the crowd cheering before a big third-and-short play.  Raising his arms like a symphony conductor minus his wand, before suddenly turning around to see if you're being naughty or noisy in your team's time of need.

Some people don't like Fire Up Guy.  Me?  He great if he's sober.  Drunk Fire Up Guy can be annoying.  But Proper Fire Up Guy can get a whole section rocking in no time.  It's a fine line. 

Yes, the above are but a small sampling of The Guy Sitting Next to You.  But each is just as much a part of Meeechigan Football Saturdays as tailgates and marching bands.  That's why he (and she) are #18 on our slooooowly unspooling list.

No, I've never sat next to them either,
even when I was a student. 
They're like Big House unicorns

ED. NOTE:  You know, just as I finished writing up this post way past my bedtime, I had another (I think even funnier) idea for a post using the above concept - simply listing all the "guys" one will meet/sit next to at The Big House this Saturday (Start the Wave Guy, Leave Early Guy, Down in Front Guy, Always Leaving the Section During the Game Girl, etc.).  Damn.

Double damn.

Maybe next time.

Guest Post: Wait for it, it's coming...

Today's guest post comes from Steve, proprietor of Michigan meets S.C.  If you'd like to become a world famous blogger and submit material to the MZone, drop us an email at the addy on the left (if you can't find it, that's the first test.  FAIL).

In the wake of the new, latest, whatever, scandal brewing at The University of Miami, their President Donna Shalala’s apology is just around the corner.  Unless I missed it.  I don’t know who’s position it could possibly save or even if it will save her own position within the walls of this hallowed correctional institution.  But the actual apology is what I'm waiting for.  You see it from politicians, sports figures galore, movie stars and the like.  Here’s how it goes:  A big news conference is called and the poor unfortunate sap steps to the podium all solemn and pulls a paper from their breast pocket, unfolds it and begins to read their apology.

How to write a convincing
apology letter!
Read it!  My God - read their apology!  Unbelievable.  Anyway I love it when they READ their apology.

I could care less what they're saying, they all sound the same and it's all drivel anyway. Les Miles said that “appropriate action will be taken when it’s deemed necessary” after a couple of his players kicked the crap out of some guys outside a bar. My guess is that will be somewhere around September 4th, right after the Oregon game. I loved his delivery, blaming the car horn and all. So straight faced. Whoa is me. The whole world was watching and what was he doing, looking down reading from a prepared statement, only looking up occasionally to see if anyone is buying this crap he was shoveling. I call bullshit. I mean hell I'm in trouble as much as anyone and I don't get a prepared statement to try and get out of it. If you have to look at a piece of paper to say you didn't know any better or are extremely remorseful you're no better an apologist than you are a, whatever you are. The only time anyone should be allowed a prepared apology is before they're caught and are turning the screws on themselves. Like that ever happens. Take it from an expert, I know apologies. Oh yeah, and Donna’s gonna need to have a husband or good friend stand next her while she’s reading it so we can mock that person as well. I hope she chooses Michael Irvin.

Monday, August 29, 2011

O. S. U...Tube

We admit there are a lot of YouTube vids by OSU* fans posted here on the MZone.  But it's not our fault.  Honest.  We simply work with what the comedy gods giveth.

Truth is, our crack research team searches just as hard for the crazy or out-there Michigan clips.  However, we usually find things like this...

Sure, it's fine. It's okay. It's...whatever.

But the vids posted by Tosu* fans are, shall we say, different.   And plentiful.  Now that so many in Buckeye Nation Unincorporated Township have finally gotten rid of their AOL dial-up accounts, there is a YouTube glut of these folks sharing their Tosu* pride - usually sans filter. 

For example, last fall, we were traumatized by Mascot Man who sucked so bad he was awesome in a Showgirls kinda way.  There's Jessi-slash-Stretchy Buckeye who, well, this.  And who can forget the Sleepy Rappers?  Not us.

Face it, some dude humming The Victors on a whistle pop just doesn't seem worth posting when up against that kind of competition.

Then there are the Buckeye jackhats who, in their own, limited, f-bomb laden words, say O-H S-O much about the Tosu* fan base.  Like the articulate young man in the videos below.

First, he made the following "test video" in order to familiarize himself with the cutting edge world of YouTube:

Having conquered the intricate YouTube technology with his six second masterpiece above, this deep thinker then proceeded to share his wit and college football wisdom with the world.  Behold the genius...

Favorite line: "You see that fuckin' helmet back there? That's what we do, baby."

Uh, Fathead wall stickers in your room at your mom's house? I'm confused.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Why politics and college football smack on a bumper sticker don't mix

I love when Tosu* fans make blogging easy (gee, how many times have I said that here at the MZone?).

Example #468:

Got an email from our pal, SiC, yesterday.  He was driving in C-bus and found himself behind the car in the pic below.  In case you can't make it out, the license plate is "USAOSU" and the bumper sticker reads, "Born in the USA  NO Taliban, Born in OHIO  No Michigan" - yes, with the "an" in both Michigan and Taliban underlined.  As SiC said, "not sure wtf that even means!"

Me neither.  But what do you expect from a guy who drives a MINI-VAN.

You know, each time I get an email from SiC, I end up shaking my head at what he must have to deal with living behind enemy lines like that.  How the dude survives there is beyond me.

No, I don't mean how does he, as a Michigan fan, put up with it.  I literally mean how does he not end up getting killed down there.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why you don't buy your Michigan gear at Old Navy

Look, I'm the first to admit I let a typo (or 10) slip by here on the MZone every now and then each day.  Putting up posts late at night, sometimes spellchecking takes a back seat to "Dammit, I need sleep!"  However, say you were a t-shirt copy guy and you had to spellcheck, oh, three words.  And, you know, it was your job.  You'd probably get it right, right?

Unless you're the t-shirt guy for Old  Navy...

For our Tosu* visitors who are looking at the picture and thinking, "Yeah?", there's supposed to be an apostrophe in "Let's."

And while we're at it, the two exclamation points are very 15-year-old-girl-status-update-on-Facebooky.

So don't take chances.  Get your gear at Moe's or the MDen.

Five million?! Really?!?!

Light posting today as real life beckons (don't worry, I'll be ready for the season next week).

However, just wanted to share something: looking at our stats yesterday, I noticed that we're rapidly approaching our 5,000,000th visitor!  Five mil! (or as Brian at MGoBlog calls that, "Wednesday")


Pretty cool for a part-time hobby.  So a big thank you to all our readers who've been checking us out over the years (and keep coming back).  It's most appreciated!

Please help us continue to grow by passing on a link (or six) and following us on Twitter.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #19 Students Parties

Checking in at #19 on our countdown of 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays are Student Parties.  I touched on this in our #25 entry, State Street, but I love heading into A2 and seeing the houses on State Street overflowing with students and their bashes (of course, they're not limited to State, but those are the ones most visible to those of us who are no longer students).

Such parties, on seemingly each and every block, make college football better than a pro game any day.  Hands down.

When you're in school, of course, it seems those parties will go on forever.  Each week culminating in a mass of friends and booze on Saturday.  Sadly, that's not exactly what happens.  Get a few years removed from college, settle down, have a few kids, and a rockin' Saturday night is the babysitter saying she can stay an extra hour so you can grab a quick coffee after the shitty movie you and your wife saw.

Post-college, Quarters is no longer a game you play on Saturdays, it's that change your wife digs out of her purse after you super-lucked out and found a parking spot actually near where you want to be.

So if you're reading this blog and you're still a student, live that shit up! 

Actually, #19 shouldn't be limited to student parties but should really be students in general.  Because as pumped as I still get for the games, I can't top the students.  Put it this way, my first thought now when I see a bunch of dudes with no shirts on at a game in mid-November with a windchill near 20 is, "Holy crap!  That's crazy!"  Of course, they're thinking, "Dude, we're gonna get on TV, and then get laid!"

Advantage: students.

But back to the parties.

You gotta love how they swarm the yards at those parties.  Their plastic red cups in hand, they surround the keg like ants on a bee carcass.

Meanwhile, you just watch as you pass with your wife/girlfriend/friends.  Remembering those times from your own college days.  Different and yet unchanged.  Your memories and their current experiences all intertwined by the common thread that is a Meeeechigan football Saturday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

George C. Scott watches Colin Cowherd

If you're a longtime reader of the MZone, you know our history with ESPN "personality" Colin Cowherd.  So it's no secret that we're not big fans of his work.

Apparently we're not alone...

Move over, Hitler - there's a new meme in town.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wolverine Blog's Ace Anbender named MGoBlog Recruiting Ninja

Ace Anbender, founder of The Wolverine Blog, has been named the new "recruiting ninja" for MGoBlog*.  As a result, he's leaving behind his duties at TWB after being called up to the The Show.

Just wanted to wish Ace continued success on his new endeavor.  Be sure to read him on MGo and follow him on Twitter.

*  Did you chuckle that I hyper-linked MGo, as if you don't already have it bookmarked as a favorite?  ("MGo...Blog, you say?  Huh.  I'm a huge Michigan fan but I never heard of it.  Thanks for the link, Yost.")

O.P.P. - Other Programs' Problems


Four LSU football players, including starting QB Jordan Jefferson, were involved in a bar fight that was "caused" when some poor sap honked at a group of people blocking his exit from the bar parking lot.

Now, rather than giving there side of the story, they're lawyering up.

Coach Les "The Mad Clapper" Miles apologized for the fight and said it occurred after the entire team checked in for last Thursday's 10:30 p.m. curfew.  Oops.

Now, if ol' Lester really is a disciple of Bo Schembechler, as he claims to be, then this should be fairly easy for Miles to deal with.  Put it this way, if Les had pulled this shit when he played for Bo, he'd be so far in the dog house, the fleas would have a better chance of seeing the field before Les did.

But the 4th ranked LSU Tigers open the season on September 3rd against the 3rd ranked Oregon Ducks at Cowboy Stadium.  Put up or shut up, Les.

You Know You're Screwed When They're Talking About Your Troubles in Taiwan

I didn't even think they knew about American college football in Taiwan.  But apparently Miami's transgressions were so egregious they warranted the full-on Taiwanese animation treatment, an honor usually reserved for bigger, more worldly stories such as the cancellation of the George Lopez show and Abercrombie & Fitch giving the ditch to "The Sitch."

Eat your heart out, OSU*

(via EDSBS)

Wandering the Streets of A2

Mikoyan, proprietor of the photography-based blog Michigan Exposures and frequent MZone contributor, recently wandered the streets of A2, camera in hand.  Don't know about you, but I never tire of seeing the campus.  Even more so now that I don't live close enough to make it there on a regular basis.  And with many of our readers also spread across the country, thought you'd like to get ready for Meeechigan's upcoming season with a stroll around A2.

Let the memories commence!

No stop to U-M's campus would be complete without walking past the Endover Cube or, as it's more commonly known, The Cube.

Remember the first time you spun it?

Next up is the Fleming Administration Building. Need to know more? Take it away, Mikoyan:

This building was designed by Alden Dow who was the son of the founder of Dow Chemical and resident of Michigan. He started out his academic career at the University of Michigan and was studying engineering to work at his father's company. After three years, he transferred to Columbia University where he studied architecture. He worked with the Saginaw firm of Frantz and Spence for a while and then he studied under Frank Lloyd Wright. After which he returned to Midland and opened his own firm.
Construction on the Fleming Building started in 1965 and was completed in 1968. It houses the Adminstration of the University. It almost looks like it could be used as a fortress if necessary.

I agree about the fortress assessment.  And because the Fleming Administration Building has been the site of many-a-student protest over the years, it's probably a good idea!

Ready for its next student protest

Ah, The Michigan Union. One of my favorite buildings on the entire campus. Below, Mikoyan looks up at the Michigan Union Tower.

Any alums of the U-M law school? Then the pic below of the reading room will bring back some memories. Or as I call it, "that place you went after you realized the Ugli wasn't for studying."

Below is a shot Mikoyan took looking north on State Street.  While the names of the restaurants and bars may change every couple of years, thankfully, it still looks the same.

Obviously school's not in session: nobody is almost getting run over!

What better place to end our quick trip around A2 than a walk through the Diag. Here's a shot of West Engineering building.

Last, but not least...

I still won't step on the damn thing!

If you look close, you'll notice the "M" at the center of the Diag was a gift from the class of '53.  Talk about the ultimate class gift!  There is no way to top that.  You just know the class of '54 was going, "We are so fucked!"

Which is probably why I don't believe my class did anything (at least not to my knowlege).  I'm guessing everybody post-'53 just said, screw it. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

We're looking for a few good bloggers!

UPDATEThanks for all the emails regarding guest blogging here at the MZone!  Gonna leave this up top a couple days in case folks missed it and want to contact us.  Really love that folks want to join our merry band of bloggers.  Who knows, maybe we'll find a way to really expand the MZone.  You'll find our new material below this post

Have you always wanted to be a world-famous blogger?  Sharing your rapier wit with humanity while fending off all the babes who regularly throw themselves at dudes who blog?

"I love bloggers!"
Now is your chance.

Andy's been out of commission lately and, unfortunately, it's been a busier than normal time for me on the work front as well ("What?!  Yost has a real job?!).  As a result, providing you, the loyal MZone reader, with our usual daily dose of hilarious thought-provoking amazing free content has been a challenge.

Thus, if you'd like to procrastinate with the best of them and reach the Michigan Masses (and the occasional Buckeye reader as well), shoot us an email.  You too can join the exciting, sexy world of collegiate football blogging!  Posts can be the occasional guest column or something more regular. 

Don't delay!  Operators are standing by!

No experience necessary.  Ability to Photoshop a plus.  Void where prohibited.  Must be 18 years of age or older.  Offer not valid in Columbus and parts of the SEC.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sodom & Gomorrah vs. Miami

In case you missed it (and the only way you could have is if ESPN is your primary source of college football news), the Miami Hurricane football program has been doing its best SMU impression over the last decade or so.  From cash, to prostitutes to abortions (yes, you read that correctly), a convicted felon lavished untold amounts of funds and flesh on the 'Cane program which could lead to the dreaded "death penalty" for Miami.

Seriously, it was so bad I bet when Barry Switzer heard about what was going on at "The U," even he went, "Are f*cking serious?!  Holy crap, that place is crooked."

Apparently, the illegal benefits started in 2002, making the 2003 Miami/Ohio State Fiesta Bowl BCS Championship Game probably the most tainted title game in NCAA history (sorry, Tosu fans, I'm just taking Mo' Clarett at his word).

As a Michigan fan, I don't really have a horse in this race except from the broad "integrity of the game" perspective.  But I did chafe when I saw an article on the scandal talking about what it saw as the problems in college football as evidenced by all the recent NCAA violations at big name programs such as Miami, USC, Ohio State...and Michigan.

Yes, because those are all so equal.  It's like getting lumped in with the Boston Strangler because you were convicted of a jaywalking ticket.  I'm reminded of the old Sesame Street tune, "One of these things is not like the others.  One of these things just doesn't belong..."

How bad were things at Miami?  Put it this way, there really is no comparison to other college football programs.  That's why we here at the MZone have compared their transgressions to the only places even close to what went on there: the biblical towns of Sodom and Gomorrah.

                                        MIAMI                                               SODOM & GOMORRAH

ILLICIT SEX:                     ✔                                                                     ✔

PROSTITUTION:                ✔                                                                     ✔

JET SKIS:                         ✔

ABORTIONS:                     ✔                                                               PROBABLY

INTO PILLARS                                                                                          ✔
OF SALT:                                                                                      

FREE TVs:                         ✔

ANGEL RAPE:                                                                                           ✔

BY STRIPPER                     ✔                                                                    

WICKEDNESS:                  ✔                                                                      ✔

THE LORD:                                                                                               ✔

DESTROYED BY              ✔

Thursday, August 18, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #20 Ticket Stubs & Programs

If I ever - ever - start a countdown list on this blog again, somebody please just smack me in the f*cking head.  Son of a bitch!  The problem with these lists is that I feel compelled to do them once started.  But then blogging, rather being the fun hobby I enjoy as an escape, becomes like a job and/or homework.  Something I have to do (like make fun of people who still think Tressel was an innocent scapegoat).  And that defeats the whole purpose of blogging.  For cryin' out loud, this countdown was started so that its finish would coincide with the home opener.  But that plan's already gone to shit.*  Oh well, I digress.  Because today we somehow reach...

#20: Ticket Stubs & Game Programs

This dual item (they really do go hand-in-hand) harkens back to my childhood.  I don't think anybody who started going to Michigan games as a kid didn't love leaving A2 with a game program and a well-preserved ticket stub as souvenirs.  Sure, the bigger ticket items like a hat and a shirt were nice, but the actual ticket and corresponding program were a way to relive the game again that night and for months (or years) to come.

Just looking at this cover and
reliving what happened still hurts
Personally, I would get home from the game, still sky-high from the experience, then immediately begin browsing through the program again.  Memorizing tidbits about the coaching staff from their bios (holy crap, Fred Jackson has been there forever!).  Marveling at how old the players all looked when I was a kid (18, 19, 20 and 21, my ass!  These were grown, old men).  Trying to figure out that scheduling chart at the end of the program with all the Big 10 teams (when indeed it was just 10).

And the ticket stubs.  I'd collect mine, saving them along with the other important worldly possessions of an eight year old: comic books, some piece of crap from a cereal box, that gift your grandma gave you that you never played with but your mom wouldn't let you throw away.  Yet while the comic books, cereal box toy and gift quickly did vanish, I kept those ticket stubs for years, each one bringing forth a small smile of remembrance.  The first Big House game I'd ever been to; some crappy blow out game in which the outcome was never in doubt (remember those days?).  My first Michigan-Ohio State game (when we won those, too).  And other "special" games.  A big play.  A great comeback.  Special memories with my friends or family.  All from an old ticket stub.

Then, when I got older, while I stopped saving the ticket stubs and became a season ticket holder.  And if you are also a season ticket holder, there is nothing - and I mean nothing - that can get a grown Michigan Man as excited (okay, a few things) as getting his season tickets in the mail.  It's, well, like this...

Actually, I think a Michigan Man getting his tickets in the mail is slightly more excited than that.  Maybe it's just me.

* No, this won't be the last time I bitch about this countdown.  Hell, in time, the bitching may actually overtake the countdown content.  Which might even be more entertaining for you, the loyal MZone reader.  It'll be a cyber-meltdown for all to enjoy.  Grab some popcorn and stay tuned!

Alchol to make Ohio government better; the MZone welcomes a new member

Ohio: Where real life feels like an Onion headline

Ohio, home of "take your guns to the sporting events" laws has another "no-brainer" they're considering (and I literally mean no brain): state officials are debating a proposal to establish the nation's only statehouse bar.

That's right.  Get smashed, make laws.


College student?  That's my state rep!

Tressel's consultation with Browns yields predictable results

Yesterday, we blogged about Jim Tressel showing up on the sidelines during the Cleveland Browns training camp.  Well, you just knew how that was going to end.

ED. NOTE: With this 'Shopped picture above, I'd like to officially welcome the newest member of the MZone team, Rigby.  Rigby will be handling Photoshop duties here at the MZone as well as some other things he's working on.  

As you know, the Photoshop position here at the MZone is second in importance only to the ability to find scantily clad co-ed pix (a thankless job I do because I'm selfless like that).  Since our founding in 2005, there have only been two resident Photoshop gurus here: Benny, who departed during The Original MZone (respect) and may or may not currently be in the Witness Protection Program, and Andy, who gave the MZone family a home via Spawn of MZone after T.O.M.Z. was shuttered in '08 then convinced me to come back full-time last fall, but has recently decided to hang up his keyboard.  

While those are gigantic keystrokes to fill, I have no doubt Rigby will be able to step in and help us to continue to fulfill your procrastination needs so that you keep getting paid for doing very little at work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jim Tressel now sells stir-fry and wears his cellphone on his belt

Jim Tressel: From Coaching Great to Marketing Slogan in Mere Months

MZone reader William sent us this pic taken at Washtenaw and Huron Parkway in A2 on August 14th.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Speaking of Tressel...

Carr and Tressel: The MZone Transcript

SiC and Ex sent us the story about Jim Tressel and Lloyd Carr both showing up on the sidelines on the sidelines of a Cleveland Browns training camp practice. 

JIM TRESSEL: "Lloyd, remember when I said I didn't sic those bomb sniffing dogs on your team bus?  I lied about that, too."

LLOYD CARR: "No surprise.  Hey, don't know if you heard, but I was just elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.  So how's your summer going?"

JIM TRESSEL: "Well, I traded in my vest for the black cellphone holder I now wear here on my belt.  Awesome, right? I just got a job in middle-management at Target."

Michigan Legends

Below is a guest post by our friend and frequent MZone contributor, Mikoyan, proprietor of the photography-based blog, Michigan Exposures.  Camera in hand, Mikoyan recently set out around Ann Arbor to find the final resting spots of three Meeechigan legends: Bo Schembechler, Fielding H. Yost and Bob Ufer.

The first grave I found was Bo's because the website I found its picture on gave a pretty good idea of where it was. The other two involved a bit of searching but I did manage to locate them.

Glenn Schembechler was born in Ohio on April 1, 1929. His nickname of Bo came from his sister's attempt to say brother when he was younger. One of Bo's lessons came from his father who refused to cheat on a Firefighter exam and didn't get the promotion he was seeking because he scored one lower than the people who did cheat. From this Bo taught hard work and integrity.

Bo went to Miami University in Ohio where he played football as a tackle under Sid Gillman whose style laid the groundwork for the West Coast Offense. Prior to Bo's final season, Gillman went on to coach at Cincinatti and the program was taken over by Woody Hayes. Bo graduated from Miami in 1951 and earned a Master's Degree from Ohio State in 1952 where he was an assistant coach under Woody Hayes.

Bo had a number of assistant jobs until he got his first head coaching job at Miami University in 1963. He would serve as the head coach there until he got the job at Michigan in 1968. His tenure as head coach would yield him a record of 234-65-8, only Joe Paterno and Tom Osborne recorded 200 wins faster than Bo. His bowl record was not as good which meant he didn't win many national championships. Despite that, he is revered by Michigan fans everywhere (including this Michigan fan). Heart trouble meant that he retired at the age of 60 in 1989. He was followed by coach Gary Moeller. He died in 2006 just before the Michigan-Ohio State game.

It was a little harder for me to find Fielding Yost's grave as the location I had wasn't the greatest. Finally, I managed to look up the website for the cemetary and they had a pretty nice locator on it and I found it immediately.

Fielding Yost was born on April 30, 1871 in Fairview, West Virginia. He enrolled at the Ohio Normal School where he played baseball. He later enrolled at West Virginia University where he played football until 1896.

He was a for single seasons at Ohio Wesleyan, Nebraska, Kansas, Stanford and San Jose State until he became the head coach at Michigan in 1901. He was very successful at Michigan where he racked up a record of 165-29-10. Under Yost, Michigan would win a total of 6 National Championships. His 1901 team would outscore it's opponents 550-0 enroute to a perfect season and victory over Stanford in the First Rose Bowl. This would be the first of the point a minute teams.

From 1901 to 1904, Yost never lost and only tied once. This tie was in the legendary game against the Minnesota Gophers where the Little Brown Jug was formed. Basically, Yost didn't trust the people in Minnesota, so he brought his own water supply. He left one of the brown jugs behind and was told that if he wanted it back, he'd have to win it. Thus College Football's first trophy was born.

He retired from coaching in 1926 and would become Michigan's Athletic Director. Under his leadership Michigan Stadium, Yost Fieldhouse (now the Ice Arena) and the golf course were constructed. This leads to one of Michigan Stadium's nicknames - The House that Yost Built. He died in 1946 of a gall bladder attack.

The whole Yost family

Right across from Yost's grave is Bob Ufer's grave.

For me, Bob Ufer is probably Michigan football the most. I admired Bo and I knew about Yost and I would watch Bo on Saturdays but I would listen to Ufer when I started to listen to Michigan football games. Unfortunately, he died before I really got into football but his game calls are legendary and you can hear some of them online. There were many people in the state who would turn down the TV to watch the game but would listen to it on the radio. Nobody could bring the game alive quite like Mr. Ufer.

Bob Ufer was born on April 1, 1920 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He would attend the University of Michigan where he was a stand out track athlete. In 1944, he would become the radio announcer for Michigan football and would hold the spot until 1981 shortly before he died of cancer. His football broadcasts were highly biased in favor of Michigan and you could hear his allegiance in his voice and there was no question which team he was rooting for. These broadcasts would be accompanied by a horn from Patton's jeep which he would blow three times for a touchdown, twice for a field goal and once for an extra point. He would get really exuberant when Michigan won and really sad when the lost. He had a head for facts and it showed during his broadcasts.

Here is a good link to his broadcasts and some more stuff about his life.

God bless his cotton pickin' maize and blue heart!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Texas A&M does "walk of shame" after getting boned by SEC

(from MZone wire reports) College Station, TX - In a humiliating episode for a school with a proud tradition of grabbing their own and other teams' junk, Texas A&M was forced to do the the "walk of shame" after it was screwed by the SEC over the weekend.  SEC officials met Sunday and rejected A&M's request to leave the Texas Longhorn League Big 12 for the Southeastern Conference.

Texas A&M walks home after getting f*cked by the SEC
"I hope he''ll call," said Texas A&M, looking like complete shit as she trudged back to Texas wearing the same thing she wore to the SEC headquarters in Birmingham, AL, the day before.  "I told the SEC I love him.  So he said he'd call.  Do you think he'll call?  Should I Facebook him?"

Unfortunately for Texas A&M, all signs point to no.

As Texas A&M was leaving Birmingham, some SEC members could be seen looking out the window and laughing.

"Texas A&M is like a 2 a.m. booty call," said defending National Champion and SEC member Auburn.  "You know she'll head over anytime, so you don't respect her."

LSU agreed.  "They're almost as bad as Missouri."

So, just what exactly happened?  In an MZone Exclusive, we have obtained a secret recording of the discussions between Texas A&M and the SEC.  Behold...

UPDATE: Thought the vid needed a little music so I added it to the clip below.  Here's the original sans soundtrack.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest Post: Brady Hoke vs. Big Ten Coaches

Last week, I got an email from a recent U-M grad now working for a tech start-up in Santa Barbara, CA.  The company, FindTheBest.com, makes objective comparisons that allow users to sort and filter by what criteria is most important to them. He explained how the site is useful for college football fans and asked if he could write up a short post about it.  


Growing up a Michigan football fan has been a true honor.  Up until the Rich Rodriguez era this consisted of being part of winning seasons, trips to the Rose Bowl, and having the opportunity to watch some of college football’s greatest players (e.g. Charles Woodson – college football’s greatest player).  Unfortunately though, Rich Rodriguez was not able to continue the Michigan tradition of winning. With that said, I’m not going to sit here and put all the blame on him, I will say though, that the firing of Rich Rodriguez and the hiring of Brady Hoke was probably the right move.

So the question now is, can Brady Hoke return Michigan Football to glory?  Only time will tell.   What can be examined currently though is how Brady Hoke stacks up to the rest of college football’s coaches.  A new comparison tool from FindTheBest.com allows you to search and compare college football coaches by criteria such as school, winning percentage, age, salary, and much more.

Using FTB’s comparison tool you can compare Brady Hoke to the rest of the Big Ten coaches and see how he fairs (Big Ten Coaches).  Or maybe you want to see how Brady compares to his little brother; you could simply compare Brady Hoke vs. Mark Dantonio and see that Brady Hoke (53 years old) is actually 2 years younger than his little brother Mark (55 years old).  Or even better, maybe you were interested in the Cheaters State University (OSU) coach Luke Fickell; you could compare Brady to the cheaters coach and see that Brady has much more experience than Fickell - (Brady Hoke vs. Luke Fickell).

Furthermore, maybe you just wanted to explore the comparison a little bit; it would allow you to see who the highest paid active college football coaches are (Nick Saban - $6 million per year).  Or see who the oldest active college football coaches are, though it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Joe Paterno is the oldest at the age of 84 years old.  Or my personal favorite; who the winningest coaches are.  Because at the end of the day while a clean program comes first, winning is crucial.  Chip Kelly just so happens to be the winningest active coach in college football currently (though he’s only coached 2 seasons to date).

Whether you want to compare Brady Hoke to the rest of the coaches in college football or just want to have a little fun seeing who makes what or how many bowl appearances each coach has FindTheBest’s College Football Coaches Comparison is a great resource for all Michigan Football Diehards out there.

Go Blue!

Vincent Bradley/Class of 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #21 Noise

Okay, I made a horrible, horrible mistake starting this countdown, not fully thinking through the fact that I'd have to blog during the final weekends of my summer in order to keep it going and have it end in conjunction with the first game of the season. 

But, alas, we plow forward today with...

#21: Noise

This really should be a Top 10-er.  But longtime readers of The Original MZone (respect) know that one of my pet peeves about The Big House and some Michigan fans is the aversion to giving the Maize and Blue a true home field advantage by making it LOUD.

I hope this becomes as obsolete in
The Big House as leather helmets
As I've bitched about in the past, sometimes it feels like the #1 cheer in The Big House is, "Down in front!"  I've traveled to numerous away Michigan games (and other college football games not involving Michigan) and it's amazing how much louder some stadiums are with waaaaay less people (I'm looking at you, Oregon).  Needless to say, on important plays, they don't reach into their pockets and pull out their %$#@ keys.  Instead, they scream, stomp and yell in order to make it as hard as possible for the opposing team to hear the QB's signals.

However, the tide may be turning.

Last season, I noticed a marked improvement in fan noise (though still not on par in total time or decibel level to other places).  Did the new construction help trap in the sound, as some claimed was the reason for the lack of noise in The Big House?   I'm sure to some extent.  However, I'd like to think that more people are realizing that jangling your %$#@ keys not only does NOTHNG to help the team, it's really just plain STUPID (No, it's not clever because of the double meaning associated with shaking your keys on important or - wait for the laugh - "key" plays).

And when the noise - I'm talking about 110,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs, trying with all their might to be one with the Wolverines, to help their beloved Maize and Blue just that little bit extra - kicks in and washes over the stadium it is truly something that gives me chills (even just typing about it).  When it's 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter, Michigan clinging to a small lead, and everybody rises to their feet and makes the opposing QB think he just stuck his head in a jet engine, I feel like I can make the tackle myself from my seats.

It still doesn't happen often enough (hence the #21 ranking here), but it is happening more often.  And I love it!

(above is a video Benny did for The Original MZone that was part of one of my many rants about crowd noise)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #22 The Wave

Continuing our countdown of the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays.  Today...

#22: The Wave

Frankly, The Wave almost didn't make the list.  I'm really torn about this one.  Sometimes I despise the damn thing, usually when some drunks try to get it going at the exact wrong time (Hey, jackhole - when we're on offense driving for a touchdown in a tight game, PUT YOUR ARMS DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!).

But then there are the Delaware State-esque games where there should be no bad time to do The Wave (in theory.  I'm looking at you, Appy State).  Plus, the unbroken design in the stadium makes The Wave look cooler here than almost anywhere else.

For those not familiar with the history of The Wave in The Big House, it all started back in the days of mullets, big hair and a time when the M in MTV actually stood for music - 1983.  Michigan played the University of Washington that fall in Seattle, where some claim the "cheer" originated in 1981.  Michigan's cheerleaders then brought it to The Big House for U-M next home game and Bo had an absolute fit.  You see, folks got so caught up in the new fad, they did it while Michigan was on offense making it probably the only time in the history of The Big House it's been too loud for any QB to actually be heard by his teammates.

According to Wikipedia:

A letter to the sports editor of New York Times claimed, "There are three reasons why the wave caught on at Michigan Wolverine games: It gave the fans something to do when the team was leading its opponent by 40 points, it was thrilling and exciting to see 105,000 people in the stands moving and cheering, and Bo Schembechler asked us not to do it." The fans responded to his request by doing more waves, including "Silent Waves" (standing and waving arms without cheering), "Shsh Waves" (replacing the cheering with a "shshing" sound), the "Fast Wave," the "Slow Wave," and two simultaneous waves traveling in opposite directions. The following spring, fans who had enjoyed the wave in Ann Arbor introduced it to the nearby Tiger Stadium in Detroit. The Tigers won the World Series that year and appeared on many televised games throughout 1984, so people all over America saw it.

As a  young kid going to those games, I vaguely remember all the wave variants mentioned above.  Maybe it's that fondness for wave creativity that kept this aging cheer on our list.  For a youngster seeing it for the first time, I'm sure it's just as cool for him or her as it was for me in my youth. 

Today, I can take it our leave it.  But as an ode to my youth, I'll keep it on this year's list.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Buckeye Fans and Their Newspapers: Spelling Opshunel

Gotta love it when the comedy writes itself.  Or, in this case, does so incorrectly.

Just got the following email:

Hey Guys,

Big Michigan fan from down here in Columbus Ohio. I was on the Columbus Dispatch website (http://www.dispatch.com/) and then the Buckeyextra website (http://www.buckeyextra.com/content/) and found something interesting about the header they were using on the site. It shows a picture of four fans with OHIO spelled across their shirts. The only problem is, they were spelling O-I-O-O with their hands. This is not photoshopped. Go to their website and see for yourself.

Take care and GO BLUE!


Indeed, Darin  is correct.  It's on the site.  Check it out before a Tosu* grad with a Master's Degree from somewhere else spots the mistake and they change it.

Yep, THE Ohio State University.

There are also some standards of journalism at the Dispatch that I also question.   To wit, they still have their little counter in the corner stating it's been 2820 days* since Michigan's last victory over Ohio State in football.  But if they had any journalistic integrity it would read: "Days since Ohio State's last victory over Michigan without cheating and not counting vacated years: Unknown"

P.S.  SiC, you and Darin should meet up and form some sort of displaced Wolverine buddy system down there for safety purposes.

Why I love Oregon cheerleaders and The Return of Stretchy Buckeye

ED. NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond my control, our next post in the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays series will go up sometime over the weekend. Sorry for the scheduling delay.


After our 25 Things countdown post yesterday, I got the following email from Oregon fan, DJ:

As an Oregon fan following your excellent blog since 2007 (guess why), I had to direct you to this video with our former cheerleader (now TV host) getting a little dirty in Michigan...

I've been a fan of Oregon and their fans since my roadtrip to Eugene when Michigan played there in 2003.  Sure, I can do without the crazy uni combos (they have more wardrobe changes than a Lady Gaga concert) but I have perma-crush on their cheerleaders.  The video below that DJ sent only reinforces that.


So last night I'm searching YouTube for a good Michigan Football hype video (Memo to M Fan who shall remain nameless: Never EVER use a Journey song in a hype video. Those things are, by definition, mutually exclusive) and somehow the video below came up in the search results.

The clip is of some girl calling herself "Jessi Buckeye" and it's posted in support of new Tosu* football coach Luke "Happy Gilmore" Fickell.  Take a gander and we'll discuss more below.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  There's a lot to poke fun at in this vid, the least of which is the blind support for sacrificial lamb Luke Fickell.  I mean, with the camera angle, if not for the door behind her, I would swear she was taping herself on the toilet (Sorry, Jessi).

But bad Buckeye production values are not the reason why I'm giving all-out thanks to the Blogging Gods today.

For some reason, Jessi-with-an-i's name rang a bell in a my blogging brain.  So I did a quick MZone search and hit the jackpot.  You see, we did a post on Jessi waaaay back during the Original MZone (respect) under the title"Stretchy Buckeye."

While you may not remember the post, longtime readers just might remember the pix of Jessi, who called herself "Jessi the Flexi" back then on MySpace (yes, MySpace).  First, here's Jessi (who was a brunette back in the MySpace Era) living up to her "Flexi" name:

And then there's the pic of Jessi singlehandedly spelling out "O-H-I-O":

Sure, the "H" is lowercase. But are you really gonna quibble about that? Me, neither.

Wanting to learn more about Jessi Flexi/Buckeye, I did a Google search and was taken to her Facebook page (sorry, MySpace) where she has a fan page under the name "Jessi Buckeye: Contortionist/Handbalancer."

And she also has a Twitter page with a less-flexible but no less appealing profile pic:

Look, we give our Buckeye brethren a lot of grief here at the MZone (as they deserve).  But we're not haters (not totally).  As we said in that original "Stretchy Buckeye" post, while it's against our religion to say "Go Bucks" here at the MZone, we have no problem giving a very sincere "Go Jessi" after seeing these "flexible" pictures.

But for cryin' out loud, get somebody else to shoot your videos.  

What?  Okay, fine.  I'll do it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #23 Homecoming

Continuing our countdown of the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays.  Today...

#23: Homecoming

Definite crush
Homecoming only #23, you say?

Yes, for one simple reason: it comes but once a year.  Add a couple homecomings each fall and this would surely move up the list.

There's nothing like walking around Ann Arbor on Homecoming, seeing all the old alums strolling across the campus only to suddenly stop in front of a new structure, turn to their spouse and say, "Where the fuck did this building come from?  This wasn't here when I was in school."  Then said spouse (if not also a U-M alum) proceeds to listen politely as the old alum regales her with oft-told (exaggerated) tales of his college days, while the Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days plays somewhere if life truly has a soundtrack.

I also love seeing the old cheerleaders down on the field for the game.  Each, dressed in the cheerleading outfits of their era, staking out a spot along the sidelines as their own.  Leading that section in cheers, both new and old.  For a lot of the guys, it's a chance to see "that one cheerleader" you had a crush on from your student days.  You remember the one.  No, she's still not interested.  But - holy crap! - she still looks amazing in that skirt!  Ah, the crush lingers.  And for the cheerleaders themselves, one can't help but notice the smiles and warm embraces between each of them as they reconnect with old friends, this one day probably the only time they get see people they used to hang out with every day.  Their college friendships now separated by time, distance and that crazy thing we each experience as college disappears in the rearview mirror: life.

Welcome back! Please don't try to flip!
I do however get worried by some of the older male cheerleaders.  There's always that guy who looks like he graduated during the Truman Administration who seems to think he still has the same flexibility and young knees of both his own youth and those of the current crop of male cheerleaders.  Each time they jump or - even scarier - try to flip, I hold my breath, hoping the next thing I hear isn't the Stadium Announcer asking if there is a doctor in Section 17.

And how can you not love the alumni band?  Seeing them high-step it (or any-step it depending on their year of graduation) across the field gives me chills.  Of course, some of those are a different breed of chill, caused by music played by folks who haven't touched an instrument in decades.  But that's just being picky.

Oh, and there's also a game that day, too.

Until recently, homecoming at U-M wasn't about the football.  That's because, until recently, homecoming used to mean an almost guaranteed victory, and usually a blowout "W" to boot.  A relaxing day in The Big House enjoying all the sights and sounds not associated with football.

Unfortunately, those certain victories haven't been so certain lately.  But we trust - nay, know - that's about to change back to the ways of yore.  And maybe, just maybe, it'll help "Homecoming" nudge its way higher in our next MZone poll.

No, of course we didn't forget the Mud Bowl!
Seriously.  Did you really think we'd forget this?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MZone Exclusive: Joe Paterno's New Commercial

Earlier this week, legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was injured during practice when wide receiver Devon Smith ran into him and knocked him over.

The 84-year-old coach suffered injuries to his hip, shoulder and pelvis.  Luckily, he's okay and is set to return to practice on Wednesday.

This isn't the first time Joe Pa has been roughed up due to a sideline collision.  In 2006, he broke his leg after being run into during his team's game against Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium.

But as a result of his latest injury, Paterno agreed to shoot a commercial to officially endorse a product he's come to rely on while roaming the Nittany Lion sidelines.

The MZone has obtained an exclusive first look at the ad which is set to air for the first time next weekend during 60 Minutes.

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays: #24 Elbel Field/Revelli Hall

Yesterday, in preparation of the upcoming 2011 season, we started counting down the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays.  Clocking in at #25 was State Street.  Today...

#24: Elbel Field/Revelli Hall

(via UMich & Ann Arbor Greenway)

During the week and on non-football Saturday's, Elbel Field is just a great place to toss the football around with your friends.  Or play a softball game.  Maybe kick a soccer ball.  Or, our favorite...

But the large open space - bordered by S. Division, Hill Street, Greene Street and E. Hoover Avenue - is also the outdoor practice facility for the University of Michigan Marching Band.  And if you get to A2 really early on game days, you can catch the band practicing for afternoon's performance on the now-turfed practice field just off Hill St.

(via MGoBlog)

Revelli Hall, across from Elbel on E. Hoover, is the indoor home of the Michigan Marching Band.  If you miss the early morning practice at Elbel, catch the band outside Revelli before they head to The Big House.

And if following them up Hoover Street doesn't give you chills, you won't need a ticket to the game because you're already dead and can simply float through the gates past the ticket takers.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Countdown to Kickoff

Notice anything different about the MZone today?  Look again.

If you glance above this post, you'll see that our "Offseason Schedule" post* no longer has top billing.  That's because it's almost here.  It's almost time:

Kickoff is merely 25 days away!

A new coach.  A new era.  A new beginning.


And with that the MZone officially moves from from "Off-Season" to "Pre-Season"mode.

The countdown begins. 


* Due to Tatgate-turned-Tresselgate, we really didn't have a blogging off-season, but, well, the thought was there when we put up the post.

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays

With the start of the 2011 Michigan Football Season just 25 days away, we kick off our blogging campaign with a countdown of the 25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays.

So until you can be there on September 3rd with 110,000 of your closest friends, do the next best thing: follow along with us here on the MZone as we count down the Maize and Blue memories that, just reading about them, might give you chills. Just thinking about them might cause you to hear the roar of the crowd. And just watching the numbers get smaller lets you know that Meeechigan football is merely days away.


If you live in one of the suburbs of Detroit or have ever flown into DTW and then driven in from the airport for a game, the feeling starts long before you reach the green highway sign.  It begins as you go west on I-94, passing car after maize-and-blue-adorned car.  Each heading to Exit #177:  State Street.

You inch your way up the off-ramp (nobody said doubling the size of a town was easy on traffic).  Until you're able to make that right on State Street.  You pass Briarwood Mall on your left and, when you clear the light at Eisenhower Parkway, something inside you (and outside your car) changes.

The increasing price to park means you're getting closer.  A few hearty souls park way out and trek in, but usually they're fans of the opposing team who weren't exactly sure where to park so they simply took the first thing they saw.

But not you. 

You don't even start looking until you see the Varsity Tennis Center on the left.  Because right after that comes the golf course.  You can already spot the footballs arcing above the fence, the flags flying high.  Tailgating nirvana is nigh.

Or maybe you wait until you cross over the train tracks and park in one of the student neighborhoods across from Schembechler Hall. Slip in to somebody's backyard who promises "easy in and out" even though it looks doubtful. 

By now the crowds flowing up State Street are no longer confined to the sidewalks.  Reaching McKinley, the car is the intruder, the pedestrian now king.

A party seems to be going on at each of the run-down student houses near State and Hoover.  A keg on the porch, banners draped out of the upper windows, colorful signs for the more creatively inclined.

Continuing on toward the heart of Michigan's campus, you're met by the wall of folks who've attacked A2 from the north.  South Quad, West Quad and the Student Union, where JFK announced his dream of the Peace Corp, to your left; Central Campus and the Diag to your right. 

The stage is set.  The ambiance is perfect.  The game is just around the corner. 

Or, more precisely, now just a short walk from State Street.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Offseason Schedule

Gonna leave this up top so folks checking in know we're in official offseason mode.  But never fear: new stuff will continue to be generated as news/procrastination breaks/a continued desire to mock Buckeyes arise.  Such nuggets will be posted below.

FYI - I'm doing a much better job of updating on Twitter rather than posting during this dead period (it's a hell of a lot less time consuming).  So be sure to follow the MZone @MZoneBlog.

UPDATE:  So much for this being the "offseason."  Thank you, Tresselgate!

MZone Summer Close-Out Contest: Predict the Penalty in C-bus

As we get set to close out the off-season and turn our attention to Meeeechigan's 2011 campaign, we would be remiss if we didn't take at least one more look back at all the problems at Tosu* which have provided us with so much material during the summer.  If not for Tatgate-turned-Tresselgate, we'd have gone dark more times than that Spider-Man musical on Broadway.

With Tosu* set to go before the NCAA committee on infractions August 12th, frequent contributor SiC suggested we have a contest in which MZone readers attempt to predict what further penalties (if any) will be leveled against the Buckeyes.

Excellent idea!

So gaze into your crystal balls and let us know whether you think the NCAA is going to drop the hammer or give Gene Smith & Co. a big ol' sloppy wet kiss.

Personally, I think it'll go something like this...

"It's Columbustown, Jake."

Friday, August 05, 2011

Columbus DJs offer Casey Anthony $10K to wear M hat instead

Oh those wacky morning radio DJs. A couple of guys from the originally named "Dave and Jimmy Show" on WNCI in C-bus are offering Casey Anthony $10K to ditch the Buckeye hat she was spotted in and don a Michigan one.

Doh! Those funny, funny Zoo Crews! Now let's go to Christy K. with a look at the weather. Christy?

(HT: Busted Coverage)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

New MZone Feature: Ask a Buckeye

This is an idea I've had for a long time.  Don't know if it's a good one or a bad one, but let's give it a shot...

As many of our regular readers know, we have a large and faithful Buckeye readership.  For those that appreciate the humor and don't take us seriously, thanks for reading.  For those that post the crude remarks and are pissed and shocked - shocked! - that our biggest rival is regularly poked fun at on a humor-centric Michigan site, blow me.  That would be akin to me going over to Gerd at the Ozone and bitching about their reportage on the Wolverines.

In any event, a new Buckeye has been lurking among us, the mysteriously named, "Ex."  After an exchange of emails, Sir Ex has volunteered to be the Voice of Buckeye Nation Unincorporated Township here on the MZone by answering all those burning questions you've always had about Tosu*, its fans and C-bus.  Such as (and speaking of burning):

* Why the love of setting fires after a Michigan victory/loss/any day in November?
* What is the story behind the Buckstache?
* What's with all the "Fuck Michigan" shirts and are they worn to weddings?
* Do you really think Tosu* fans are treated the same in A2 as U-M fans are treated in C-bus?

And many more.

Now, before I agreed to let Ex hold this cherished position here at the MZone, I put him through a rigorous vetting process.

1) He was forced to sign an affidavit swearing that he's never thrown anything (including his fists) at a Michigan fan either in Columbus or on any visits to Ann Arbor (I did not, however, ask him if he's ever thrown any F-bombs since I assume that would disqualify all Buckeye fans).

2) Since he uses words like "adjudicate" in his comments on the site, he had to prove that he indeed knew what the word meant and wasn't simply relying on Google.

3) He had to promise that he's never rocked a Buckstache.

With the above all answered to my satisfaction - and in the spirit of "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" - let's give this a try. 

So leave your questions here or email them to us at the MZone (addy on the left below the masthead).