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Monday, October 15, 2007

Two Minute Drill

The always great Sunday Morning Quarterback has a superb roundup of the craziness that was Saturday College Football. I particularly liked the caption of "How crazy is this season? Michigan is good again."

ESPN.com did a feature on Southern Living: A Weekend in the Life of the SEC. For our friends from down south, did ESPN capture the flavor of the SEC lifestyle? I certainly got a great feel for it in Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.

Jalen Rose was always my favorite of the Fab Five. Nice to see he still has something to do with Michigan. Remember, of the five, only Chris Webber broke NCAA rules.

Seriously, how bored would you have to be in your car to listen to Drew Sharp's new radio show? But I give the Freep credit for leaving the comments at that link. And I swear neither Yost nor I put those up.


beast in 'bama said...

While the ESPN feature did a good job of profiling game day in the SEC, "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" does a much better job of capturing football life in the South on a day-in, day-out basis.

I particularly liked the feature on SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, the Eastern dude lawyer bringing law and order to a league full of outlaws (think Ransom Stoddard in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance). The comparisons to Roger Goodell in the NFL are easy and natural, although Slive has done the job with much more finesse than Goodell.

Crock said...

loved the Jalen Rose article - thanks.

surrounded in columbus said...

ah, so who's the Tom Doniphon who's really doing all the shooting????

beast in 'bama said...

SiC: By all indications, that would be Associate Commissioner Charles Bloom, pilgrim.

And Pompey throwin' him the rifle? Paul Finebaum.

On another note, add my vote to the Jalen Rose fan club. He should have a good career in broadcasting, if he decides to stick with it.

J-Ro said...

I beg to differ. "Rammer Jammer" captures the pure essence of BAMMER fans, not the rest of us. The people profiled in "RJYH" are generally what we Auburn people refer to as "dirt road alums", meaning that they have no other affiliation to their university than the logo on the cheap mesh back hats they wear with their uniforms at the Jiffy Lube while they work on my car.

As for the ESPN article, it comes as close as writing can to getting the picture of what football Saturdays are like in the SEC - if you are a suit wearing "IMPORTANT PERSON". Something about arriving to a game in a private jet says that he is not getting the whole experience. I sat in the Auburn president's box at a game once, and it was the most horrible football game I have ever been to. No one was watching the game, there was no cheering when Auburn scored, just some light, scattered applause (WTF???), and because I was part of a party that included a US Congressman, I had to wear a dress, hose and heels. TO A FOOTBALL GAME! Blech.

I love driving slowly thru traffic before and after a game, jeering or cheering or keeping the windows rolled up to prevent an onslaught of empty beer cans. Walking around campus, yours or someone else's, high fiving the friendlies and smack talking to the enemy. There is a lot more to the day than you can ever see from a skybox or from 35,000 feet or with a police escort.

For example - I will be at the Auburn-LSU game this weekend in Baton Rouge, sitting smack dab in the middle of the LSU high roller Club section full of drunken coonasses, waving my little orange and blue shakers. I will be the only Auburn fan for 20 sections or more in either direction, but that won't stop me at all from cheering at the top of my lungs for MY Tigers. My husband is an LSU man (he married up)and even tho we will be sitting together, he and I will not speak during the game - but when it is over, the winner gives the loser a kiss, and that's the end of it.

Now THAT is life in the SEC. :)


beast in 'bama said...

Jennifer:you must not have read all 8 stories in the series. A couple of them were about real people; i.e., the photo essay on Toomer's Corner and the story about the Grove. There was also one about the people who handle Mike at LSU and the guy who paints the checkerboard end zone at Neyland.

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer did indeed chronicle an Alabama football season on the road, but the author also chronicled the journey and experience of going to "other" stadiums in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm having a hard time with Rose's frustration at the fact Michigan took the banners down and the players aren't a part of the program now. And like Benny sez, Webber was the the only one who took money...

BUT the others didn't know? Pluhhhheeeeze.

And while Rose has conducted himself with grace and dignity as a professional, he must understand that there are difficult decisions in life and when those players turned their heads the other way, they were in some way tacitly condoning Weber and there are consequences for the decisions we make in life.

Drew Sharp and Steven A Smith on sports talk radio? It looks like my radio won't be seeing the AM band anytime soon!!!