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Friday, October 12, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* A new Michigan blog called IHeartHart has sprouted up focusing on the Heisman canidacy of U-M RB Mike Hart.

* Sure Oregon kicked our ass, but it's hard to hate a school when their cheerleaders look like Kelsi, the girl who was featured as SI.com's Cheerleader of the Week.

(HT: Hey Jenny Slater)

* Another day, another Buckstache sighting in Columbus.

(HT: KP)

* Columbus Dispatch columnist looking for story speculates on Harbaugh to Michigan. I'm not kidding when I say I'd rather we hire Jim Herrrrrmannnnn instead.

(HT: SiC)

* Finally, here's a funny local car commercial spoofing Okie State coach Mike Gundy's tirade...



TitleIX said...

LOVE the car guy

Catie said...

That ad is nearly identical to the original version....good stuff!

No way in hell Harbaugh is coming to Ann Arbor......T9 wasn't it you that heard that Martin took down a pic of JH and Bo at a local establishment and promised to return a pic of just Bo? Just sayin.....

surrounded in columbus said...

i know i get "clobbered" everytime i bring up his name, but i think we're being a little quick to decide on Harbaugh. this is ultimately a business decision (it's not personal, it's business, as they say).

benching Patton over slapping a shell shocked soldier was a mistake. and no, i don't Harbaugh is Patton. i'm not saying that he'd be my first pick, or even third. i am saying that we shouldn't bury him altogether before we find out for certain that there is someone better who is going to the job.

what if,,, Miles stays in La for tons of cash, and Tedford laughs at the idea of leaving California, and Schiano waits for the PSU job, and Kelly takes a job somewhere else because we waited too long to offer, and so on? what if this January all the guys on the short list say "no"? do you really want another year of Lloyd or "Coach DeBord"? instead of Harbaugh over some dumb statement?

yeah, he's got a history of saying stupid stuff (so does miles for that matter). he's going to keep saying stupid stuff. but big mouth & all, he'd still be better than DeBord or some of the other bad choices we could make.

i'll take him and some lame "i was misquoted" apology over a lot of other choices because i think he could be a good coach and win, no mater how stupid some of the stuff he says is.

Swiney said...

Harbaugh can beat USC--and with a team only marginally better on D than Michigan.

When it comes down to it--it's all about wins. There's more to his quotes than meets the eye, and Michigan does steer athletes into General Studies, no matter what we'd like to believe.

I'm ready to have a coach with guts like Harbaugh has--or we can keep running zone left and beating Eastern by 11.

Unknown said...

damn ... did you not all check out the many wonderful pictures of Kelsi ... what is wrong with you all! T9 and Katie you get pass on my rant, but come on guys where are the posts for more SI cheerleader of the week links!!!


surrounded in columbus said...

did you note the "index" w/ all the cheerleaders of the week over the last year? what struck me was not one was from michigan. most of the big ten had one. hell- even Army- USMA @ West Point- had a cheerleader of the month, but we didn't.

something oddly sad about that.

Catie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said...

Harbaugh. No.

He put both feet in his mouth to puff up his second-rate program at UM's expense. I lost all respect for him that day. I don't know who would be more pathetic, us for offering the job after those comments or him for accepting it.

One big win doesn't suddenly make him the second coming of Bo. Does this mean we also want to look at the Syracuse coach? I don't even know who that is. Nobody's talking about dumping Pete Carroll after the loss, let's not start deifying Harbaugh for the win.

Unknown said...

Katie we require proof!

as my wife smack me in the back of the head for typing this!

Catie said...

oops sorry Corey, I deleted my comment before I saw your comment! I need a comment monitor right now! I was like, "I did NOT just put that up on a public forum where the majority of readers are MEN...LMAO!

surrounded in columbus said...

Many people Jimbo on their "list" before he stuck both feet in his mouth or beat sc.

I'm not saying I don't love the sound of "Coach Miles" or Kelly or a bunch of others.

I am saying I'd prefer Coach Harbaugh over Coach DeBord (or, sorry Yost, Coach-gag-Hermann).

in the end, I'll take a guy who talks stupid & coaches smart over one who says the rite things & coaches stupid.

Let's hope Les decides to come "home" & we don't have to make any tough decisons, agreed?