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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some of These Licenses Should Be Suspended

I was really worried. I heard that not all of the 32 bowls played last year were going to get renewed. I mean what would we do without the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl? So I was thrilled to read that all had their licenses renewed by the NCAA.

Really. I think the person that's renewing these licenses is the same person who's renewing the licenses of all the shitty drivers I get behind when I'm in a hurry.

And who knew there were 32 bowls? Quick, name them all with bonus points for naming them in order. That also means there are 64 teams that reach the post-season in college football. I guess college basketball's post-season still has football's beat (by one team).

Speaking of the Armed Forces Bowl, which used to be the Fort Worth Bowl, it's being moved to New Year's Eve. Mercifully, it's going to played at 11:30 a.m. local time so the participants and their fans don't necessarily have to ring in 2008 in beautiful Fort Worth.


Dave said...

I know I'm in the minority, but I watch just about every one of them. College football is still college football.

Out of Conference said...

I'll certainly agree with SoFlaDave.

Oh, I mean with regards to the part that he says he knows he's in the minority for watching all the games.

Actually, kudos to you Dave, but at that point in the season, the Cocks have already long been eliminated from SEC championship game talk, the national title thoughts left in week 2, and looking forward to either A. Not going to a bowl, or B. Going to a shitty bowl- so I'm almost burnt out on watching other games except the big bowls.

Amish said...

Best way to enjoy all 32 games? Bet on them.

I join a Bowl pool every December - each entrant picks the team to beat the spread for that game and then ranks the bowls from 1 to 32 in order of confidence. Correct picks earn the number of points assigned. Definitely makes even the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl a little more exciting.

Mr. Callaham said...

I'm positive I could name all of them.

Mr. Callaham said...

OK I was wrong. I can name 29 in 5 minutes without cheating. They are below. I'm sure it's less than 29 if you get picky aboutt their names, which I know I f'ed up here and there.


Oh also i tried to do them in reverse chronological order.

BCS Title Game
MPC Computers
Chik Fil-A
Diamond Walnuts (is that the one in SF?)
Music City
Insight (is that what the one in Phoenix is called?)
Las Vegas
Motor City
Meineke Car Care
Continental Tire
New Orleans

Zen Wizard said...

Just speaking for myself, you haven't lived until you have sipped a Dairy Queen MooLatte in the lobby of the Fort Worth Microtel.

Unknown said...

Two quick points:

(1) Since there are over 300 Division I basketball teams and only 117 Division I-A football teams, in percentage terms, it's easier to make a bowl game than it is to make the basketball post-season (including the NIT). As a fan of one of the small fry (Miami U) that will never have consistent access to a decent bowl game, however, you won't see me bitch about a bowl glut. If you don't like 'em, don't watch. Heck, I don't even watch most of the "big" bowls any more -- only the ones involving my teams or teams of regional interest from my youth.

(2) You won't confuse Fort Worth with Times Square any time soon, but it's not such a bad place. The art museum and symphony hall both are far nicer than you'd expect in a city of Fort Worth's size.