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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

U-M fans get accurate count of how many Spartan fans they know after loss

(from MZone wire reports) Ann Arbor, MI -- In the wake of Michigan State's victory over U-M last Saturday, Michigan fans are finding out to the person this week just how many Spartans they know

When we lose to them in football, it's like a census." said Nick Callahill, a 2002 Michigan alum.  "Every State fan I've ever met, known or crossed paths with calls, emails or posts on my Facebook page."

Todd Woolbridge, class of '98, agreed.  "Right after the game ended, my phone rang.  I answer to some guy shouting, 'Go State!  We kicked your ass!  Michigan sucks!' and I'm like, 'Who is this?'  And the shouting voice stops long enough to say, 'It's Jerry.'  'Jerry who?  I don't know any Jerry.'  And the guy says, 'I bagged your groceries about six months ago.  You had a Michigan hat on.  So I got your number off your club card.' How annoying."
Mitch Henderset, U-M class of 1996, agreed with Woolbridge's agreement.  "Those green bastards come out of the fucking woodwork," said the Farmington Hills attorney.  "I get divorced, I don't hear a thing.  My son's birthday?  Nothing.  But lose to them in football and they find my number faster than one of their players finds the laptop in his neighbor's unlocked dorm room.  Yes, I saw the banner draped over the stadium and got the bad photoshop of the supposed 'Michigan girl' blowing Sparty.  They were each mildly amusing the first 57 times they clogged my inbox."

But Amber Solinski, who got her MBA from Michigan in 1999, sees a silver lining in the onslaught of Spartan outreach following a U-M loss.  "I had no idea I had somehow let 236 MSU fans into my life.  But the post-loss MSU head count really let me know I have to be more careful about who I associate with."

"What was your Spartan count following the 2010 loss, ma'am?"


TitleIX said...

Does the guy temping for the census count as a Sparty friend? I mean he knows where you live and stuff. And mom wanted to invite him in for cookies.....

whetstonebuck said...

"But the post-loss MSU head count really let me know I have to be more careful about who I associate with."

Well, Amber, that's the problem with working at McDonalds. Everyone sees your nametag. She should have known this would happen when she earned her Master of Burger Arts.

susieandrew said...

Only having lived in Michigan during my time at W-M, I actually only know 1 Spartan fan, a co-worker who is actually really cool (and not that into sports, which is probably why he's cool). I have several colleagues who attended U-M, but just the one Sparty. Go figure.

srudoff said...

On the other hand, I haven't heard from any of my Michigan friends since 2003.

Wait - I heard from one when Rich Rod was hired - although it was just a voice mail saying that Rich Rod was going to own Tressel because he was a package deal with that QB from Pennsylvania.

Other than that, nothing.