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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wolverines Reach Frozen Four (Again!)

Even though it isn't our forte here at the MZone, as many of you have suggested, we would be remiss to not mention the Michigan men's hockey team. Yesterday, the top ranked Wolverines reached the Frozen Four in Denver April 10th with a thrilling 2-0 victory over Clarkston. I believe this marks the Wolverines' 22nd trip to the Frozen Four, the most in NCAA history.

I caught the last period and that was some damn exciting hockey. Goaltender Billy Sauer was outstanding, especially during a 6-on-3 Clarkston advantage in the last two minutes of play when he made some circus saves to preserve the victory and his shutout.

Big props to Red Berenson and his squad.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rich Rodriguez: Ladies Man...or Photoshop victim?

Gee, maybe it's just my fading memory, but I don't recall seeing any photos like this floating around with Bo...

Man, I gotta tell ya, Mrs. Rodriguez is hot! Wow! Wow, wow, wow. Well done, Coach.

Uh, what's that Benny? That's not... oh. Oooooh.

Never mind.

Ed. Note: Yes, it did take great restraint not to go with an alternate caption for the above pic along the lines of, "So that's my spread offense in a nutshell. Tell me about yours."

ED. NOTE II: The Big Question - is this pic Photoshopped? What say you? Looking at it again - and reading SiC's comments - me thinks the smoking hot brunette might have been an addition.

(Big HT to LM)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Greatest Sports Movies: 15-11

Last week, before being sidetracked by Terrelle Pryor choosing the University of Ohio State for his college football playing days and Michigan O-lineman dropping like flies, we had started counting down the 15 Greatest Sports Movies of All-Time.

That first post contained the Honorable Mention films that just missed the cut for various reasons. Today, we take a look at films 15-11.


Lloyd Carr was right: this is a great film. When it first came out, I didn't see this in the theater. Another underdog boxing movie? Ugh. And the title? Cinderella Man? What is this, some reject Disney flick? Double ugh.

But when I finally got around to seeing it, I loved it. Though I seem to recall (and Wikipedia confirms) this movie not doing well when it was released (probably for some of the same reasons that kept me from rushing out to see it), if you haven't checked it out, it's definitely worth a look.


A flick about a women's baseball league? Starring Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna? Here's another that, upon first hearing about it, doesn't exactly scream "Must see!" But, alas, like Cinderella Man above, this is a great flick. Start to finish.

"There's no crying in baseball!" Classic.


The problem with most sports movies is, you know where they're going from the time you see the trailer. Case in point: The Rookie. If you follow sports, you either a) already knew about the story of pitcher Jim Morris or, if not, b) knew he was no longer in the league and thus didn't go on to have a long career. So you knew the story was about his journey: having promise, getting "sidetracked by life," getting the second chance nobody thinks he can achieve, and then achieving it, albeit briefly.

Yet, even knowing -- or thinking you knew -- where it was going, this was a great flick. I guess as is the case with most romantic comedies in that there is no surprise that boy gets girl at the end, even in sports movies where the endings are also often predictable, if the ride getting there is a good one (which seems to be more and more rare with movies today), the end result is an enjoyable flick.


No, not the fucking remake. Please. The original. In fact, this is the sports movie that many of the cliches in these movies today originated from. Real characters, real funny and just as entertaining when you were in 6th grade or seeing it again in your 30s.

P.S. The people who decided to remake this should be flogged.


As I look at the post today, I just realized that four of the five flicks today are baseball films -- which is surprising because I'm not a huge baseball fan (I think it's right up there with cricket on the ol' excitement meter). But I think the best sports movies aren't really about the sport, but about the individual and his quest (i.e. never giving up on your dream in Cinderella Man more than just "boxing").

The Natural is one of those films that is more mystical than "real" baseball as Roy Hobbs attempts to make a comeback many years after being attacked by a crazed fan when he was just coming up as "the next big thing." If you don't cheer when he blasts out the lights in the end, you don't have a pulse.

Hottest Co-eds

Counting down the greatest sports movies is an off-season time killer. Counting down the hottest co-eds is God's work.

Popcrunch.com counts down the 50 Hottest Student Bodies and -- surprise, surprise -- in first place is...

No surprise there. And this even though former ASU cheerleader-slash-porn star Courtney Cox/Simpson is retired from "the biz" according to Wikipedia (Yes, that's why Benny and I are wearing black this week).

You know, looking at the picture above again (and again and again and again), I don't know what the big deal is. Take away the water and the ASU sign and that picture could have been taken out front of Bursley.

(HT: CG)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boren Bails


This isn't good.

Junior-to-be and starting "O" lineman Justin Boren has quit the Michigan football team. Boren, who started at center and right guard, was an All Big Ten honorable mention last season.

Apparently, Boren wasn't thrilled with the new offense and how grueling the first workout was when discussing the new regime 10 days ago.

According to the Free Press article linked above:

(Boren) said he had early thoughts about the process and the difficulty of the new conditioning program and how difficult it was for the offensive linemen having to run constantly back to the line of scrimmage in the no-huddle offense.

“We didn’t know what to expect, a lot of screaming and yelling, a lot different, but we’ll get used to it,” Boren said that day. “It’ll just take time.”

The O line now returns just one starter. And we have no QB.

You know, one part of me wants to get all Dan Hawkins on Boren's ass and tell him maybe that was part of the problem, maybe things were too complacent and this is how it should be. I seem to recall hearing stories about Bo Schembechler's first year and how players were dropping like flies.

On the other hand, I can't imagine an All Big Ten selection hated hard work so much that that's the reason he quit. Could he? As more of these stories emerge, you can't help but worry if R2 si a good "fit."

Regardless of the reasons for folks leaving, not to get all Chicken Little, but it could be a very long fall. A very long fall.

UPDATE: Our pal Dave at MaizeNBrew is just as pessimistic as I am about the upcoming season and has a very funny post up (in a laughing through the pain sort of way). I especially like his picture of Michigan's projected starter at guard for next season.

UPDATE II: Boren released a statement Wednesday which I just read on the DetNews.com...

"I regret leaving behind my friends and teammates, but I need to stand up for what I know is right. I wore the winged helmet with pride, whether we won or lost, whether things were going well or times were tough.

"Michigan football was a family, built on mutual respect and support for each other from (former) Coach (Lloyd) Carr on down. We knew it took the entire family, a team effort, and we all worked together. I have great trouble accepting that those family values have eroded in just a few months. That same helmet, that I was raised on and proudly claimed for the last two years, now brings a completely different emotion to me, one that interferes with practicing and playing my best and mentally preparing for what is required.

"That I am unable to perform under these circumstances at the level I expect of myself, and my teammates and Michigan fans deserve, is why I have made the decision to leave. To those of you outside the program, the loyal Michigan fans and alumni, I know you will have trouble understanding, but I do want to thank you for your years of support. I wish my teammates the best and will always be proud to have been a part of Michigan football over the past two years."

Sorry, but I don't think this can be simply written off as a guy who didn't like the new Ironman-esque training regimen brought in by R2. Boren's father played for Michigan under Bo, for cryin' out loud. This hints at something worse.

"And later that night when the lights went out of sight came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgeraaaaaaald."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I think I have a crush on Jim Tressel's daughter

So I'm reading EDSBS today (and as a side note, Damn you, Orson! How the fuck do write about college football - and only college football - 365 days year, you magnificent bastard?!) and they have a post regarding a story in the Canton newspaper about Jim Tressel and a what a normal guy he is (normal, that is, for the head of a vast and dark evil empire).

Anyhoo, included in the story was a picture of Tressel and his family and, damn, I think I have a crush on Whitney Tressel (back row)...

I know, I know. I feel so dirty and I hate to admit it in public like this. But the fact is, Daughter of Darth Vader or not, she's cute.

P.S. In the newspaper story, it says Tressel mows his own lawn and shovels his own snow. For a guy living in a $1.4M home who makes just shy of $3 mil a year, that's probably an anomaly.

P.P.S. As has already been pointed out in the comments section, are we really being owned by a guy with two foo-foo dogs like that?! Needless to say, as with everything else Lord Vader, I pictured Tressel's dogs (which sounds like the name of a really hardcore punk band) in a slightly different light. I imagined them right up there with the Hounds of Hell. You know, huge hairy, bomb sniffing beasts ready to attack an opposing team's bus as soon as it enters The 'Shoe. Not two little Maltese things that look they were stolen from Lindsay Lohan's yard.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to Park Like a Buckeye

Got the picture and email below from MZone reader Matt who lives in Columbus and has a blog about bad parking called BadParkingAroundTown:

"Hi, I am a daily reader of your blog and I love it. I am an Avid U of M fan.

Anyways, I just wanted to show you this picture I took. I thought you might get a kick out of it. I have a blog about bad parking. I was out recently and took these pictures. From my experience, it's a typical "University of Ohio State" fan

And don't be fooled by the lot being empty, folks. You know this is the same guy at Christmas time jamming that thing into a compact space and dinging the shit out of the properly parked car next to him.

Ed. Note: For those of you who don't understand the "University of Ohio State" moniker, it is the official new name here at the MZone for our rivals to the south after being referred to as such by student-athlete and brand-new Buckeye Terrelle Pryor.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Two Minute Drill

* Fellow U-M alum Dan has started a sports blog called OrdosOpinion. Always want to help out a fellow Wolverine willing to put time into becoming a babe magnet -- otherwise known as a blogger.

* They may not be able to close the deal on the football field, but the Bucks know who to take down the national title in fencing. Yes, fencing. Some kid named Pryor clinched TUOS's third fencing title with a final "touch" (or whatever they call it in fencing) against his opponent from Harvard.

Now, two things about that last sentence. First off all, this Pryor kid is scary -- he's a fencer, too?! Second, that is the only time you will see the words "Ohio State" and "Harvard" in the same sentence in anything unless it's a story about a defendant and his attorney.

(HT: LM)

* Got the email below from MZone reader GH regarding U-M's new ticket policy:

Not sure if you have gotten any emails about this, but
I finally looked at the student football ticket policy
for next fall.

What the hell, man?

I happen to be a grad student who has been getting
student tickets for the past 2 years and I'll have
about 45 credits, which last year would have made me
eligible to be about row 40-50ish.

However I did my undergrad at another school, so now I
am going to be the lowest on the totem pole even
though I'll have more credits than most sophomores.
Every freshmen who drops out after 1 term will get a
better seating priority. If too many people get
seats, I may not be able to get a ticket. If I did my
undegrad at UM, I'd get the second best priority. How
am I less of a student? Are these 20K kids ahead of me
paying $1200/credit? Cause I am! (Keep in mind I
also don't jingle my keys....which should be part of
the priority)

To top it off, have you looked at the home schedule?
MAC schools and Mountain West Ahoy! (though to be
fair, Ball State and EMU did give UM some competition
in 07 and 06).

I'd seriously consider staying home next year and
watching on tv, but I can only get comcast.


Anyway. Love your blog. Hope this can spur some

* Finally, JP sent us the story below from InformationLeafBlower regarding our old friend, Colin Cowherd:

A colleague received this email last night. Draw your own conclusions.

Colin Coward Interview Opportunity- DC Area- TIME SENSITIVE

Hi there [redacted],

My name is [redacted] and I'm working with ESPN Radio to help promote some of their top talent. I wanted to touch base with you about an upcoming event we have with Colin Coward in the DC area. Colin is going to broadcasting from Clyde's Restaurant next to the Verizon Center THIS THURSDAY and we have just been informed he has granted interview opportunities with online press immediately following his show, at 1 PM.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if you were interested in being one of the four sites we are offering this opportunity to. Each site will have ten minutes of one-on-one time with Colin, as well as photos opportunities following. The space and time is understandable limited, so I will need to hear back from you ASAP as to whether or not you'd be interested.

Please let me know and I can give you further details! I understand the turnaround is very quick on this, but I think this will be a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


Oh, that's priceless. Gotta suck when the folks promoting your show can't even get your name right.

Potluck Post: "Hey, what's this red button?"

Apparently a guy was at the gas station, pressed the wrong button near the pump and...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Pryor Chose "University of Ohio State"

Look close. Really close. Is that a...Buckstache he's starting to grow?

Oh, and TP, it's Ohio State University - OSU - not "University of Ohio State" as you said in your 48th press conference today. But hey, everybody gets the name of the school they're going to wrong.

Welcome to the rivalry, kid.

(HT: AR)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And Terrelle Pryor is going to...

Today is D-Day in the Terrelle Pryor courtfest. At noon, the No. 1 rated high school recruit in the country is expected to announce his decision on where he will play his college football.

Pryor has claimed to have norrowed his list of Oregon, Penn State, Tosu and Michigan down to two, with most folks saying it's between Michigan and the Tosu. However, almost everybody expects him to pick the Bucks who have apparently been his favorite from the start.

Terrelle, if you're reading this (as I'm sure you are) while you mull over your final decision, do you really want to be on the wrong side of Benny's mad Photoshop skills your entire college football career? I'm just saying. Something to consider.

Your Life vs. College Life: Spring Break Edition

Your Life:

You got your ass chewed out this morning for being three minutes late because there was an important conference call you were supposed to be on (even though Jerry in sales never shuts the fuck up and these calls are fucking pointless).

At 11 a.m., your computer crashes right after the tech guy "fixes" it, sending your TPS report due at 4 p.m. into cyber oblivion.

By lunch, you're in no mood to see anybody from work so you decide to get out of the office and drive a couple blocks to Koo Koo Roo. But by the time you go down to your car, drive there, look for parking, finally find parking, wait in the lunch hour rush line to place your order and then finally receive your order, you look at your watch to discover you only have 12 minutes to eat your meal before you have to leave in order to get back to the office in time because some other jackass scheduled another conference call for 2:00 p.m.

College Life:

It's noon on a Tuesday but you're already drunk -- and so is everybody else around you -- because it's Spring Break! You hooked up with the hottest girl last night from... shit, where the fuck was she from again? Hell, who cares. You hooked up!

Now, you're standing on a beach, drink in your hand as you watch drunk college girls - who will go on to be doctors, lawyers and other successful career women - shake their asses on a stage in front of strangers. You hit on a couple of the girls in the audience. It looks promising.

After this, you take a two to three lunch, getting more hammered and laughing with your friends the entire time at all the "old" 30 year old dudes in suits who come in to eat, but only stay 12 minutes. You all vow you will never be "that" guy and toast on it over more shots.

The entire time, you hit on your waitress and the hot girls in the next booth when suddenly the girl from last night stumbles in. You're back at her hotel by 4 p.m. having sex again. Her name is Beth.

Wednesday: Repeat as necessary.

Hail to...uh, what he's doing (NSFW)

Just when you thought I and the site had gone all socially conscious, below is a Michigan fan who, well, really knows how to enjoy himself. In public. In front of cameras. On sinks.


Note: I attempted to edit out an "X" rating (as best I could) in the picture below while still keeping the artistic integrity of the piece intact.

I don't know about you folks, but I have a lucky U of M hat. It's brought me a couple victories over MSU and a really good run recently at a poker game. But the hat above, now that - THAT - is a lucky Michigan hat.

You know, in looking at the picture again (okay, studying it like the Zapruder film), are the two folks at the top of the shot facing AWAY from the picture? It looks like their BACKS are to the Oral Olympics taking place on the counter! Which begs the question: what on god's earth was going on on the other side of the room that this activity above didn't so much as warrant a courtesy glance?! Uh, hello: where are those pictures?!

P.S. I just want you all to know that Benny just might have gotten fired today if he pulled this photo up at the office.

P.P.S. Oh, yeah, about that Greatest Sports Movies list we were in the middle of... uh, yeah, uh, I think you can understand why that was put on the shelf for a day.

(HT - and then some - to MNB)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

15 Greatest Sports Movies of All-Time: The Honorable Mentions

In order to keep the good discussion going in the off-season (while staying away from hot button topics for a bit), I started mulling over (what started as) my 10 favorite sports movies of all time. But there were so many films on the list, I expanded it to 15.

Today are the six films that didn't quite make the top 15 cut but are still good films. In no particular order, those "Honorable Mentions" are:

* KARATE KID - Anybody who saw this growing up, immediately and forever more, thought that that blonde haired Cobra Kai kid was the biggest dick on the planet...until you met his sensai Mr. John Kreese.

KREESE: Sweep the leg.
[Johnny doesn't answer]
KREESE: Do you have a problem with that?
JOHNNY: No, sensai.
KREESE: No mercy.

Just typing the dialogue above, I want to see that kid get his ass kicked all over again when Ralph Macchio does that one-legged grass hopper jump thing.

* MIRACLE - Truth be told, this probably only even makes the honorable mention list because the true life event - the Miracle on Ice at the '80 Olympics, when the heavily favored Russians lost to the U.S. hockey team in the midst of the Cold War - was so damn incredible itself. The film, while good not great, gets a pass simply by telling that story for the big screen.

"U...S...A! U...S...A!"

"Do you believe in Miracles?! Yes!"

* VISION QUEST - Vision Quest? Yes, Vision Quest. That wrestling movie with Matthew Modine? No, that hot chick movie with Linda Fiorentino. I could give a rat's cornhole about wresting. But I wanted to take it up after seeing this in the hopes that my parents would rent a room in our house to a sexy drifter like Fiorentino who would then teach me the ways of the world.

As my blogging life probably hints at, unfortunately that didn't happen.

* ROUNDERS - I saw this when it first came out before I started playing poker and I liked it but didn't love it. Then I saw it again after I had been playing for awhile.

Although, if I have to sit at one more table where some jackass does his Teddy KGB impression while "splashing zee vucking pot," I'm gonna smack somebody.

* INVINCIBLE - This is one I had no desire to see when it first came out. If, like me, you see a lot of sports movies, so many of them are all the same. You know where they're going before you even step foot in the theater. This fell into that category for me. Yet somehow I ended up watching it on DVD and, although many of the story scenes were things you could predict, something about this movie just clicked and I really liked it.

* SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER - Frankly, the only reason this isn't in my top 15 is because - like poker - I simply can't count chess as a sport. But the move is fantastic. If you haven't seen this because you don't want to see "some stupid chess movie," do yourself a favor and check it out. Me thinks you won't be disappointed.

Tomorrow - Movies 15-10 (or however many I have time to get to)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Calling Out Disabled M Fans? Say It Isn't So!

As you might have heard, the University of Michigan has reached an agreement to add more wheelchair accessible seating to Big House, settling a lawsuit by the Justice Department over the issue. However, while these upgrades to accommodate handicapped fans are taking place, the seating capacity will dip a couple hundred seats at Michigan Stadium making it only the second largest stadium in the country, just behind Penn State's Beaver Stadium.

While Michigan and its fans take great pride in the Big House being the "biggest" house, such a slip to #2 - in the grand scheme of things - isn't a major to deal, in my opinion. Especially in light of the cause behind it.

But apparently not all M fans feel the same way. MZone reader FS sent us a link to the Michigan Daily where, in a Letter to the Editor, one U-M senior "blames" handicapped fans for knocking the Big House down a notch and then proceeds to "call them out," saying they better pick up the slack of the "missing" fans:

Blame fans in wheelchairs for lower stadium capacity

To the Daily:

In response to the settlement the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America reached with the University regarding Michigan Stadium's wheelchair accessibility: Nice work guys, your wish finally came true. You have fought hard to ensure that you are able to see Michigan football in person. It is very important that you guys be able to view the game - important enough that the Big House will lose 1,300 seats and potentially the title of "largest stadium in college football."

Since you guys are willing to sacrifice Michigan Stadium tradition in order to see games, you must be fanatical about Michigan football. And, because you felt your rights to view a game were violated, you stuck up for yourselves. I commend you for making sure everyone has an equal chance to see a Michigan game.

Here is what I ask of all people who will be helped by this agreement: I expect all people in wheelchairs to work extra hard to make up for the loss in seating. I expect to be deafened by the roar on third downs coming from wheelchair sections. I expect to see every wheelchair decked out in maize and blue. I expect that wheelchair sections have their own original cheers.

Because people in wheelchairs are going to be accommodated by the Michigan community, it should not be too much to ask that these people return the favor.

LSA Senior

Please tell me this letter was a joke. Somebody? Please?

Potluck Post: The Conference Call

Anybody who works in an office environment and has to endure endless (and usually useless) conference calls will appreciate this...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thoughts & Musings...

As you can tell by the lack of posts, this week has been busier than most on the work front. I think I might have to start getting some guest columns in order to keep things afloat during these off-season crunch times. So please feel free to send stuff in.

And I've been thinking about a regular column called "Ask a Buckeye" where readers can ask a real live Tosu fan the burning questions they've always sought answers to ("What cheer is more popular in Columbus - Go Bucks or Fuck Michigan - and why?"). Was going to talk to my Buckeye pal (yes, I have one but I rarely admit it) to be the "Dear Woody" so to speak, but Whetstone seems to have a good sense of humor, maybe we can recruit him.

Just trying to keep things going during a period when free time (aka blogging time) is hard to come by.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tip O' the Hat to our Readers

I must admit I was hesitant to put up the post last Friday about the newly instituted special Harvard gym hours. Even though tangentially it was about sports, I wasn't sure if would be soooo out of left field on a site more known for beer bongs, babes and Buckstaches that its mere presence on the MZone - more so than the actual content - would piss people off.

Yet while I imagine some readers shook their head just seeing such a hot button issue raised here (and a few who disagreed with my opinion on the topic said as much) much to my surprise - and excitement - it sparked some fascinating, passionate, thoughtful and intelligent debate. Over 100 comments worth! (Hell, usually it takes an ESPN radio host to steal one of our bits to generate that kind of interest.) In fact, I found the back and forth in the comments to be more respectful, enlightening and balanced than many of the so-called talk shows that tackle such subjects daily via angry shout fests dishonestly labeled as "debate."

Sure, we had a couple doses of Hannity & Colmes-style back and forth (which is to be expected), but most of the discourse was very civil. If I may get on my cyber soapbox again for a second, one of the things that frustrates me most about politics and discussion of such controversial issues today is that the "debate" is no longer about the issues, it's about the people arguing the issues. What "side" they're on. Democrats think all Republicans are evil, Republicans think all Democrats are worse. And what gets lost in the middle is the fact that two people, who may have diametrically opposed views on something, can have them without being a racist, anti-American, asshole, idiot, fascist or any of the other labels that are now thrown out to stifle debate instead of facilitating it.

Men of good conscience can no longer simply disagree. It's all personal now.

Sadly, I've come to believe that politics and has begun to mirror a heated college football rivalry. An Auburn fan seeing someone in an Alabama shirt and immediately disliking him (or vice versa) is one thing in sports culture. But when the same dislike between folks of different political stripes prevents thoughtful examination of opposing viewpoints, that's harmful to society.

Look, I'm by no means ditching the beer bongs, babes and Buck bashing. That's still the mission statement of this site and will continue to be so. But it is nice to know we can venture off topic every now and then, talk about some of the more important, controversial or pressing things going on in the world, then circle back to the fun and the funny. Rather than diminish this site, I sincerely hope it adds something that gives it a unique twist not found on other sports blogs (and it sure helps fill space in the off-season!).

Will we lose some folks as a result? Most likely. But that's the beauty of not taking advertising here (and believe or not, we get inquiries all the time) - ultimately, it's not about the number of visitors, but the enjoyment and stimulation of those who do come - as well as that of your humble blogger. This blog is a hobby, not an attempt to find a new career.

As always, thanks for reading.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Benny on Jerry Springer

A lot of you have been wondering why my blogging cohort Benny hasn't been posting more in the off season and, well, this should help answer your questions...

(HT: TL)

ED. NOTE: See, told you the site wasn't going to stray too far from its normal shenanigans!

Two Minute Drill

* A2 band Tally Hall is featured on YouTube with a pretty unique vid.

(HT: DW)

* Got a nice email from the folks behind the vid "NY Stompin" featuring Giant Michael Strahan.

* Great piece on Larry Foote.

(HT: TH)

* Finally, are good friend JR, lover of all things Auburn, sends us the picture below of the new 'Bama athletic facilities in the wake of the Tide's recent off-the-field troubles. Roll Tide? Not anymore, say Tiger fans - now it's "Parole Tide!"

Saturday, March 08, 2008

When "Tolerance" Crosses the Line

Harvard University has banned men from one of its gyms for a few hours each week to "accommodate Muslim women who say it offends their sense of modesty to exercise in front of the opposite sex."

The gym is closed to men from 3-5pm on Mondays and between 8-10am on Tuesday and Thursdays. According to the AP story linked above, even the staff is all women during those hours.

A Muslim woman and student who supports the move said, "The majority should be willing to compromise. I think that's just basic courtesy. We must show tolerance and respect for all others."

You know what offends me? This policy. And to ask for tolerance by discriminating against the entire student body due to the request of six women who practice some of the more rigid pillars of one faith strikes me as the very definition of intolerance.

This isn't PC run amok, this is PC gone mad.

What if those are the only hours someone of another religion can work out? What if that is the closest gym to my house? And should every religion -- or those who practice the most dogmatic beliefs associated with their individual faith - be granted such exclusive - and exclusionary - hours? Then where does it end? Do we start having special hours to cater to some other group at the cafeteria, the library or the Quad?

This is a dangerous slippery slope. And it's not right nor fair.

That isn't anti-Muslim, it's anti-absurd. Opposing this policy isn't bigotry, it's common sense.

People have a right to practice their religion. But when that practice infringes upon my rights and the rights of others, something is very wrong. This is very wrong.

The sad thing about this is that we do have a problem with racism, sexism and a few other "isms" in this country. But asinine policies like this do nothing to help end those struggles or bring us together in our shared humanity. In fact, they do more harm than good.

Every person - no matter their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or any of the other things that make us unique and this country great - deserves to be treated equally. Yet demanding unequal treatment - that also places an unfair burden on the majority - is the wrong way to further that noble goal. And disguising such demands behind the banner of "tolerance" is shameful.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to handle a streaker

If you've ever attempted to watch the sport, you'll understand why this is the most exciting thing to happen in a cricket match in the last 50 years...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008



Once again, real life has intruded on my blogging life. This seems to be happening more and more. And I don't want this site to start sucking as a result. Thus, I need to do some serious thinking here about the future of the MZone.

My sincere apologies for the spotty blogging of late and thanks for understanding.