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Monday, November 08, 2010

Michigan Fans Discuss Rich Rodriguez

Two Michigan fans discuss Rich Rodriguez after the Wolverines become bowl eligible.

ED. NOTE: If you're watching this at work (not that you would ever surf the Internet on company time), you might want to keep the speakers turned down as the language is a little salty.


Catie said...

I think I am offended that it is a female who is playing the dumb part....LOL

phil said...

Catie, I never pictured you as a HATER :)
I'm putting my crush with Wilma Flintstone aside. Does anyone have that girl's phone number? She's convinced me. GO RR!!

Yost said...

Blame Xtranormal, Catie. I wanted two guys but you have to pay for different characters.

mtzlblk said...

They guy's shirt makes it look like he has breasts ;)

All in good time, the defense is on the way.

Jim said...

Well, gender issues aside, on the larger question of should he stay or should her go...at this point, I'd rather see what RR can do with a different (assume: better) D coordinator than start all over again. Maybe Brandon can exert some influence over this next hire.

The offense IS good. We're at least happy about that, right? It's almost like we're vilifying the offense just because it's associated with RR.

Grant you, if we're looking at another year of RR/Robinson, I don't think our prospects are good.

Mikoyan said...

I'm of the camp that if they are going to fire the GERG they have to fire Rich Rod too. This is GERG's second season as well and it is my understanding that alot of what he's calling is based on Rich Rod, plus his underlings are Rich Rod's picks. I hate sacrificial lamb firings and that's what the cashiering of GERG would seem like to me.
I like the progress that Michigan has made on offense but I still have to ask myself if its because of Rich Rod or because they found one of those once in a lifetime players (that probably wont play QB on Sundays).
Anyways, back to the defense....I mean how many freshmen are they playing? 6-7? That's alot....So I still have to wonder how much they can hang on Robinson (the older one...not Dilithium).

Feelin' Blue said...

There are how many freshmen defensive starters? RR found a way to win this week with what little experience there is on defense and people are still bitching. Meanwhile, the offense will only get better. Like I said, barring misconduct any issues, you fire a coach when it becomes clear that the program is going nowhere under him. Punitively firing a coach when his teams are improving year-to-year despite a lot of youth and no experience is just incredibly stupid.

"Sacrificial lamb"?? Are you kidding me? Get rid of Gerg because he is a bad DC. The general bitchiness of Michigan fans now is more embarrassing than the defense.

Mikoyan said...

My point with GERG is that he will be the 2nd DC in 3 years. It sounds like he has even less say in how the defense is run than the previous guy. So how much of the poor defense do you hang on him and how much do you hang on Rich Rod? I think he may up doing the honorable thing and saving folks alot of trouble but that will still mean looking for a new guy. Although I will admit, that will cause less strife than getting rid of Rich Rod. I still like Rich Rod though but I'm not sure he's the right guy but that's not my decision to make.

surrounded in columbus said...

on a more qualitative note- R2 could have played Denard in the 4th quarter on Saturday, ala Brian Kelly & Dayne Crist. and when Tate took the 1st snap & fumbled it into a TD for Illinois, he probably wished he had.

but he didn't. he sat his star, took his chances w/ his (albeit, very good) back up, and let the game play out.

that took some nerve.

i'm glad i'm not the AD and that i didn't fire him after the PSU game.

on to Purdue.

Andy said...

Very funny.


Re: man-boobs. I was creeped out by the same thing.

Also, I think her left breast is slightly lower than her right one.

phil said...

Hey Andy, damn, that's my new girlfriend you're talking about.
Her and I are going out tonight for koolaid.

Yost said...

LOL, Andy! I noticed the droopage, too. But I just thought that was b/c I was staring at the screen too long while I was making the damn thing.

Oh, and Feelin' Blue, all due respect, but nothing is more embarrassing than our defense right now.

whetstonebuck said...

Unbelievably funny and yet wrong on so many levels. Does that make me a "hater?"

As far as cartoon women go, that gal is no Jessica Rabbit.

wv = "snizar." I don't know what that means, but I'm sure Snoopdog has something to do with it.

Catie said...

LOL, Phil, I normally am not a hater, this has been a difficult time. I seem to waiver greatly on the subject. I am inclined to keep moving forward. I do think offensively RR has done some great things. Defensively with a young secondary, it may not be solely a coaching issue AND I did like the changes that GERG made in Saturday's game that seemed to show improvement. I don't think that we want to be frustrated and fear a ND like abyss........thus the reactions that we see from the fan base. Holding steady may be the way to go.....I think the fear is if that doesn't work, how much longer will the next round take to get us back on top? I will always say it is a great to be a Michigan Wolverine! :)

SIC: I was impressed with keeping Denard off as well, especially after Tate's fumble. My reaction at the time didn't show it though! I jumped off the sofa and used a few words a sailor would use at the TV and wondered what the heck was going on!

Yost, I understand! A few things that she said in the beginning were just so dumb I had to say something about it!