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Friday, November 26, 2010

MZone Travel Advisory for U-M Fans Heading to Columbus

As you may know, the State Department maintains a Current Travel Warnings list.  According the their website, "Travel Warnings are issued when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country."   On the list are places such as Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Burundi, Sudan, Somalia and other top vacation destinations if you're a soldier of fortune.

Unfortunately, the State Department does not maintain a list of the most dangerous places on earth for visiting college football fans.  If they did, tops on that list would be the hell-hole known as Columbus.  Put it this way, you'd probably feel less threatened visiting the tribal region of Pakistan's border with Afghanistan handing out Danish Mohammed cartoons than walking around Tosu wearing Michigan paraphernalia.  I've personally had some horrible experiences there and Michigan's own Dean of Students actually warned U-M students traveling to The Game in 2006 to be careful.  To my knowledge, this is the only time officials of any school have felt the need to caution its student body to be careful going to a college football game simply to cheer for their team.

And it's not just Michigan fans who have to suffer the abuse.  Ohio State's president was forced to apologize to Texas fans in 2005 for the boorish behavior of Buckeye fans before, during and after the Tosu-Texas game in the 'Shoe.

So, the MZone has put together this little travel advisory video so you can get an idea of some Michigan-Ohio State weekends past.


srudoff said...

So if you're going to a game in 2005 or 2006, BE CAREFUL!!!

Yost said...

Yes, such ancient history - all of four years ago. I'm sure it's like Disney World there now and only 98,000 of the fans on game day wear their "Fuck Michigan" shirts.

But still a pretty funny comment, Sru.

J said...

I am still waiting for some of my Auburn friends to check in from their trip to Tuscaloser - just like tOSU, a hostile place for visiting fans, especially when the visiting team MAKES AN EPIC COMEBACK AND WIPES THE FLOOR WITH THE HOME TEAM IN THE SECOND HALF!!

Here's hoping you guys have an epic game of your own tomorrow. Buck the Fuckeyes!

Thanks for the email, Yost - I'll be thinking about you tomorrow too. Good luck!

War Damn Eagle!