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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Dear Soon-to-be-pissed-off Ohio State fan,

Look, you know we give you guys a lot of shit around here. I mean, what are old rivals for, right? But neither Benny nor I had anything to do with the making of the clips below. We just found them on YouTube. So take it up with your friends in Gainesville.

Your pals,

Benny & Yost


ohio_guy said...

Just further proves that Florida fans are some of the worst in college football.

They win a few titles and think they own everyone.

In reality, their school's sports history comapred to Ohio State's sis like comparing the Tampa Bay Bucs' history to that of the Steelers. Both have had big successes in the past few years, but only one has a history with championships in more than one era.

Unknown said...

Wow... you guys need to have a post to address this news

Title of the story - Buckeyes fan names son Tressel Hayes
my fav part part - "At least six Ohio parents have named a child Tressel since 2003, birth records show."

Unknown said...


Saying Florida fans are the worst, when you're an OSU fan, is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Rich-redneck said...

LMAO!!...you guys in Michigan are as sick and twisted as we are down here. I always enjoy your humor. Wolverines always welcome in Gainesville. If you can't make it we'll party at the next villains conference in the Fall.

Go Gators and Go Blue!

ohio_guy said...

steve g: for the record, I said "some of the worst" not "the worst"

Gerd said...

Since Florida owns us, the things we (the Buckeyes) own aren't really ours.

That being said, I sincerely hope Lloyd mows Urban's yard as perfectly as he did Tressel's.

And here's hoping Lloyd has managed to keep the whites and the colors separated in the laundry. Though I'm guessing that guy will never learn.

I guess Tress will have to go and get regular hired help just like everybody else.

I'm sure he'll miss Lloyd. However, memories can never be replaced.

I'm sure JT will think back on that time he caught Lloyd trying to hit the electrical lines with the garden hose and laugh.

And then he'll shake his head with a knowing smile and go out there and not back his way into a BCS game yet again.

Anonymous said...

Ohio Guy... kinda like a few recent victories over your rivals and all of Columbus thinks they own everyone????

farris said...

We may have our crying little boys and our sweet, sweet co-ed asses...

...but you'll always be wearing those god-awful jean shorts, Florida.

G8RB8R said...

Hey, ohio_guy, you should be thanking the University of Florida everyday for saving Columbus and OSU. If not for the Mighty GATORS, you mullets would have burned your city & university to the ground had you won any of these recent championships.

Since we don't play hockey down here, you will still have an opportunity to torch the town this year. Good luck!

Out of Conference said...

Too late Master G8rb8r, Michigan State pulled down the nat'l title in hockey a few days ago.
Also, write off a baseball for Florida as well this year. Looks like the Cocks made prison bitches out of you in Gainesville. Laporta is a freaking beast though - glad to see him recover from his injury last year for you guys. (Yes, I'm posting on a some-say lame non-football sport, but you started it with hockey!)

G8RB8R said...

ooc - you embarrass me by bringing up what I deliberately omitted. If I lived in Gainesville, and my resume happened to state that I was a baseball coach at UF, I would be dusting it off & looking for a new line of work. 'We suck' is an understatement!

Out of Conference said...

G8rb8r - Don't sell your Gators baseball players short. South Carolina (#3 in the nation)is just pretty damn good right now and on several folks list of favorites to be playing in Omaha. Vandy (#1 in the nation) is the only team that has taken a weekend series from them this season so far. You guys came close. You had no business winning on Saturday, but the Cocks had no business winning on Sunday. Gator fans have been spoiled lately in baseball even though you started out rough, you've been pouring it on of late in the SEC- unfortunately most Gator fans stop there when it comes to knowledge of SEC baseball. Prior to the Cocks, you've really been feasting on the bottom tier of the conference. Based on how well you played the Cocks, though, you guys have a real chance at making post-season. And sure, football and hoops titles doesn't make it easy for a baseball coach struggling with youth and vulnerable pitching. If nothing else, Gator baseball fans should sit back and watch LaPorta hit the cover off the ball. He is just sick.

G8RB8R said...

I know, I watched most of the game on Sunday, didn't see the others. I was so confident that we would win the game, that I turned it off in the 8th inning with UF leading 5-2, only to find out later you guys tied us in the 9th and hammered us in extra inngings. A great comeback win for USC. Not only is our baseball program going to be judged against football & basketball, you have to remember that f$u is only 100 miles west, and regardless of how well we do, those pesky (as Spurrier would say) 'nolies always seem to be better in baseball. Good luck in the SEC Tournament!