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Thursday, October 28, 2010

MZone Exclusive: 2010 College Football Coaches' Halloween Party

Man, are we tired today. Since weekends are for football, last night was the big Coaches' Halloween Party at Rick Neuheisal's house and the MZone was there.

What a bash!

Below are a few of the pictures we snapped at the shindig.  Whatever you do, don't pass these around.  Some of the coaches might get pissed and ban us from the party next year which is supposed to be at Saban's place. 

Speaking of Saban, Alabama's $4 Million Dollar Man showed up as a doctor since he hands out so many medical scholarships each year.

And we still don't know what Vol coach Derek Dooley was thinking coming as World War II German General Erwin Rommel.  Even Joe Pa thought it was tacky. And he would know since he served in WWII.

Or was it WWI?

And good to see Dan Hawkins has a sense of humor about his situation. He came as Freddy Krueger since Colorado can't seem to get rid of him.

Chip Kelly had everybody in stitches. Dude can party. Does beer bongs the entire night in in under :20 seconds. Actually times himself. Fucking animal. He came as Darth Vader because his offense is like the Death Star in STAR WARS, destroying every team in its path.

Shit - who the hell invited Lane Kiffin?

Most uncomfortable moment of the night came when Mack Brown, Urban Meyer and Bob Stoops were all standing around the keg saying that, because his team is #1 in the latest BCS poll, they thought Auburn coach Gene Chizik would be there - and Chizik was right next to them, dressed as Gene Chizik, but nobody recognized him.

Talk about awkward.

Was great to see MSU's Mark Dantanio feeling well enough to attend and making light of his recent health issues.

Les "The Mad Hatter" Miles came, too. But he got there just as everybody was leaving. Guy thought the party was tomorrow night, not last night. Shocker.

Tressel, Tressel, Tressel. Jesus, he really never does take that vest off!

Boise State's Chris Petersen and TCU's Gary Patterson crashed the party together, although they had a hard time getting in at first.

Poor Brian Kelly. He had already purchased his costume before Notre Dame's game last weekend. So while he thought he was coming as a sailor, behind his back the other coaches were calling him Navy's bitch.

Really, Schiano? We know you love Jersey but...

And a couple coaches kept a football theme with their costumes.

Rich Rodriguez came as Vince Lombardi. He wanted to wear something else, but by the time he got to Wal-Mart to buy his costume this week, he said the Halloween shelves were pretty much empty and implied that it was Lloyd Carr's fault.

And we don't think Rich Rod was too happy when Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh showed up in his costume.

Almost looked like a fight might break out between Rodriguez and Harbaugh until Wisconsin's Bret Bielema got there and everybody burst out laughing which eased the tension.  What the hell was Bret thinking?

Okay, Andy and I are leaving the MZone office early and calling it a day. Each of us needs to go home and get some sleep. We're exhausted. Big thanks to Neuheisal for inviting us. And sorry about the sofa. My bad. Never gonna mix beer and shots again after eating a burrito.

Oh, and while Paterno may be 83, he sure knows how to do a beer bong. He was the only guy who came close to keeping up with Chip Kelly.


phil said...

Hey wait a minute. At least two of these pictures were photoshopped.

srudoff said...

Well done!

I'd like to see Saban in a doctor's outfit given all of the medical scholarships Alabama has given out to crappy players since he came on board.

Also, why is Kiffin not wearing a costume? Did you guys forget to photoshop him??

Yost said...

Sru, that is so good, I might change NS if Andy can do the pic this morning. Funny.

ChicagoWolverine said...


i think i just laughed out loud at the office when i scrolled down to Harbaugh... Genius!


Andy said...

Saban as a doctor is going to have to wait until this weekend... Unless the MZ2.0 can match my pay from real life?

whetstonebuck said...


Yost said...

Updated via text, Sru. Thanks for the idea. Very funny.

Lens said...

that was freaking amazing! LMAO

TitleIX said...

Brilliant gentlemen. Brilliant.

Conquest Chronicles said...

Love it!

Even I had to laugh at the Kiffin pic!

Oh...And Welcome Back!!!!!

Yost said...

Thanks, CC! And Sru, your idea is now reality. Big thanks to Jeff for the new Saban pic.

srudoff said...