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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Radio Blah Blah

Two radio hosts have made some news over the past week. One has been huge news on the 24 hour news channels. The other was a big story on the Web.

Don Imus, morning host on New York's WFAN - whose show was also simulcast on MSNBC - was first suspended for two weeks then dropped by MSNBC following his disparaging remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Colin Cowherd, ESPN Radio host, received a light tap on the wrist for asking his listeners to take down The Big Lead.

So which was worse? And why is one getting all the national pub and the other only making waves in the blogosphere?

Even though Imus' comments were stupid, racially charged and a sign of an old, out of touch radio shock jock trying - lamely - to be "funny," in my opinion, Cowherd's actions were worse. If you're offended by what Imus said, you can simply change the channel.

But Cowherd played the part of bully and took down a great Web site - just to show that he could. Probably choosing the site because it is often critical of ESPN. Basically, Cowherd used his "free speech" to silence those same rights of another. So even though I never listen to Cowherd, he made it impossible to "change the channel" so to speak if the "channel" you wanted was The Big Lead and it was no longer there. Plus, his actions are - at least arguably - illegal.

That's one point of view on the matter. What's yours? Which was worse? Here at the MZone, we're giving you a chance to voice your opinion (while we continue to use our really cool new poll thingamajigee).

Whose actions last week were worse?
Colin Cowherd
Don Imus
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More to say? Leave it in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

An African-American journalist calls out "Photo-op" and "Photo-op, Jr."... I mean Sharpton and Jackson, regarding their dogged pursuit of Imus.

BTW, did those two clowns apologize for their slanderous comments regrading the Duke case yet? hmmmmm.

Click here for the link.

Unknown said...

They're both ugly, but at least Imus is ugly in a rugged, badass way. You know - he'll do some drugs, drink some whiskey (never cosmopolitans!), kick some ass, and make a couple racist comments. And that's what he's been doing for decaded! At least, that is my conjecture.
Now Cowhere? He's just shit spaghetti.

Ram61 said...

Ok, what Cowherd did was awful, violated free speech, and I don't really need to go into detail, we all know what happened. With that said, it wasn't that serious. He took down a website for 48 hours, a website that I'm guessing isn't turning any sort of profit, so the only pain was dealt to his ego, if that even. What Imus did was use racial and sexist slurs on national tv. Imagine how the Rutgers players must have felt when they heard some guy called them "nappy headed hos" and "jigaboos" on national TV, then had to hear it every day from then on in on talkshows and such. Cowherd is a giant bag of douche, but dont compare taking down a blog to verbally humiliating 10 ladies.

Ram61 said...

On a lighter note, am I the only one that looks at Imus and sees NBA player Adam Morrison in 30 years?

beast in 'bama said...

As tiresome as the Imus story has become (LET'S MOVE ON, NEWSMEDIA!!!), I have to agree with ram61.

However, I disagree with the Morrison comparison. Imus is, in fact, a goat.

G8RB8R said...

Cowherd works for the Mouse, therefore his actions do not surprise me. Imus, on the otherhand, epitomizes the libral hypocrite. He espouses libral ideas, always believing that everyone else is in the wrong, or as in this case, a racist. He reminds me of the Baptist preacher that is caught cheating on his wife. Preaching the gospel on Sunday to the congregation, but believes that the sins he commits have nothing to do with his gospel. He has always struck me as a creepy type, nothing better than a voluntary confirmation of what he really is. I love it.