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Friday, February 29, 2008

M Women's B.ball Coach Does Mike Gundy Impression

Okay, I admit it, before seeing the clip below I couldn't have named Michigan's women's b.ball coach (and no, MSU fans, it's not John Beilein). But now I know. It's Kevin Borseth. And I won't forget it. Neither will you after watching...

Show of hands: who thinks Coach thought the problem was offensive rebounding? Anybody?

(HT: KM via AOL Fanhouse)

Golf anyone?

Maybe I have misjudged this sport. Daaaaamn.

True, nothing to do with cfb. But, personally, in February, I enjoy posts like this a hell of a lot more than one on how many benchpress reps some linebacker did at a scouting combine.

(HT: JH)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comcast Sucks Giant Hairy Monkey Ass

Forget the funny, this is the most important post we will put up this month.

In case you haven't been following it, some ISPs such as Comcast have been blocking or otherwise hampering file-sharing traffic connected to the Internet via its cable modems. Of course, making such decisions on what content gets through and what content doesn't is in violation of Net Neutrality.

And due to the AP busting Comcast (and other instances of Big Media Mega Corps attempting to control the Internet) as well as pressure from grassroots organizations such as SaveTheInternet.com, Congress and the FCC are finally taking notice.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to continue controlling what you and I can see and do online, Comcast has now been busted trying to block the public from the debate on this critical issue.

Yesterday, Comcast admitted to hiring people to fill seats before a federal hearing at Harvard Law School on the issue, then allowing its employees to take those seats right before the filled-to-capacity meeting started. Comcast confirmed to the AP it "hired people to fill seats after the hearing room doors opened at 7 a.m. and before the 11 a.m. start. As Comcast employees arrived, they replaced the hired seat-warmers."

Comcast defended this astroturfing by claiming it did what it did at the hearing because the non-partisan public advocacy group Free Press was urging people who thought Comcast's Internet blocking actions were wrong to attend. "For the past week, the Free Press has engaged in a much more extensive campaign to lobby people to attend the hearing on its behalf," Comcast said in a statement.

Hey, you stupid unethical jackasses -- that's not remotely the same! There is no "its behalf" on the other side of this. The group they're talking about -- of which I am not a member -- is a collection of citizens -- not a giant corporation -- who believe in the radical idea of a neutral and open Internet. Anybody can sign up. It's a grassroots organization. Put it this way, had I known about the meeting beforehand, I would have urged people to attend. And Comcast's lame-ass defense would be like saying it did what it did because the MZone lobbied people to come.

Look, every Comcast employee -- or anybody else who sides with mega-media corps like Comcast -- had just as much of a right to go attend this meeting. But the difference is when Comcast PAYS people to show up FOUR HOURS before the meeting so they can freeze out average folks and allow Comcast employees and/or "supporters" to show up right before the hearing starts to give the appearance to the panel that the general public is "split" on the issue.

What horseshit.

So why am I, a humble blogger, so hot under the collar about this issue? Because it goes to the core of what the Internet is all about -- the individual voice having equal footing with huge media corporations. If you like the MZone better than the well-funded MSM Michigan site, you come here. If not, you go there. But due to equal access between the two, the choice is yours -- John and Jane Q. Public. Unlike cable TV where only a select few voices get heard because only Big Media has access to an outlet.

Yet what happens if Net Neutrality is overturned? Maybe ISPs like Comcast make it hard for their subscribers to get on a site with posts like "Comcast Sucks Giant Hairy Monkey Ass." Maybe they slow up access to "amateur" sites like Everyday Should Be Saturday so that people get so fed up, they instead go to Everyday Should Be Comcasturday. Maybe they don't like what Brian at MGoBlog has to say about Comcast's battle with the Big Ten Network and start blocking his site for its customers.

Never happen? Tell that to the folks behind DearAOL.com.

So please do your part. Contact your member of Congress, or the FCC. Or better yet, drop Comcast for DSL or DirecTV.

And most importantly, pass this post on to all your friends who have Comcast!

Michigan-Ohio Boundary War

And now you know...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wolverines in the NFL Combine

By now, you've probably heard about Jake Long's stellar performance at the recent NFL Scouting Combine. But a few other Wolverines apparently didn't fare so well.

NFL scout Frank Coyle picked the players who helped and hurt their draft stock as a result of the weekend combine and three Wolverines made his list, but only Long was on the "helped" side.

Regarding Long, Coyle said:

"The top offensive lineman in this year's class solidified a top 5-10 selection. He came in at 6-7 and 313 pounds, and did a combine best (thus far) 37 reps @ 225 lbs. He ran a 5.17 and 5.27."

Now the not so good news for former U-M players.

Among those who "hurt themselves," he named Michigan RB Mike Hart and WR Mario Manningham.

Regarding Hart:

"This short tailback ran poorly with 4.67 and 4.69 times in the 40. His Michigan pro day will be critical to his draft status. He also had a subpar 28-inch vertical leap and added 23 reps in the lifting."

To me this shouldn't be a surprise nor should it dissuade any team from picking Hart. If you're going to draft this kid, you're drafting him for reasons that can't be measured in these situations. Hart didn't become Michigan's all-time leading rusher because he had blazing speed. He didn't give 110% each and every game he suited up or only have three fumbles in his entire college career because he was Mr. Benchpress. He's a true competitor. Period. And I think he's going to be a sleeper for somebody that can see behind these numbers that don't tell the story of what he is all about to a team and as a competitor.

But on the other hand...

Mario Manningham's performance was summed up this way:

"This junior wideout failed to impress. He ran disappointing 4.59 and 4.6 times that may cost him a first-round grade. He also did only 16 reps and an average 32-inch vertical leap. He needs a strong showing at pro day as well."

Whereas Hart is a superstar despite his physical limitations, Manningham strikes me as a player who is as good as he is because he has all the gifts, but he's not great because doesn't give it his all. He's a kid who needed another year of college but his "me first" attitude wouldn't even let him consider it (and don't be fooled about it having anything to do with the new coaching sitch. Manningham was gone even if Pete Carroll took over in A2).

Soccer: The Most Dangerous Sport on Earth


I saw the pic below on Yahoo and felt pain in my own leg just looking at it. Apparently the injury is from from an English Premeir League soccer match over the weekend in central England.

You know even Joe Theisman was going "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" when he saw this.

This is gonna leave a mark.

Pot Luck Post

While not college football related, I was laughing my ass off recently when I saw Sarah Silverman's video she did with Matt Damon...

Well, Silverman's boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, got his revenge this week...

Friday, February 22, 2008


In a day and age when candidates are so scared to be spontaneous, any presidential contender who is willing to strike the Heisman pose deserves some props, no matter what your individual political leanings are.

According to the Austin American Statesman story linked here, Democratic front-runner Barak Obama showed a little college football spirit when he stopped by to see Mack Brown and his Longhorns before his debate last night with Hillary Clinton on the UT campus.

How to ruin your own fight song

Say what you will about our in-state little brothers rivals, they have a damn fine fight song. Even we Arrogant Asses from Ann Arbor have to admit that.

So it takes a lot to make it, uh, uninspiring. But leave it to a few tone-deaf students in Spartyville to make one long for American Idol reject William Hung.

Yes, on the banks of the Red Cedar...are some MSU fans who really shouldn't be singing. Ever.


Everything is all set.

You bought the ring. You got tickets to the game. Your girlfriend - the woman of your dreams, the person you want to start a family and grow old with - is sitting next to you and has no idea tonight is the night.

Best of all, somehow you managed to pull a few strings so you can propose to her during halftime. On national TV.

This is going to be awesome! Talk about something to tell the kids some day!

The time comes. You drop to your knee at mid-court and...


And how 'bout the timing of the stadium horn after she turns him down? It's like the time keeper was chiming in to add insult to injury. "SIT DOWN, BITCH! YOU GOT FAAAACED!"

Plus, as if it could even get worse, as 23/6 said in their post on the story, to have to be consoled by the mascot as you do the walk of shame off the court?! Ouch!

Folks, this one is going sting for a looooong time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two-Minute Drill: Will Ferrell Hits Campus

* Will Ferrell visits Tosu and MSU

One of my favorite funnymen, Will Ferrell, was on a college comedy tour and stopped by Columbus and East Lansing to take questions from students.

(HT: J)

* U-M Athletic Department screws longtime Michigan fans out of their Gray Lot parking after 26 years. Nice move, Mr. Martin.

(HT: BT)

* And here I thought Bigfoot was from the Pacific Northwest. Nope. Apparently, Bigfoot is from Ohio.

(HT: J)

* A humanitarian charity has donated the pre-made official NFL shirts and caps proclaiming the New England Patriots "winners" of the latest Super Bowl to poor kids in Nicaragua. Haven't these kids sufffered enough?

* Speaking of the Super Bowl, I had no idea Amani Toomer was so estranged from the Michigan program. Anybody have any ideas why?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michigan Dating: Then & Now

Ah, dating in college.

We think it's so complicated now but according to a World War II-era booklet called "Michiganetiquette," it wasn't exactly easy for the so-called "Greatest Generation," either.

A recent article in Michigan Today takes a look back at the advice offered in a 1943 dating manual published by the Michigan Union. The "how-to guide aimed primarily at Michigan freshman 65 years ago summed up "the Ann Arbor social scene and some of the details which make up good behavior therein."

According to the story linked above, back then "the Union" wasn't just a building on State Street but also connotated "the campus-wide men's club of which the building was merely the headquarters. And the Union's officers held a good deal of sway over student activities, especially social activities." Thus, they took in upon themselves to set students straight on dating in A2.

So, what are the differences between campus dating then and now? The MZone lays it all out for you and compares dating in the two eras.



Since guys and gals didn't live in the same dorms, and visiting hours at female dorms and sororities were a huge hurdle hindering hooking up, Michiganetiquette said the best place to meet members of the opposite sex was at a freshman "mixer."

"At these affairs a boy may meet anyone he desires simply by cutting in while she is dancing with another fellow. The usual procedure is for the girl to introduce herself by mentioning her name, while the fellow follows suit. If the lass is shy, there is no reason why the fellow can't begin the conversation… If one wishes to know a girl's phone number and address, there will be no frowning if he simply asks her."


The hot girl you saw in orientation ends up living right down the hall from you in Markley. Since the first thing you did when you got home was to check out/memorize her Facebook and MySpace pages, you already know her hometown, high school, email address, "fave bands, movies and books" as well as have seen pictures of her semi-naked doing jello shots off her best friend Jessica's stomach during their high school spring break in Cancun.

As a result, three days before classes have even started as you're both getting on the elevator at the same time, you conveniently mention to your pal - loud enough so she can overhear - how much you hate "people who suck" and love all of Rihianna's songs, not just Umbrella. By the time you reach the CCRB, she's already texted her number to your iPhone.




According to Michiganetiquette, first dates in 1943 were called "Coke Dates" in which "the boy meets the girl somewhere in the afternoon, and they repair to some suitable place where they can sit around and 'get acquainted' with each other for an hour or two." This was usually done at the Union's Coke Bar where pop (not soda, you New York sons-a-bitches!) was a dime for dudes and free for the ladies.


While some first dates in the 80s were still called "Coke Dates" for an entirely different reason, first dates today are a mishmash of "study dates," "grabbing coffee" and "seeing a movie." The goal of any of these choices is to still to "repair to some suitable place" in order to get acquainted.


With even some coffee joints now charging over $3 bucks for a cup of Joe, and dinner and a movie almost to the point of requiring a student loan, dime drinks - even of the soda variety - sound pretty darn good.



Walking was the way to go in '43. "The young lady…knows that there may be reasons why a fellow doesn't want to go by cab, and it would be poor taste to put him on the spot….College boys can no more afford such expenses than the girls can, and a sensible co-ed realizes this…"


Walking? Fuck that. Even though you weren't supposed to have a car, nobody comes between you and your piece of shit '97 Honda. You've been parking the thing on a different side street each day for the first month of classes and you already have 26 (unpaid) tickets. You drive to pick your date up at MoJo and park illegally for just five *&^% seconds to run in and get her. When you come out, your car has already been towed.




Men had to be out of female dorms by 11:30 p.m. on weekends. As for her staying the night, not a chance. According to the Michigan Today story, "any woman expecting to be out of her residence overnight had to get an okay from her housemother or, during the week, from the Dean of Women herself."


If all goes according to plan, you are both drunk by the time you stumble down her dorm floor in West Quad at 2 a.m. (thanks to that really cool friend of your older brother who scored you the beer from the Blue Front). Two options present themselves when you reach her room: a) her roommate is gone in which case you stay the night and hope to score or b) her roommate is there and visions of a three-way dance in your head as you still stay the night and hope to really score.

ADVANTAGE: Are you fucking kidding me?! NOW, man. NOW!



The man gave his girl his fraternity pin, although the booklet cautioned that this was dangerous as most campuses considered this to be a sign of engagement but "tradition at Michigan does not declare that this is so… Before a pin is given or taken, be certain of the terms to prevent hurt feelings later…"


She usually takes all your favorite XL and XXL Michigan sweatshirts. This is also dangerous as they are known to disappear if things don't work out. And tradition today definitely states that if she has taken your favorite "M" hat with the perfectly rounded bill, then she damn well better give that shit back if the relationship ends.




"If a boy asks you when you are going to grow up and act like a college girl because you won't kiss him good night, ignore him. … Boys respect girls who deserve respect!... Social success at Michigan definitely does not depend upon humoring the passions of other people. It may result from a tactful practice of doing just the opposite.…Girls don't have to 'give' to be popular, and, as a matter of fact, it usually turns out that the most discreet and unkissable girls draw the better class of men – not the wolves, but the good guys that are going places, and who like girls with ideals as high as their own!"


While you were going to play it cool and not even try anything until the third date in a valiant attempt at reverse psychology, she threw you totally off your game when she jumped your bones on the first date and was already talking sex toys by the third.

ADVANTAGE: Seriously? You have to ask?

SUMMARY: Ten cent Cokes only get you so far. While 1943 had its moments, we give the nod to 2008.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got Michigan?

A cow from a farm in Spaulding, Michigan (shown below) may be spared a trip to the butcher shop because of a unique birthmark: a brown spot on its side that resembles Michigan's mitten shape. And as hard to believe as this may sound, a pattern on the other side of the heifer is shaped like a "U."

Thus, instead of being sold for beef, the owners of the 30-cattle family farm 80 miles northwest of Detroit say they are "willing to sell the steer for promotional or mascot use instead of shipping it to the slaughterhouse."

Mascot use? With a cow? Whose idea was this, the cow's?

And for what school? The big Hindu university in Michigan I'm not familiar with? Or perhaps a certain - wait for it - "Moo" U?

So what does the cow think about this potential pardon?...

You know, if the whole "school spirit" angle works and the cow above avoids bovine death row as a result of a lucky birthmark, it's going to be like a real life Far Side cartoon on farms across America next week. Cattle from coast-to-coast will be "tatting" up to try to gain a little cow clemency.

Hell, by Sunday, every cow in Ohio is going look like this...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Marriage: Buckeye Style

Aside from an undefeated season, a national title, a victory over your arch rival, a 4th and inches defensive stand on the road or a Heisman Trophy for your team's star player, is there anything more moving than a beautiful wedding ceremony? Two hearts, joining as one, and declaring their undying love for all eternity.

And leave it to the hopeless romantics of Columbus to set the gold standard for all things holy matrimony.

For instance, always dreamed of a white wedding in a castle, ladies? Well, three Ohio gentlemen killed two (love)birds with one stone when they married the women of their dreams at White Castle restaurant in Columbus (dare I say the real city of love).

In a ceremony that undoubtedly brought tears to the eyes of all in attendance (and not just from that onion smell floating through the dining area), the flower girl threw salt and pepper packets instead of rice and "the cake resembled a White Castle tray holding three 'slyder' burgers, fries and a drink — all made of cake and frosting."

Best of all, for something this sacred, the nuptials were broadcast live on a local radio station which paid for the flowers and other arrangements. However, no mention was made as to whether or not that station also picked up the tab for a honeymoon to the Findlay tractor pull.

Top that, you say? Well...

Check out the clip below of two Tosu fans getting married at the pre/post-game outdoor Buckeye beer fest/tailgate party known as Hineygate. For those not familiar with it, getting married at Hineygate would be like getting married at the toga party in ANIMAL HOUSE...only not as classy (and makes a White Castle wedding look like Camelot).

Call me old fashioned, but the bride shouldn't me screaming "Woo hoo!" right before her vows and usually - I'm not saying always, but usually - the groom isn't holding a plastic cup filled with beer (or wearng a t-shirt...or a baseball cap).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pot Luck Friday

Been doing some thinking about possible regular Friday features during the off-season. Since that rat bastard Benny has the best blogging gig in the biz with his great - but only 13 week - KNOW YOUR FOE posts, that leaves me with 49 other *&^% Fridays to fill.

Yeah, I know we have Beer Bong Fridays. But unless it's something good (like the one below), I don't want to keep going to that well (or keg) every week. Let's face it, there are only so many amusing ways one can watch somebody jam a funnel down their throat and attempt to rapidly consume alcohol.

Thus, in an effort to not want to force it as I search in vain for something college football-related in the dog days of May and keep things interesting (for you and me), I've decided to make Fridays "pot luck" here on the MZone. The only criteria for these posts is that they're funny.

Would love to get your input on such a segment. Good idea? Bad idea? Too far afield? And please know, if there is any good college football news, it'll still go up on Fridays. This is just an idea to keep things fresh as we enter the CFB Dead Zone. Then again, maybe it's too "off message" to quote from the political season.

Anyhoo, to kick PLF off, I pass on two things that had me laughing recently: An ad on Craigslist from some guy selling cinder blocks and a little musical mash-up featuring SpongeBob SquarePants.


Click on the picture for a larger view.


Should Pot Luck Fridays be a regular MZone feature?
Yes, great idea for the off-season!
No, too random for a cfb blog.
pollcode.com free polls

Beer Bong Friday - Grandma Gets Trashed Edition

How the hell did I miss this before?

The clip below is from an SC game a few years ago.

And the nominees are...

Nothing like some accolades to get me to take a break from my break!

Your humble blog has been nominated for four College Football Blogger Awards:

-- Funniest Blog
-- Best Photoshop (for "Oh, the humanity!")
-- Best Big Ten Blog
-- Best Community

And that last one, Best Community, really belongs to you, the MZone reader. The award goes to "the blog with the best community interaction" and the criteria is "a regular solicitation of input from readers and utilization of reader-produced content."

So, thank you. Much appreciated!

But wait! There's more.

Found this in ye old inbox...

Dear Blog Author,

Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.9 score out of (10). Your blog is currently in
the top ten in the Sports/Football(American) category of Blogged.com. This is quite an achievement!

We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.

After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 8.9 score.

Well how 'bout that. We're currently ranked number 8...two spots ahead of some little site called Deadspin, whatever that is.

Hell, with all this good news coming our way, I should take a break more often!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Michigan Charity Chopper

Got the email below from MZone reader El Caliente...

Last night, while flipping through the channels, I happen to stop on TLC during an episode of American Choppers (a reality show where they follow this crazy family around as they build custom choppers). Turns out that one of the brothers in the family is a crazy Michigan fan (although I couldn't tell why from the show) and he decided to build a custom chopper for the Mott Children's Hospital (which will be auctioned off later).

Last night was part 1 where they show the design and mock up of the bike and next week they air part 2, the reveal. Anyway, after seeing the first part of the show I couldn't wait and googled the episode. Turns out the reveal took place during the UM/OSU game last year and the finished bike looks awesome.

Attached are the pictures in .pdf, sorry. See if you can find the full episodes on the web because Mike Teutel (the guy who loves Michigan) makes everyone wear Michigan gear throughout the episode and basically hypes up UofM the whole time which was a lot of fun. The auction takes place later this month so maybe you can get some extra publicity on the site and drive up the price.

Go Blue!

According the Mott's site, the auction began February 7th and lasts until the 21st. So if you want a hell of a Michigan ride while also giving to a worthy cause, get those bids in ASAP.

Two Minute Drill

Way behind on these so without further adieu...

-- Got the email and YouTube link below from our friend Ori...

This video is completely non-sports related, but thought you might like it: Jason Mraz performing at the ZonePerfect Bar during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival here in Park City, Utah (where I now live).

Drummer's name is Toca Rivera, and he grew up in California, but apparently the dude is a big Michigan fan.

-- University of Michigan: Champion Factory? So says Forbes, which sought to identify the top professional athlete-producing schools.

(HT: KP)

-- Yet another group of WVU fans proving their lives stopped when their coach left have started the website "Pay Up Rich!" in an effort to get R2 to pay the $4M buyout in his old contract. What's the over/under on how long this site will be around?

(HT: LM)

-- Carl Monday is needed on the Florida campus: A man was being sought who "exposed his sexual organs" at the UF Education Library recently.

-- Mike Hart trains for his NFL shot in Naples, FL

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Please Stand By

I sat down last night to write something for the site...and I had nothing to say.

Oh, sure, I could have scrounged something up but it would have been forced. Putting something up just to put something up. And I never want to do that. Not for myself - or for you.

Especially for you, the MZone reader.

It's funny in that none of us have met except via these comments and emails I receive, but I genuinely feel I "know" many of you. And since you are so dedicated in coming here, I don't ever want to betray that trust by putting up shit or just phoning it in.

I guess I'm a little burned out (coupled with coming up with stuff for a cfb blog in February).

Need to take a little time and figure out what's next.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My apologies

Real life has made blogging next to impossible this week. Hope to be back soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Decision 2008: Signing Day!

Screw Super Tuesday, it's Super Wednesday. And now...

We wait. We wait to find out if we have a QB.

That the fortunes of our offense - and possibly the upcoming 2008 season - rest with the decision of a soon-to-be freshman is more than a little scary. Although, all indications are he's Tosu bound.

For cyin' out loud! I haven't been this nervous waiting to get an answer from a high school kid since I asked Angie T. to prom.

UPDATE: Brian at MGoBlog is reporting Pryor now isn't going to announce today because Penn State is "creeping up on" him.

How pissed would you be?

According to the AP story linked here, thousands of football fans in a suburb of Los Angeles missed the final minutes of the Super Bowl after some drunk guy crashed into a power pole and caused a power outage for 8,300 customers Sunday.

Apparently, folks in the affected area missed the final two touchdowns in the Giants thrilling victory over the Pats.

Holy shit, how pissed would you be?!

Thankfully for the drunk's own safety, he was arrested at the scene. Which is probaby the best thing that happened to the guy. Better the cops having him than a group of Giants fans who just missed one of the greatest wins in Super Bowl history.

If something like that ever happened during the Michigan-Ohio State, there would be riots (and I mean more than usual in C-bus).

Mallett wants waiver to play in '08

Former Michigan QB Ryan Mallett is seeking a waiver to play this fall rather than having to sit out a season after transferring to Arkansas.

Mallett left A2 for Arkansas after Rich Rodriguez was hired at Michigan, bringing with him the spread offense which Mallett felt wasn't a good fit for his pocket-passing style . But the Razorbacks have already petitioned the NCAA on Mallett's behalf in order to obtain the hoped-for waiver.

Currently, a player has to sit out a year after transferring between 1-A schools but in asking for the waiver, the Arkansas AD cited "extenuating circumstances" in Mallett's case. While he wouldn't elaborate, it's assumed Mallett's peeps will say he shouldn't be punished because a new coach came in with a new offense that didn't suit the player.

Now, on one hand while I feel for Mallett and his situation, I think to grant such a waiver would open up pandora's box and start college football down a slippery slope where a player's dislike of anything would be used as grounds to transfer.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Bloggis Interruptus

Once again, real life rudely interrupts my blogging life.

And while most of the nation is focused on Decision 2008 regarding the Presidential primaries, college football fans are focused on the real Decision 2008: Signing Day tomorrow.

Speaking of which, Bob Wojnowski at the Detroit News had a story on why Rodriguez and Michigan need to land Pryor.

And is the program he's writing about in his column really Michigan today? Yikes. Things have changed. Fast.

Angry White Football Fans

Last week I watch a debate featuring a black man and a white woman vying for the Democratic presidential nomination and I think America has come such a long way.

Then I see the LSU "fans" in the video below and realize how far we still have left to go.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

M Go Blue Bank Robbery!

We give our Buckeye readers a lot of grief here on the MZone when one of their Buckstache lovin' brethren runs afoul of the law. That's what a rival is supposed to do.

But today, the shoe - or in this case, the soon-to-be prison jumpsuit - is on the other foot, so to speak.

Yesterday, MZone reader Nate sent us the following email:

I am a fan of your site, and huge Michigan fan living in Southwest Florida. I had to forward you this link from one of our local news affiliates…did this guy have to get decked out in the maze and blue before robbing the Bank? I can’t tell you the shit I have received from my Gator fan friends asking where I was this morning…although my canned response has been, “Watching tape of the Capital One Bowl.”

Anyway, love the blog, and enjoy.


Apparently some chowderhead walked in to a bank in Bonita Springs, Florida, and robbed the joint in full "Go Blue!" gear. In fact, the police description of the suspect is "a white male beween 25 and 30-years-old with short hair. He weighs around 150 pounds and is 5'8". He was wearing a baseball cap with a 'M' on it, a blue sweat shirt with the word 'Wolverines' across the front and blue jeans."

Gee, I guess Rich Rodriguez will do anything to pay off that $4 mil he owes West Virginia.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Brady Talks About His Michigan Days

Former Michigan and current All-World NFL QB Tom Brady talked about his college football days in A2 at the Patriots media session this week.

Brady was asked how he went from only a part-time starter at U-M to one of the NFL's all-time greats. According to the article linked above, "three issues might have played leading roles: One, the people who recruited him to Michigan and therefore had the most invested in him left the coaching staff early in his career there; two, the traits that make a great college quarterback don't always line up with those that make great NFL quarterbacks; and three, Brady has improved a great deal since his time in college."

Some excerpts...

On Gary Moeller and the others who recruited leaving:

"And the following year, the quarterback coach who recruited me, Jim Cartwright, left. And so, really, my second year, there was really nobody who had really known me or sat in my living room and said, 'Tom, we really want you at Michigan.'

"Not that I didn't feel wanted because I certainly did. Coach Carr always looked me in eye and said, 'Tom, this is the place for you and if you want to be the starting quarterback here, quit worrying about what everyone else thinks and try to compete as hard as you can.' Those were great lessons for me."

On having to compete so hard for the starting job while he was at Michigan:

"I never think it's personal. Coach Carr was truly doing what he thought was best for the team and he was right in his perspective. Sometimes I disagreed with it, but I would never change a day in my life, especially the lessons I learned there because those have really suited me well on the professional level.

"You have to learn to compete and you have to learn to compete on the practice field because you can't just all of a sudd get to the game and say, 'Oh, it's game day and now all of a sudden I'm going to be a better player.' In college, we would run two-minute drills against our defense and I wasn't sure if I didn't score on that two-minute drive if I would start the game on Saturday. Talk about pressure. I was feeling pressure Thursday afternoon at practice to get our starting off into the end zone against our defense. Now you get into the games and you run into those situations, you're already playing so now you're having a great time out there. I try to continue that into this level now where those practices are extremely important to what we do and how well we are prepared and confident as a team going into a game."

Check out the entire article, it's worth a read.

Ed. Note: My apologies to our female readers for using a picture of Tom Brady with a helmet on. However, I wanted to go with a photo from the Michigan days.

Chris Berman Blows a Nut

The clip below is obviously a few years old due to the amount of hair atop Mr. Berman's noggin. But due to the beauty of YouTube, somebody must have just decided to let this one "slip" out there as it was just posted this week.

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