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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Wonderful World of Tressel presents Vestocchio

MZone Family Films, in association with the Wonderful World of Tressel, is proud to present the timeless animated classic...VESTOCCHIO.

Shot in stunning blogovision, Vestocchio tells the story of a 1-AA coach who dreamt of becoming big time coach.  But he was done in by his wooden ethics.

So sit back, relax and share the magic of...



justthinking said...


Dennis said...

Shouldn't his nose have moved again when he said he always beats Michigan? I mean, you guys did manage to win one game against him. ;)

Maybe should have been more. Not sure what to think of the whole mess. Good object lesson for my son about how the lie is usually worse than the crime. Will be interesting to see what happens this season. Hopefully we'll get some balance in The Game.

I doubt they keep Fickell, but he and Hoke seem cut a bit from the same cloth. My wife knew him from OSU and he did a lot of volunteer/organization work. Seems like a stand up guy, but I can't help but think some of this stink is on him, just because he was there.

phil said...


And my favorite Disney ride is Mr. Tressel's Wild Ride. Tressel's Haunted Mansion is pretty good too.
Tressel's Hall of Shame is a trip through history. Tressel's Tattoo Castle is fantastic. There's something for everyone at TresselWorld.

Yost said...

Great, Phil. Inspired an update to the post's subject line.

todd said...

GLORIOUS! Also glorious is the fact that the authentication word is "CHEAT". LMAO

Jason said...

Might as well coach in the SEC??? Yeah... not jealous at all!!! How many years in a row of National Champions have been from the SEC??? 5??? Half a decade???

justthinking said...

Jealous? This is Michigan, for God sakes.
Apparently you've been stumbling along in the darkness for some time now and walked into the light to find yourself here. Were you not aware that it's morning in Ann Arbor again?
The tongue of the wise adorns knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly. - Proverbs 15:2
Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes. - Proverbs 26:5
Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues. -Proverbs 17:28
Hush now child, and run along....

Phil said...

Too bad you're not this talented on the football field. 9-1, soon to be 10-1. Go Bucks!

justthinking said...

The smoke from Columbus is burning my eyes, but the tears.....they taste sweet on my tongue.

surrounded in columbus said...

yeah, "9-1" bitches!

and they wonder why the rest of the world thinks they're backwards?

Yost said...

LOL, Just!

And, Andy, I believe it's "9-1***"

Mikoyan said...

It's pretty easy to dominate when you don't play by the rules. It helps you get the better recruits and it also helps you in other matters. "Well, this guy isn't quite adding up to our standards in classes. Well get some nerd to study for him...sheesh". I just wonder how far the "win at all costs" attitude goes?

and as for the SEC, same thing applies. I'm sure the NCAA amphibious group is over the horizon for the SEC as well.

Andy said...

@ Phil 2:53

[climbing on my soap-box]

Seriously. You guys just don't get it, do you?

Winning the most games when you operate outside the rules is meaningless. Do think that any Michigan fan with half a brain points to the two Final Four appearances of the FabFive as a proof point of success?

One of the most storied football programs in the history of college football is imploding before your very eyes, and your response is... "soon to be 10-1"?

Call me silly... but Jim Tressel's record over Michigan is irrelevant from this point forward. He is gone. He is not coming back. Once the NCAA gets done sifting through the rubble in Columbus, the only thing anyone will remember is the mushroom cloud he created.

The win at all costs culture that obviously permeates around the Ohio State athletic department has actually been quite funny to watch over these last few months. I would much rather be 1-9 and be able to look myself in the mirror than be 9-1 and remembered as a disgraced cheater.

bigGexpress said...

Yost. Shouldn't the asterisk be on the 9? "9*-1"

surrounded in columbus said...

to quote Annie in "Bull Durham":

The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self awareness.

and that's pretty much the entire Buckeye Nation

justthinking said...

*********-1 looks even better than 9*-1.

I just wonder how far back the NCAA is going to keep digging. They have enough to bury the school from the top down as it stands right now. Do they continue to put forth the effort in man hours to find everything TSIO did wrong? Every ineligible player since Tressel took over?

They have only just scratched the surface IMO, but it appears you only need four inches, instead of six feet, to bury a buckeye.

Ramona said...

Yep, Andy's nailed it. SURE you're going to be 9-1 whcn you violate every rule in the book and thus, reruit unfairly and illegally... and as for the vid.... HAHAHA!! you guys are killin me!!!

Ex said...

Yes, I am sure so many top recruits came to OSU because they heard about the lucrative memorabilia for tattoos market.

surrounded in columbus said...

and cars. and cash. but, hey? there's rules against that for a reason, right?

serioulsy- how many Heisman Trophyn winners have to get paid before it's a "competitive advantage"?

Ramona said...

Oh, and remember Pryor's "promise"? That meant a lot. I can't BELIEVE he even had the gall to put forth, well I promised the COACH and he isn't there anymore! That OSU program just reeks of integrity through and through.

Ex,obviously they weren't recruited with lures of tatoos.. more like cars, cash and women..

and OSU will NOT be the same, sorry. Has USC recovered yet?

Mike said...

You Michigan people are pathetic! Bash on Tressel all you want and sit on you high horse and enjoy. The real reason all of you love watching Tressel go is because now maybe, (and I mean a long shot maybe) you can finally compete with "THE" Buckeyes again. Hate all you want, but at the end of the day I will take a little scandal any day over irrelevance. Sorry Michigan players had no rings that they could sell, unless you are now giving out rings for the winner of the UM Spring Game (wouldn't shock me)

Ramona said...

You are certainly correct that it is most enjoyable watching a sanctimonious hypocrite be exposed for being just that, but there is no hate involved, I wish him no ill will. He also doesn't need sympathy, with the money he has. Again, like it or not the OSU program will be in "rebuilding" mode for quite a while....ummm,USC......ok...
Maybe they will finally go after SEC but they seem to be a lot smarter how they do it (cash, no paper trails)

justthinking said...

Mike, Mike, Mike....calm down....it's ok, it's ok....

The emotional and psychological response you are experiencing right now is the second of five stages of grief due to Catastrophic Loss - namely, Anger.

The first stage is Denial - which you seem to have skipped through quite quickly. The other three phases are Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance - although you may not experience those in any given order, or at all for that matter.

Don't hold on to the anger for too long, as it is a poison to the soul.

Glad to be of help in your time of need.

Yost said...

LOL, just! I was actually thinking of doing a post about that the other day.

Well played, sir.

Yost said...

Re: Mike's "at the end of the day I will take a little scandal any day over irrelevance"

In other words, the "do anything to win no matter what" attitude among Buckeye Unincorporated Township went all the way from the head coach down to some dude coming to leave his pro-Buckeye "comment" on a Michigan blog.

justthinking said...


I think it actually started right at the top with TSIO's President Gordon Gee, then to Upstanding "Not a Systemic Problem Inside His Program" Athletic Director Gene Smith, down to Disgraced Former Head Football Coach Jim Tressel...et al.

And my goodness, when they tee it up so nicely for you, what other option do you really have??

MIKE - I would rather lose with dignity, having done my best, than to cheat my way to victory. I will gladly stand by the recent Michigan Losses with Denard Robinson than to have to VACATE all of your "wins"******* with Terell Pryor (who also conveniently vacated himself).

It's called Morals, Values, Class, Character. INTEGRITY.

And you sir, are about to find out the true meaning of IRRELEVANCE.

phil said...

YOST - i can't stop laughing. Excellent comment!!

{{Re: Mike's "at the end of the day I will take a little scandal any day over irrelevance"

In other words, the "do anything to win no matter what" attitude among Buckeye Unincorporated Township went all the way from the head coach down to some dude coming to leave his pro-Buckeye "comment" on a Michigan blog.}}

Ex said...

You know I get that after 9 and 1 you guys need to believe that you might have won a couple of those games, if not for the tattoos or the alleged cars. You need to think that Pryor chose OSU of over UM, not because you were about hire the worst coach in your history, but because OSU offered him unlimited mileage. But the sad truth is that the fear in the pit of all your wolverine bellies is that after all the sanctions are put on OSU for this disaster, we will still beat you.

Yost said...

No room for fear, Ex. Our bellies are rolling with laughter too much right now.

surrounded in columbus said...

Oh my God! he's right! we're really pathetic! we're just beaten down by the mighty mighty buckeyes and their awesome football coach.

wow. am i ever glad he stopped by to straighten us out over that. to think i've wasted all these years thinking my alma mater was more than just a sports team, but instead an educational instituation, where sports were a part of the collegiate experience. what a fool i was to not understand that the only thing that mattered was the school's W-L record in football!

well, life will be a lot easier to comprehend now. thanks. it was a big help.

Ex said...

"Surrounded" once again has a totally irrelevant point. Is UofM a good school? Sure is. But I don't see much coverage of the debate team on this blog or the chem department for that matter. This a sports blog, predominantly football. That's what we've been talking about the whole time. But given the play of your team recently, I'd change the subject too if I were you.

bigGexpress said...

First of all with all due respect Ramona and Ex:
You forgot the asterisk, or just the 9 asterisks as jt would say.

#2 Mike:
"little scandal"????????????
I'll just bring it up, 15 minutes of extra practice is a "little scandal."
This is SMUesque. Probably the worst since. I don't think "little" has anything to due with this situation, except the amount shame that anyone involved with this seems to have.

GoBlueBob said...

Ramona... if anyone from tosu wants sympathy they can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

Mikoyan said...

The only thing that would make this "little" scandal any better is if it comes out that Ohio State has a "white house" like the Cowboys had in the Michael Irving days.

justthinking said...

apparently there is more coming out tomorrow...stay tuned.

surrounded in columbus said...

you're coach was a fraud & a cheat. the world is laughing at you.

don't change the subject.