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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Greatest Beer Bong Friday Ever...

MZone reader PBL recently emailed about this just-added YouTube clip from the 2007 Preakness and I must say, it's the best Beer Bong Friday vid ever. Why? Well, listen to the audio -- The MZone gets a shout-out in mid-bong...

Niiiiiice. We're flattered, proud and humbled all at the same time.

Okay, PBL, you must leave a comment and let us know more about the story behind this.

And folks, this seems like the perfect time to remind all of our readers to send any pics or YouTubed clips they take/shoot from this weekend's college football tailgates and action (or beer bongs) our way.

As always, we get waaaaay more than we can ever hope to use but we try to put up a couple each week.


SteveMuzZ said...

sorry but thats the worst beer bong video yet... someone teach those fuckers how to hold a camera

Jeremy said...

Where's the Playboy post that's showing up in my RSS reader but not on the site??

carl tabb said...

Wow. Oh, wow.


Catie said...

I think it is cool that they are giving a shout out to MZone!

Yost said...


Probably saving it until Monday. Had it up then found Beer Bong clip.

John said...


already preparing the "healing" posts before the game even starts??

Peter said...

yeah, that's my voice...not me doing the video though, I'm not that dumb.

Preakness is a lot of fun