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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Know Your Friend: Slippery Rock University

Why We Care: Once upon a time, when giants walked the earth (1959), a man named Steve Filipiak called our Michigan games from the box. He started reporting the scores from around the country, and particularly those from that funny-named school in Western Pennsylvania, and continued to do so until his retirement in 1971. The tradition of reporting the Slippery Rock scores stuck, and in fact was a veritable cult classic around the nation.... But for some reason, the Rock score dropped right off of our scoreboard in the late 1980s.
Enter Dave Brandon. (And cue, Tevye: "Traaaa-di-tionnn, Tradition!!!")
The Slippery Rock scores are back !!!! And the love of SRU blooms once more. For the dear old university, not "our" rock-dwelling regular......just so we are VERY clear. As such, your crew at The M Zone thought it best that we get to know our friend, Slippery Rock University, once more.

WECHACHOCHAPOHKA: from the folks at Rock Athletics:

"In 1779, a certain Colonel Daniel Brodhead was in command of Fort Pitt at the present site of the City of Pittsburgh. Col. Brodhead begged General George Washington to allow him to lead an expedition against the Seneca Indians, who were raiding settlements in the area.
The troops encountered the Indians and were forced to feel for their lives. In the pursuit, the soldiers crossed a creek at a place where the stream bed was composed of large, smooth rocks. Wearing boots, the soldiers were able to cross the creek safely, but the Senecas - wearing smooth moccasins - slipped and fell, which enabled the cavalry to make its escape.
Historically, the Indians called the stream "Wechachochapohka," which means "a slippery rock."
Since the location of the stream is in the heart of land once occupied by Delawares, many believe the authenticity of this legend. Shortly after the Slippery Rock Creek was christened, the adjoining town also became known by the catchy name. "

Location: The borough of Slippery Rock, PA 16507 is situated in the Northwest corner of Butler County sorta near the intersection of I-79 and I-80 in Western Pennsylvania. A bucolic, agricultural area located over veins of coal, it is your typical small American town. It is a bit north of Pittsburgh, and much too close to Youngstown, Ohio if you ask me. The campus sits on approximately 660 acres close to the burough which occupies only 1.7 square miles.

Academics: As with most liberal arts colleges, Slippery Rock opened in 1889 as Slippery Rock State Normal School focused on teacher education. In 1926 it became Slippery Rock State Teachers College and became a four year institution. The school developed expertise in health and phys ed education. In 1960, the school graduated to Slippery Rock State College and finally attained university status in 1983.
Recently the school has focused on increasing its selectivity and educational offerings. Average SAT scores are 1026 and the average GPA is 3.39. Even more amazing? No teaching assistants...only profs. The most recent head-count puts the school at about 7800 undergraduate students. US News and World Report has SRU ranked 93rd in the Regional Universities (North) category, tied with Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA, William-Patterson University of New Jersey in Wayne, NJ and Gwynedd-Mercy College, Gwynedd PA. SUNY Potsdam is #91 and Buffalo State University-SUNY is #97

Alumni:Rutgers Women's Basketball Coach, C. Vivian Stringer, has two degrees from SRU. All-American Mike Butterworth, is listed as a 2nd year man for the Dirty Birds in Atlanta, although I couldn't find any playing stats for him. Robert J. Stevens is the top dog at Lockheed Martin Corporation.
There are no astronauts or presidents, but Brigadier General Kevin J. Jacobsen, head of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, is an alum...shhhhh.

Colors, Helmets, Mascot, and Fight Song: The University is a D2 school with 17 teams--10 of them for women. (Title IX victims??). Unfortunately their preferred colors are green and white. Big thanks to the fine folks at The Helmet Project---as usual!

Their fight song is kinda weak, you gotta wait for it after the 1970s Rocky Rendition:

But Rocky the Mascot---with the Green Mullet, is kinda neat. They are known as The Rockets or The Rock.

Football: On September 29, 1979 The Rock came to Michigan Stadium in 1979 to face their rival, the mighty from Shippensburg. A Division II attendance record was set that day as 61, 143 fans watched Slippery Rock University go down. Slippery Rock played a second game at the Big House in 1981, drawing 36,719 fans in a 14-13 loss to Wayne State.

This year's squad (and twenty-bazillion before it) is coached by George Mihalik (147-90-4). They play in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, Western Division and are at Clarion this weekend after a 3-1 start. The Golden Eagles are 0-4 on the season. FSN out of Pittsburgh will be televising so set your DVRs!
Akeem Satterfield is their big-time running back with per-game averages so far this season of 14 points and 162.7 yards. Those numbers actually place him 2nd and 3rd in the nation in each category.

Other Sports: Andy will be happy to note that The Rock has a women's volleyball team AND softball team.
While not an athletic powerhouse, The Rock does ok for itself. And they've got a loyal, if not bizarre following. Now you know why the crowd cheers for the Slippery Rock Score.
So get your swag here.

Major Advertisers Flocking to MZone 2.0

"MZone.  Very Nice!"
Back during the halcyon days of the original MZone (OMZ!  Represent!), when Benny and I were introducing the college football blogosphere to wayward cheerleaders and new terminology such as the Buckstache, we used to get a fair number of requests to advertise on the site.  However, I always turned them down because then I'd actually have to keep this thing going.  And we all saw how well that went for the last 2+ years.

We also got a lot of inquiries about reciprocal linkage with other blogs.  A lot of them were betting sites that I wouldn't visit so I wasn't going to send our readers there.

Since our return with MZone 2.0: The Blog Who Shagged Me, I received one advertising inquiry and the linkage request below that I simply had to share.  Oh man.  Judging from the sentence structure and grammar, either the Nigerian dude who clogs all of our inboxes has started blogging, or Borat is a fan and wants to woo the audience here on the MZone.  Behold...


Hello Sir/Madam,

While I am searching for the fantasy football related blogs, I viewed your blog


You have lot of updated and upto date information about football events and players.  I have sports blog http://REMOVED.  I will link your blog.

Please give a link in your blog http://michiganzone.blogspot.com/ with the below information.

Title: Fantasy Football
Url: http://REMOVED
Description: REMOVED.COM offers fantasy football information, Football player ratings, football
updates and more.

Expecting positive reply from you.


Now, while this may come as a shock, I didn't take "Tom" up on this awesome opportunity to get the MZone in front of his obviously massive group of hackers audience and present our readers with the chance of getting a virus put on their computer great fantasy football information when they clicked on "Tom's" link .

But the very offer itself from such a respected blogger such as "Tom" shows that the MZone is back, baby!

Meet "Tom"

It's me!

MVictors found this great old footage of yours truly on the Bentley Library site.  Fantastic stuff.  And damn I look good!

Ex-MZoner Benny Friedman is in the clip as well.  However, we're probably going to edit him out and replace him with Andy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hail to...Farmer's Insurance?

So I'm reading the October 4, 2010 issue of TIME magazine and I come across the ad pictured below.

Now, I can't read sheet music and thus don't know about the melody, but the lyrics sure seem like they were inspired by another fight song...

I'm not exactly sure why an insurance company needs a fight song. I'd rather they fire their in-house lyricist and spend that money on a guy who understands you can't get a loaner car for $15 bucks a day.

In a related story, Allstate claims there is no truth to the rumor they're working on their own fight song called "Don't Give A Damn If Your Whole Car Got Totaled Again."

Wallpaper Wednesday - Mike Martin

Ohio Prisons Join Facebook

As you know, we love to tweak our friends in Ohio as much as possible here on the MZone.  Unfortunately, since we haven't been able to talk much smack about football in a such looooong time, we take what we can get.

Like this beautiful nugget: the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has started its own Facebook page.

No, seriously, here it is.

According to an ODRC official, the page will be "a useful venue to put out worthwhile information to interested stakeholders."

What in the hell useful prison info is going out to what "interested stakeholders" via Facebook?  Big Tony in cellblock C needs help with Farmville? 

So far there are only two status updates and one of them is the following:

ODRC puts out prison population numbers every Monday, excluding state holidays. On Monday, September 27, 2010, our prison population was 51,154, 37 more inmates than the week prior.

Every Monday they're gonna update the prison population?  It's like the prison equiv of the AP Poll. Unfortunately one can't comment on the page or I was going to congratulate the ODRC about their increased numbers and wish them luck on doing even better next week.  Go Prison! 

According to the news story linked above, one thing that won't be on the page: execution information.

Good idea.  Figuring out how to respond to "Lethal Injection Tuesday -- ODRC invited you" could be awkward.

Also, inmates will not be able to post on the wall.  There's a relief.  I have a hard enough time deciding if I should accept the friend request of the girl I don't remember from 8th grade.  Don't want to piss off the guy doing 8 to 10.

Oh, and the ODRC official said that, while a decision hasn't been made yet, they're also considering using Twitter.

I can see it now...

@ODRC Holy shit! Riot in excr yard.  Eyes burning from tear gas. Hey, Ashton Kutcher now following me.  Cool!  #Shank #lockdown #cracking heads

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indiana week

We can't play Indiana without...

In January of 2008 I posted that video on YouTube.
Since that time over 44 thousand people have viewed it.

God Bless Bob Ufer.

Now Playing at the MZone Theater

This week's double feature...

Rated "R" for extreme violence to Arkansas' SEC title hopes

Free the Shirt: Day 13

Two weeks ago the MZone  brought you the dramatic video showing a couple of godless Ohio State fans holding a defenseless (like everything else Maize and Blue this fall) t-shirt hostage. 

Well, we have not forgotten you, oh valiant Michigan tee.  And neither have the our readers.

Friend of the MZone, Mikoyan, is attempting a daring rescue in C-bus covered exclusively on his site, Action Figure Follies.  The mission began here and continues here, here, here, here and here.

Godspeed, Mikoyan.  An anxious Wolverine blogosphere awaits the safe return of your (plastic) men.

Free The Shirt:  Day 13

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Time for Stagefright

(HT: ML)

Big 10 to Schedule Baby Seals in 2011

(from MZone wire reports) Chicago, IL - After Big 10 teams played the weakest non-conference slate in recorded sporting history last weekend - yet still dropped two games - commissioner Jim Delany announced today that each member school will schedule an actual baby seal beginning in 2011.

On Saturday, the storied conference played nine teams that put the cream in creampuff: Akron, Austin Peay, Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Northern Colorado, Northern Illinois and Temple.  Even still, Temple gave Penn State all it could handle, Toledo beat Purdue, and Northern Illinois topped the Program Formerly Known as Minnesota.  This coming on the heels of UMass putting a scare in Michigan at the Big House and South "They have a university let alone a football team?" Dakota taking out Minnesobaditspainful.

Are you not entertained?
"We have our league members schedule these games because they're sure, easy victories.  But that's not happening like it's supposed to," said a visibly angry Delany.  "So starting in 2011, I've asked each school's AD to schedule a baby seal."

When asked if "baby seal" was a merely a euphemism for more shitty and 1-AA teams," Delany shook his head.

"No.  I mean I want them to put a live baby seal on their schedule, have it come to their home stadium and then club the living fuck out of it," said Delany. "I want the sure 'W' so we can return this proud conference back to where it belongs."

Big 10 coaches seemed unanimous in their support of Delany's decision.

"I think it's a good idea," said Golden Shower Gopher head coach Tim Brewster as he was uploading his resume to Montser.com.  "We had to go through a murderers' row of a non-conference schedule this year.  Middle Tennessee, South Dakota, Northern Illinois.  All the directionals.  That's not even mentioning USC."

Before he could elaborate further, Brewster was whisked away by trained medical personnel after school officials read about the coach seeing "progress" and good things ahead for his football team following the NIU loss.

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez was also in favor of scheduling the baby seals.  "Your star player has just as much of a chance of getting hurt against a 1-AA school as a real school," said Rodriguez who was still cleaning the urine stain off his pant leg following the luckily-not-serious injury to Wolverine QB Denard Robinson.  "But against the baby seal, nobody should get hurt and a lot of guys will get a chance to play.  Something that doesn't always happen when you schedule a tough non-conference game against a football powerhouse, like say UMass."

Asked if such a schedule meant fans would get a financial break, Ohio State AD Gene Smith laughed.  "Good one," he said.  "No, no.  We're still going to charge them the same ticket price, seat licensing fee, parking and exorbitant  food prices we charge for, say, the Michigan game that we were stupid enough to almost change to October.  The team gets the breather, not the fans.  But good one."

Reached for comment, SEC commissioner Mike Slive said his conference had no intention of following the Big 10's lead in the scheduling of baby seals.   Slive insisted the SEC would not stoop to such levels and would instead continue to schedule home-only games against roadkill and corpses as has been league policy for years.

Iowa's 2011 Home Opener

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beer Bong Fridays Returns With...The Leafblower Bong?

An old favorite returns to MZone 2.0 with this, uh, interesting beer bong attempt...

Know Your Foe - Bowling Green 2010

The 21st ranked Michigan Wolverines put their perfect record on the line on Saturday against the 1-2 Bowling Green Falcons. This is the second ever football meeting between the two schools. We opened the 2000 season against them and won 42-7. Ironically, we had a #16 starting at QB in that game also, except that #16 had Frankenstein shoes and bolts in his neck. For those of you that don't remember, freshman John Navarre started that game because Drew Henson broke his foot in practice.

The game on Saturday will be broadcast on ESPN2 with former Wolverine (and National Champion) Brian Griese providing the color commentary.

History: Originally known as Bowling Green State Normal School, it was established to meet demands for the training of teachers. The institution was granted a charter in 1910 by the State of Ohio as part of the Lowry Bill, which also established Kent State University. At the time the state's only schools of education (OhioU, Miami, and OSU) were located the southern Ohio while the majority of the growth, population, and need for teachers were in northern Ohio.

The state was so desperate for teachers, that tuition was free; students only paid for materials. Classes began in 1914, enrolling 304 students, from the looks of the early photos, all of them were women. The school graduated 35 certified teachers in 1915, the same year that the campus’ first two buildings opened their doors.

This year marks the 100th year of Bowling Green State University, so they have an interesting historical timeline on the school web site right now. Here are a couple of fun ones:

1920 - A student newspaper, The BeeGee News, is printed for the first time.
1933 - A plan by members of the state legislature to turn the college into a mental institution is defeated.
1935 - Every time BGSU plays the University of Toledo, fighting breaks out in the stands. Competition between the two schools is suspended until 1947.
1947 - After a 22-year hiatus caused by violence, athletic competition resumes between Bowling Green and Toledo.
1951 - Former trailer camp for married vets turns into site for new chemistry building.
1951 - Women students are banned from riding in automobiles.
1975 - BGSU is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records when 3,376 students join hands to form the longest snake dance ever.

Location: Bowling Green, Ohio is 20 miles south of Toledo and serves as the county seat of Wood County. It sits directly in the middle of an area called The Great Black Swamp, which was the last area of Ohio to be taken from the Indians settled.

The first time a significant group of white men came to disturb the quiet forest where the school now stands was in June of 1812, when General William Hull and his army passed by. They were marching from Dayton to Detroit. Hull is famous because he invaded Canada and then surrendered Fort Detroit to an outnumbered enemy. He is the only General Officer in the history of the United States to be sentenced to death via court martial. He was reprieved by President James Madison because of his status as a revolutionary hero and returned to his native New England.

After the war (1817), the Indians signed treaty at the Foot of the Maumee Rapids allowing the US to buy the land at a price slightly less than four cents an acre.

In the late 19th century, Bowling Green experienced an oil boom. The wealth generated by that time can still be seen in the downtown store fronts and along Wooster Street where many of the oldest and largest homes were built.

Today BG is a typical American town of about 30,000 people. In addition to an annual art and county fairs, Bowling Green has hosted the National Tractor Pulling Championships since 1967. This annual event, one of the largest in the nation, draws an estimated 60,000 people.

Academics: BGSU offers over 200 undergraduate programs, as well as various master's and doctoral degrees. Bowling Green ranks #170 in the USNWR National University Rankings, tied with Biola, George Fox, Pace, South Carolina State, and Utah State. Based on these same rankings, within the state of Ohio, it is the 7th best school.

The most popular major at BGSU continues to be education, in 2009 6% of the graduates majored in kindergarten/preschool education and teaching.

Alumni: Famous BGSU alumni include Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton, comedian and Emmy Award winner Tim Conway and Academy award winner Eva Marie Saint. Shantanu Narayen is the president and CEO of Adobe Systems Inc.

From the world of sports, they claim Nate Thurmond Basketball Hall of Famer, NHL All Star Rob Blake, Baseball pitcher Orel Hershiser, and former Michigan assistant and West Virginia head coach Don Nehlen. Nehlen worked for Bo and was the coach at WVU before Rich Rodriguez took over that program.

No US Presidents or astronauts.

Colors, Helmets, Mascot, and Fight Song: Orange and brown have been the school colors since the first year of classes. Legend has it that an industrial arts faculty member named Leon Winslow got the idea from observing a brown and orange women’s hat on a bus to nearby Toledo. Former Cleveland Browns’ head coach Paul Brown must have also liked it. Legend has it following a trip to BGSU he decided to use the colors for his pro football team.

BG has a long history of orange helmets. The current design features a boring interlocking BG. Prior to that they had some pretty cool falcon designs. My favorite is the version they wore in the 1960’s with the cloud and Falcon. Each cloud is unique, as it appears they applied white spray paint to each helmet over a falcon template. The white areas had "blurry edges" and varied in size and shape considerably from one helmet to the next, but all appeared to be centered above the helmets' ear hole regions.For over 82 years they have called themselves the Falcons. Before 1927, BG teams were called the Normals or Teachers. Then a news editor named Ivan Lake (class of 1923) suggested the nickname after reading an article on falconry. Lake liked the name change because it fit headline space and because falcons were “the most powerful bird for their size and often attacked birds two or three times their size.”

Currently, Frieda and Freddie Falcon are the sideline official mascots. The Freddie Falcon tradition began in 1950 while Frieda Falcon was added in 1979. Student tryouts are held each spring, and the winners remain anonymous to the student body until each is “beheaded” at the last home basketball and hockey game.

The official BGSU Fight song is called "Forward Falcons".

Forward Falcons, Forward Falcons
Fight for victory,
Show your spirit, make them fear it
Fight for ‘ol Bee Gee.
Forward Falcons, Forward Falcons
Make the contest keen,
Shout out the fame of our mighty name
And win for Bowling Green!

Bowling Green also has unofficial fight song the call “Ay Ziggy Zoomba”. Gil Fox, an Air Force bombadier brought a loose translation of a Zulu war chant back with him following WWII. The Falcon football team traditionally sings “Ay Ziggy Zoomba” after each victory.

Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Zoomba
Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Ze
Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Zoomba
Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Zi
Roll along you BG warriors
Roll along and win for BGSU

Football: They first started playing football at Bowling Green in 1919. Unfortunately there were only 30 male students at Bowling Green Normal School at the time, meaning more than half of them (19) had to suit up for the first Falcon football team. That team went 0-3 and failed to score a point all season. Not to be discouraged, they did score a touchdown in their first game of the next season and eventually won a game.

The Falcons play in the Mid American Conference. They have won ten conference championships, which is second only to Miami of Ohio’s 13 MAC titles. Times have been tough recently for the Falcon football team, their last MAC title came in 1992.

They have a big rivalry with the Toledo Rockets. The two schools play in the annual Battle of I-75 called The Peace Pipe. They also play their sister school, Kent State for the Anniversary Award. Bowling Green has been invited to play in 9 bowl games in its history, compiling a record of 4-5 in those games. The first in 1961 was played in the LA Coliseum, it was appropriately called the Mercy Bowl as they lost to Fresno State 36-6.

The only football jersey ever retired at Bowling Green is #29. It was worn by Paul Miles from 1971-73. Miles rushed for 3,239 yards and 25 touchdowns in his career and was a three-time first team All-MAC selection. He was just the third back in NCAA history to rush for 1,000 or more yards in three consecutive seasons.

Current Florida coach Urban Meyer served as head coach for 2 seasons at the start of this decade. He compiled a 17-6 record before leaving for Utah. Don Nehlen was their coach for 9 seasons (1968-76). Neither Meyer or Nehlan ever won a MAC championship for the school.

On October 25, 2003 ESPN’s College Gameday made a stop on campus when #23 BGSU beat #12 Northern Illinois. That visit stands as the only time the crew has broadcast from a MAC stadium.

Famous NFL players are headlined by former Oakland Raiders pro bowl LB Phil Villapiano. The most recent famous player from BG was wideout Freddie Barnes. Last season, Barnes set the NCAA record for most receptions in a single season with 155 catches. He was a finalist for the The Biletnikoff Award, but finished behind Notre Dame’s Golden Tate. Barnes was not selected in the NFL draft.

Former Michigan kicker Bryan Wright is a member of the Bowling Green Falcons headed to Michigan Stadium this weekend. Wright owns three Michigan varsity letters and is enrolled in grad school at BG. Considering the problems we have had in the kicking game so far this year, I am sure Rich Rodriguez would love to him in a winged helmet instead of an orange helmet this Saturday.

Other Sports: There are 18 varsity sports at Bowling Green. They own one NCAA Division I National Championship, the 1984 hockey team defeated Minnesota-Duluth in the longest college hockey championship game in history. The game ended when Geno Cavillini scored at 7:11 in the 4th overtime period.

Two former BGSU hockey players were on the "Miracle on Ice" U.S. hockey team that captured the 1980 Winter Olympics gold medal: Ken Morrow and Mark Wells. Former Sparty Hockey coach Ron Mason was BG’s coach in the 1970’s before moving to East Lansing.

The Falcon basketball team has made a total of 4 NCAA tournament appearances, the last being in 1968. Their women’s basketball team has had a lot more success, winning the MAC tourney 10 times and being invited the NCAA tournament 9 times, including last season.

The Game: After "the scare" of last week, I don't know what to think. In a word, our defense is pathetic. We could fall to any team in the country, including a mediocre MAC team like Bowling Green. These guys put up 44 points last week against Marshall. Since 2001 the Falcons have squared-off with a Big Ten opponent nine times, coming away with four wins (Northwestern twice, Purdue, and Minnesota).

The pressure the defense puts on the offense is pretty heavy, but I assume we will score. Often. The effort to reduce the wear and tear on Denard will continue. He will put up the yards. I expect, like last week, we will see more carries by Michael Shaw and Vincent Smith than the first two games of the season.

We absolutely have to have this win if we expect to go to a bowl game this season. BG has already lost to Troy and Tulsa. They will be playing without their starting QB. With a few third down stops and forced turnovers, this could be the game we were expecting last week.

Michigan 45
Bowling Green 17

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MZone removes funny during Cowherd visit to A2 as precaution

Are we supposed to believe it's merely a coincidence?

The MZone returns to the blogoshere after a 2+ year hiatus and suddenly Colin Cowherd just happens to be coming to A2 to do a live show from the U-M campus?

Nice try, Cowherd.  But we're not falling for that one. 

Thus, the MZone has decided to remove the funny from the site today and put it under lock and key during Cowherd's visit.  We just want to protect our funny from being accidentally borrowed again.

Hey, it's nothing personal.  It's just a precaution.

ED. NOTE:  If you're new to the MZone 2.0 and wonder what we're talking about, click on the "Colin Cowherd" label at end of this post and check out what happened during MZone 1.0.  Start at the bottom and scroll up.  Yep -- that.

So no funny today.  Sure, we were going to put up this hilarious Photoshopped pic by Andy with Jim Tressel, a donkey and Maurice Clarett from a Labor Day party at Urban Meyer's house...

...But we didn't want to risk it.  Oh, and we had this awesome bit of an imaginary conversation between U-M's defensive coordinator Greg Robinson and the ghost of Bo Schembechler.  In it, Schembechler was telling Robinson how his defenses the last two years reminded him of a pillow fight at an all girls nursery school for the blind...

...But we took that down, too.

In the meantime, the MZone funny is being protected at our headquarters here in Ann Arbor by armed guards.  Unfortunately, as lowly bloggers, we obviously don't have jobs and live in the basement of our parents' house (busted).  So we can't afford a top notch security detail and thus had to go with the folks pictured below (who, for some reason, are so un-top notch, they can't even afford to be in color!).

But never fear, loyal MZone reader, the funny will return to the site when we know it's completely safe from any douchebaggery.


The MZone Staff

"Go ahead, Cowherd -- Make our day!"

UPDATE:  MVictors has a clip up today on his site from January 2009 in which Cowherd blames the MZone for him not being able to respond to viewer emails.  Oh, that's rich, Schrutebag.  By that reasoning I guess it's The Big Lead's fault you can't launch DNS attacks anymore, huh?

Wallpaper Wednesday - Chiseled M

Looking for something different than an individual player themed wallpaper today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Hypocrisy?

Today in the Michigan Daily there was a front page lead story about the Michigan Athletic Department sending cease-and-desist orders to various local businesses selling things that border on the edge of NCAA compliance issues. These letters called on the vendors to discontinue production and sales of items referencing current Michigan Student Athletes. I understand the issue and agree with the attempt for compliance. I would hate to see something bad happen to Denard or any other football player because of something like this.

I am a bit confused on how UM can make claim to uncopyrighted words like SHOELACE or simple statements like 500 YARD MAN, but whatever.

However, I could not help but notice... directly next to this story was an ad from the paper offering a print of the now famous Denard Heisman pose image against Notre Dame. Can someone explain to me how selling this image to the general public does not break any rules?

Bobcat Attack Not First: Brutus Blitzed in Big House in '83

Rufus the Bobcat's attack on Brutus Buckeye isn't the first against the Ohio State mascot.  It happened once before -- in the Big House! And the MZone has unearthed the picture to prove it.

After reading about the Ohio University's mascot rampage in the 'Shoe last Saturday, my former blogging cohort, Benny, discovered the tattered newspaper picture below and sent it my way.

The photo is from the Michigan Daily from November, 1983.    Apparently Brutus was running around the perimeter of the field in A2, waving his Tosu banner, when, as the picture's caption states, "an unidentified Michigan letterman" rushed onto the field and tackled him.  Rumor has it that the "unidentified Michigan letterman" was a U-M diver at the time.

Boy, how times have changed -- back when Bo was head coach, even members of the swim team knew how to make a damn tackle!  *sigh*

Found in Benny's mom's closet and donated to the MichiganZone.net archives

ED. NOTE:  This story doesn't signal Benny's return to the MZone.  Quoting from his email:

"It's an incredible coincidence that I had this and knew where it was right away.

Don't consider this as Benny coming back. I just always loved this picture (and the incident) and wanted it to be remembered. This picture wasn't on the Web when I searched for it."

Rufus the Bobcat Murdered, Brutus Buckeye Under Arrest


(from MZone wire reports)  Athens, OH -- Ohio University mascot Rufus the Bobcat was brutally murdered early today and Ohio State's Brutus Buckeye has been charged.

Less than 72 hours after Rufus attacked Brutus in a brazen daylight assault inside Ohio Stadium, the big-headed OU mascot was found dead in Athens, Ohio on the sidewalk outside of a popular campus eatery.  Following the discovery of a blood-soaked buckeye nut necklace at the crime scene, police quickly focused their attention on Brutus Buckeye.  Responding to a tip, the longtime Ohio State mascot was apprehended fleeing the area in an '85 Chevrolet Impala with a "Fuck Michigan" bumper sticker.

Athens police chief Dan Tana said the crime appears to be a "mascot revenge killing" in retaliation for the incident at the 'Shoe last weekend.  Tana claimed Rufus's murder was "just another example of the escalating cycle of mascot violence in America today."

But friends of Rufus disputed that assertion.  They say that while Rufus has had run ins with the law in the past -  such as his public intoxication charge when he was arrested with head coach Frank Solich following the head coach's DUI in 2005 - they were minor offenses and the mascot had turned turned his life around.

"He was going to A.A meetings, keeping clean," said a fellow MAC mascot who wished to remain anonymous.  "The thing in the 'Shoe?  Rufus was just always jealous of the big program mascots.   Hairy Dawg at Georgia, Puddles the Duck at Oregon, Herbie Husker at Nebraska.  But especially Brutus.  Brutus really got under his skin.  He got all the attention in Ohio and I think Refus just snapped.  Now, he's paid the ultimate price." 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rich Rodriguez Asks OU Bobcat To Try Out For U-M Defense

After seeing video of Ohio University's mascot, Rufus the Bobcat, making an open field tackle on Ohio State's Brutus Buckeye over the weekend, Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez has asked the big-headed furry mascot to try out for the Wolverine football team.

"If you saw our defense against UMass, you know we need help," Rodriguez said Monday at his weekly press conference.  "And that was best tackle against something wearing Scarlet and Grey that I've seen since I've been here."

Rodriguez also noted that if Rufus can kick a field goal over 18 yards, he will offer the mascot a full scholarship on the spot.

Rufus the Bobcat may soon be wearing a winged helmet

(HT: Dr. Saturday for the pic and inspiration)

Ohio Bobcat Mascot Banned for Bum Rushing Brutus Buckeye

It's Mascot 101:  Don't f*ck with your opponent's mascot during their team's entry/fight song.

Apparently the OU Bobcat didn't get the message.

As Ohio State's Brutus Buckeye led his team onto the field before the Tosu/OU game, the jackhole wearing the Bobcat costume thought this was the perfect time to bum rush Brutus and tackle him.  Bobcat guy then followed Brutus into the endzone where he jumped on his back as Tosu fans booed (yet, shockingly, didn't kill the bobcat).

OU officials released a statement today apologizing for the incident and banning the student in the Bobcat costume from any future association with the school's athletic department.

Seriously, dude, what exactly was your thought process on this one?

UM 42, UMass 37: Exposed? Or just Michigan caught looking ahead to Bowling Green?

That was close.

Hey, a win is a win.

What the f*ck?!  Seriously -- what the f*ck?!

I wanted to believe. 

Like many of you, I wanted to believe.  I wanted to believe that Michigan was "back."  That we'd turned a corner.  That we had a team this year.  But those illusions were "blown up, sir!" when UMass gave their gracious hosts all they could handle in 42-37 Wolverine win Saturday at the Big House.

Watching the game, those of us who bleed blue were faced with a reality many of us sensed in our gut but happily chose to ignore during the past two weeks of Shoelace Fever -- that Michigan has one of best players in the country in QB Denard Robinson, but not much else. 

And that's cause for concern.  Unfortunately, three years into The Rich Rod Experiment, I still don't see the overall improvement. 

Which is why what happened versus UMass, even in victory, was so disappointing.  When your starting QB is still in the game on the final play taking a knee against the Big Cupcake on your schedule, something's amiss.  When U-M is forced to recover onside kicks in the closing minutes against a team that squeaked out a win versus William & Mary, things aren't improving at the team level.

Yes, I know Michigan has a young defense. And I never expected to see something remotely on par with 'Bama wearing Maize and Blue this season. However, since we're talking about a young defense for the winningest program in college football history, for a team that hasn't had a sub-Top 20 recruiting class in decades, I thought the "young defense" lament was relative to a defense that would be able to lead U-M to a Big 10 title. I didn't think the measuring stick was to a defense that often looks like it has never played organized football before.

Go ahead, slam me in the comments: "Yost, you're being too harsh."  "Yost, we knew it was gonna take time."  "Yost, you're an extremely handsome, handsome man but you're overreacting...however you're still an extremely handsome man."

But let's look at the facts:  First of all, Michigan's defense, to put it in football terms, blows.  Unequivocally and without question, it blows big chunks.  We gave up 343 yards to a UConn team that lost to Temple on Saturday, we gave up 532 yards to a Notre Dame team that played without its starting QB for a quarter and a half -- a QB who, even when he was in the game, was playing with one eye, and we just gave up 439 yards to UMass -- one more yard than William & Mary gave up vs. UMass in their season opener.  Think about that:  UMass gained one less yard playing William & Mary -- at home in Amherst in front of 10,072 people -- than the Minutemen gained on the road  in the Big House playing the University of Michigan in front of a hostile crowd of 110,000.  Hey, I guess maybe William & Mary's 'D' isn't as young as Michigan's.  Or maybe W&M recruits better players.  After Saturday, 1-AA schools are probably lining up to play U-M in A2!

Second, we don't have a kicking game.  Not 'we have a bad kicking game' but rather we don't have a kicking game.  If the Wolverines hadn't gotten the TD and had Michigan been forced to go for a game-tying FG in the final seconds of the ND game, do any of you have any confidence we could have kicked a 40 yarder to tie it?  Okay, while 40 yards isn't exactly a monster kick in major college football, it's no gimme.  So what about 35 yards?  Would you have been confident then?  How 'bout 30?  25?  That I probably haven't reached your "confident zone" at 25 yards, for a school such as Michigan, is just as disgraceful as the defense.  Many high school teams have a better kicking game.

So what are we left with?  An offense.  Or more specifically, a very special QB and a pretty decent O line.  Until UMass, Michigan's RBs were averaging just over 3 yards per carry.  Yes, runners not named Robinson gained 181 of U-M rushing yardage last Saturday but, again, that was UMass.  That's why you schedule a team next playing something called Stony Brook on the road this weekend -- so that anybody with a fucking winged helmet can run wild.  

Look, I hope I'm wrong.  I hope we're able to simply outscore everybody (because we can't stop anybody and God help us if a game comes down to a last second FG).  But I suddenly have that queasy 2009 feeling -- a couple early thrilling wins that masked bigger and deeper problems.

Did I mention I hope I'm wrong?

Maybe UMass was a wake-up call.  But I can't stop thinking it was a realization.

"I think we're gonna need a bigger defense."


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mark Dantonio Shows College Football Fans How Big His Sack Is

Mark Dantonio reveals the size of his sack
(From MZone wire reports)  East Lansing, MI -- Mark Dantonio's sack is bigger than yours.

After repeatedly declining during his post-game press conference to discuss exactly how big his nut sack is, Michigan State head coach Dantonio finally spread his hands over a foot apart and said, "This fucking big!"

With his squad down 31-28 in the first overtime and facing a 4th and 14, Dantonio had his team run a fake field goal.  The holy-fucking-shit!-I-can't-believe-he-fucking-did-that!-He-must-have-a-huge-fucking-sack! play resulted in a 29 yard touchdown pass and a thrilling 34-31 Spartan victory.

The assembled members of the sports media had been clamoring from the onset of the press conference to know the size of Dantonio's lower package.  But the coach modestly kept refusing to answer the question.  Finally, after the eighth time he was asked, Dantonio threw his arms open and revealed the size of his stones.

Even jaded members of the press corp burst into applause at the Spartan head honcho's modesty.  Most said his sack had to be at least another foot larger because of his nuts-scraping-on-the-fucking-floor-dragging-across-the-shag-carpeting-game-winning call that left MSU fans delirious and the Irish faithful heartbroken.

Dantonio said the name of the play was "Little Giants," after the movie with the same moniker.  Celebrating Spartan fans said the name of the man who called it was now "Big Sack" after their coach who obviously has a ginormously huge sack.

BREAKING NEWS:  We have just learned that Coach Dantonio suffered a mild heart attack after last night's game.  According to reports, he's resting after a stent was inserted and is expected to make a full recovery.  We here at the MZone wish Mr. Dantonio Godspeed.  Be well, coach.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

GameDay 2010 - UMass Open Thread

Winning is the science of being totally prepared.
~ George Allen

Go Blue! Beat UMass.

MZone Time Machine: Why we have nothing to fear vs. UMass...right?

As I was working under the hood of the new and improved MZone 2.0, I stumbled across this old post from Tuesday, August 28, 2007.  It was titled "I'll Take None of the Above for $100."  It got all of ZERO comments.  Apparently our readers at the time felt the subject was such a joke, it wasn't worth discussing.

So here is that post in its entirety.  Read.  Enjoy.  Feel a cold chill race down your spine regarding the UMass game.

I'll Take None of the Above for $100

The official Appalachian State website has a poll up regarding their game this weekend against Michigan. The "Coca-Cola Fan Poll" asks the following:

Which area will be most critical for the Mountaineers in the Sept. 1 football opener at Michigan?

A) ASU offense vs. U-M defense
B) ASU defense vs. U-M offense
C) Special Teams

"Most critical," as in what it will take for Appy State to win?

Now, while I admire their moxie, let's me honest, folks,: none of those answers should make a difference.

But, this being the MZone, we've come up with some other poll answers which they forgot to include that could actually turn the tide in ASU's favor...

D) Entire U-M team oversleeps
E) ASU has nude photos of Lloyd Carr and a group of young Asian boys
F) Instead of practicing this week, U-M forced to watch ASU Hot! Hot! Hot! video 24/7
G) The game is played in an alternate universe where U-M is a 1-AA team and ASU is winningest major college program of all time
H) Jim Herrrrmannnn returns to coach U-M defense
I) ASU comes out wearing OSU replica uniforms
J) Michigan fans forget to shake their keys thus negating the jet-like noise of the Michigan Stadium home field advantage.
K) King Leonidas comes back from the dead to QB the Mountaineers

If there are any I forgot, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

(HT: Dave)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Two-Minute Drill

*  If you haven't seen the Denard: The Happening vid over at MGoBlog, you must.  It was done by an MGoBlog reader.  Fantastic stuff.

*  Think the fight to preserve the M/OSU game was the first time Michigan fans had to rise up to strike down a bad idea?  Wrong.  MVictors uncovers a letter to the Daily from 1910 (yes, 1910) written by a 'Senior' upset that the band was no longer playing The Victors before each game.  Great find!

*  What is the UMass blogosphere saying about the game?  Here you go.  My favorite part -- the poll asking folks to vote for their predictions on the game tomorrow.  The choices range from "Michigan by a bazillion" to "UMass by 21+."  Three percent of voters picked that final box.  Now, normally I would laugh and laugh and laugh.  Mock, even.  And while I don't think in a million years that could happen, there was this game three years ago...

*  Finally, you're never too young to start getting ready for The Game...


Thanks to those already starting to email suggestions, tips, etc. to us here at MZone 2.0: The MZone Strikes Back! Much appreciated!  (Plus it's a hell of a lot easier than having to come up with this crap ourselves.)

Know Your Foe - UMass 2010

This Know Your Foe post is written in honor of the original MZone KYF founder, Benny Friedman. I look forward to passing the torch back to him in the near future. Come on back Benny, you know you want to...

Michigan and Massachusetts meet for the first time in the history of the schools at noon on Saturday at Michigan Stadium. The game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network. I am pleased to see that announcer Thom Brennaman no longer works for the BTN, thus he won’t get a chance to work his evil magic like he did in the 2007 Appalachian State or the 2008 Toldeo games.

UMass is the 18th-ranked team in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). The Minutemen are 2-0 after defeating William & Mary (27-23) and Holy Cross (31-7) at home during the first two weeks of the 2010 season. The Wolverines are also 2-0 following the win at Notre Dame last week. We are ranked 20th in the Associated Press media poll and 22nd in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.

History: The University of Massachusetts was founded in 1863 under the provisions of the Federal Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. Like all other land-grant schools, the primary mission of the school was to provide instruction to Massachusetts citizens in the "agricultural, mechanical, and military arts." Accordingly, the university was initially named the Massachusetts Agricultural College, popularly referred to as (cough, cough Sparty) "M.A.C."

Four years after its founding (1867) the college had yet to admit any students, had fired two Presidents, and still had not completed any class buildings. Then an action oriented leader named William S. Clark was appointed President of the college and Professor of Botany. Clark quickly appointed a faculty, completed the construction plan, and in the fall of 1867 admitted the first class of approximately 50 students. For his efforts, Clark is recognized as the primary founding father of the college. In 1879, Clark requested a leave of absence to establish a “floating college”—a ship which would carry students and faculty around the world. His request was denied and he resigned.

The first female student was admitted in 1875, but only on a part time basis. It took 19 more years before the first full-time female student was admitted in 1894. And another 11 years before the first female students graduated.

In 1931, based on the higher enrollment and broader curriculum, the college was renamed, "Massachusetts State College". Following World War II, the G.I. Bill, facilitating financial aid for veterans, led to an explosion of applicants. The college population soared and they pushed through some major construction projects. Accordingly, the name of the college was once again changed in 1947 to the "University of Massachusetts."

Today, UMass is the largest public university in New England.

Location: The campus located in Amherst, which is 90 miles east west of Boston. The name of the town is correctly pronounced without the h ("AM-erst"). Poets Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost along with movie actress Uma Thurman were born in Amherst.

The area that makes up AM-ERST was purchased from the local Indians in December 1658. The deal between Major John Pynchon and three native inhabitants, according to the deed, the indians sold the entire area in exchange for "two Hundred fatham of Wampam & Twenty fatham, and one large Coate…. ". The word wampum comes from the Narragansett word for 'white shell beads'. So essentially, the English bought Amherst for some beads, 20 fat pigs, and a large coat. Brilliant.

The town is named after British Army officer Jeffrey Amherst. Amherst was a hero of the French and Indian War, according to popular legend; singlehandedly won Canada for the British and banished France from North America.

Despite his fame, Amherst's name will forever be tarnished as he is likely the architect of one of the worst genocides in world history. It was Amherst that first suggested the use of smallpox-infected blankets against American Indians. It is impossible to arrive at a number for the millions of American Indians killed by European diseases, with smallpox the deadliest by far. In the 1500s, the American Indian population in North America has been estimated at approximately twelve million, but by the early 1900s, the population had been reduced to roughly four hundred and seventy-four thousand.

Like most college towns, this place has a definite liberal slant. Amherst is among relatively few towns of its size that does not have a mayor-council form of government. Instead, it has maintained the traditional town meeting for making decisions. I have heard Amherst referred to as the People’s Republic of Amherst by many people over the years.

On the night of September 10, 2001 -- just 12 hours before the first plane impaled the North Tower, the Amherst Select Board voted unanimously to restrict the display of American flags to just six times per year. A UMass professor testified before the board calling the flag “…a symbol of terrorism and death and fear and destruction and oppression. It’s not something to be proud of.

Refusing to get caught up in the silly national wave of patriotism that followed the attacks, the flag limitation remains in effect today. Recently, they have reconsidered and have agreed to fly flags every third anniversary of the 9/11 attack. Go America.

Academics: The school has a total undergraduate enrollment of 20,873. The USNWR 2011 edition of America's Best Colleges ranks Massachusetts as the 99th best National University, tied with SUNY Stony Brook, Texas Christian, Dayton, and Pacific. They finish just above Tennessee, Florida State, Kansas, and future Big Ten member Nebraska. I was surprised to see UMass ranks as only the the 10th best school in their own state.

With over 85 majors, UMass students have a wide array of choices, including a Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC), which allows students to create their own major. If that had been an option at Michigan when I was an undergrad, I might have gotten all A’s in my chosen double major of beer drinking and video games.

Famous Alumni: UMass has a nice list of famous grads, highlighted by former GE Chairman Jack Welch, former GM Chairman Jack Smith, and Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor. They also claim actors Bill Cosby, Richard Gere, and Bill Pullman plus singers Natalie Cole and Taj Mahal. Other names you might recognize are New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and Louisville basketball coach Rick Pittino.

My all-time favorite UMass grad is basketball hall of famer Julius Erving. Although he did not graduate with his peers because he left school early to join the ABA. Dr. J returned to the school in 1986 to complete his undergrad career and has since been presented honorary Doctorate degrees from UMass and Temple. You young whipersnapers can keep Michael Jordan and LeBron James, but I will always prefer Julius Erving. No one did it better.

No US Presidents and one astronaut.

Colors, Helmets, Mascot, and Fight Song : The maroon and white colors of UMass date back as far as the 1870s. There is also a reference to wearing green and white, and even earlier, it was red and blue. Considering the school did not even have students until 1867, the folks wearing green and white and/or red and blue did not do it for very long.

Today they wear a plain white helmet with a white face mask with the UMass wordmark on the side. Over the years they have played around with different variations of stripes, UM, and UMass logos. The current design has been in place since 2005. My favorite is the version from 1974, which features a block UM and the silhouette of a battle ready Minuteman.
Depending on which gender is playing, they call themselves Minutemen or Minutewomen. Like many other land grant schools, they first called themselves the Aggies. Then they ironically, considering the name of the town, changed their nickname to the Redmen.

In the spring of 1972, a group of American Indians from New York wrote a letter to the school asking them if they were aware of "defamatory" and "undesirable racial connotations” with their nickname. They asked if UMass could curtail the use of the word. The administration quickly replied by asking all campus personnel and media to refrain from the use of the word Redmen “as much as possible”. The Student Senate quickly resolved that the nickname connoted a stereotype of violence and savagery and created a "false picture of American history."

Instead of making the next logical step and choosing the nickname “small pox infected blankets”, the UMass Student Senate, through a poll of the student body, came up with a new name: The Minutemen.

Today, the character that runs around on the sideline and has been featured in ESPN commercials is named Sam the Minuteman. According to the school, he came in 5th during the 2005 Mascot Nationals.

In 1998, the Minuteman Marching Band received the Louis C. Sudler Trophy, the highest honor awarded to a collegiate marching band. The legendary UMass band director, Captain Edwin Sumner, wrote the fight song in 1930.

Edit: The UMass Marching Band will be playing on saturday with heavy hearts. The Director died last night in Ohio while the band was making the trip to Ann Arbor. Very sad news. Godspeed Mr. Parks.

Fight, fight Massachusetts,
Fight, fight every play,
Fight, fight for a touchdown,
Fight all your might today.

Fight down the field Massachusetts,
The stars and the stripes will gleam,
Fight, Fight for old Bay State,
Fight for the team, team, team.

Football program: They have been playing football at UMass since 1879, which just happens to be the same year Michigan started.

The Minutemen football team competes at the NCAA Division I FCS (formerly I-AA) level. UMass has captured a total of 22 conference championships, the most recent one being a share of the Colonial Athletic Association title in 2007. Last year, they finished with a 5-6 mark, which just happens to be the same number of wins the 2009 Wolverines had.

They also won the 1998 D1-AA Football National Championship. That title is sandwiched between two losses in the finals in 1978 and 2006. The 2006 loss was to Appy State, which just happens to be the team.... oh never mind.

The most famous UMass football player is former Detroit Lions QB, Greg Landry. Behind his golden arm and running ability, UMass won two Bean Pots (the Yankee Conference trophy) in three years. Landry's quarterback efficiency rating of 145.4 in 1965 is still a school record. He spent 14 years in the NFL with both the Lions and the Baltimore Colts. He was an All-Pro in 1971. Landry also had a stint with the Chicago Blitz in the now-defunct USFL and was the offensive coordinator for the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. He was inducted into the UMass Athletic Hall of Fame in 1980.

Other sports: UMass fields 20 other varsity sports. Most of them compete in the Atlantic 10 conference. They are best known for their basketball program. In 1996 they made it to the NCAA Final Four, led by head coach John Calipari and National Player of the Year and recent UMass Hall of Fame inductee Marcus Camby.

Unfortunately, as is the case with every other school Calipari goes, a subsequent NCAA investigation follows. The NCAA found that Camby illegally accepted a total of $28,000 from sports agents attempting to lure him into the NBA Draft after his Sophomore season. The school was forced to vacate its Final Four appearance as well as return their 1996 NCAA Final Four trophy. In defiance of the NCAA ruling, a Final Four banner still hangs from the rafters of the Mullins Center.

The UMass Minutewomen lacrosse team won the national title in 1982. In 2008 Minutemen skiing took home the United States Collegiate Skiing and Snowboard Association National Championship, which was the first time in 23 years an east coast team has won. The men's lacrosse reached the NCAA Championship Game in 2006, where they lost to the #1 ranked and undefeated Virginia Cavaliers. The men's soccer team reached NCAA Men's College Cup in 2007. They were defeated by Ohio State, 1-0. UMass has had 17 baseball players reach the major leagues. The best known are former Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan, Red Sox relief pitcher Jeff Reardon, and Angels shortstop Gary DiSarcina.

The game: With the painful memories of Appalachian State and Toldeo still smoldering in my soul, I hope everyone approaches this “gimme” game with caution. This UMass team is nothing like the pathetic Delaware State team we destroyed last year. They are pretty good and ranked 18th in the FCS sub-division. Quite frankly, we are not good enough yet to roll out the winged helmets onto the turf and win.

That being said, there is absolutely no way we should lose this game. If the game is even close, expect the torch and pitchfork crowd to gather in front of Rich Rodriguez’s house on Saturday night looking for blood. I see the defense getting a lot of game speed reps and gaining some more confidence. I hope the offensive starters only get to see the field in the first half. Watching Devin Gardner & Tate Forcier run the offense the entire second half against these guys would be wonderful. The Devin Gardner for Heisman campaign starts saturday.

Michigan 51
Massachusetts 17