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Friday, April 06, 2007

Colin Cowherd: Douchebaggery, The Sequel

As many of you may know, last year, ESPN Radio "host" Colin Cowherd ripped off one of our bits on the MZone. When we and some of our readers pointed this out to him, CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst responded via email like a total tool to us and the others who wrote to him.

Only when a host of fellow sports bloggers, the good readers at Fark and numerous other non-sports sites across the Internet rallied to our defense, wrote to the ESPN Ombudsman and started to push the story outside the realm of the blogosphere did Coward finally issue an apology five days later.

Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that Cowherd's up to his assclown ways again. And what he's doing this time is even worse.

In a nutshell, on his radio show yesterday, Cowherd - for reasons unknown - urged his listeners to basically launch a DNS attack against a sports site, The Big Lead, for the specific purpose of overwhelming the site and shutting it down (additional info here at Deadspin). Not only did it work but, as of early Friday morning, it was still down.

Thanks to Brian from MGoBlog, below is a partial excerpt of what Cowherd said...

Not only is what he did dicky, childish, immature, douchebaggeriffic, etc., etc., etc., I'm wondering if it's also illegal. I mean, using the public airwaves to incite people to launch an "attack" whose only aim is to purposely sabotage the site?

While that's a question we can't help with, we here at the MZone wanted to throw our support behind the folks at The Big Lead the same way others rushed to our aid last year. As such, here is a link to leave comments for the ESPN Ombudsman:


The person's name is Le Anne Schreiber, a former New York Times sports editor who just took over the position last month. I urge all our readers to write to her - in a calm and respectful tone - about, what I believe, is a blatant abuse of the public airwaves (I make the comment about being calm and respectful regarding any correspondence with Ms. Schreiber so as not to detract from The Big Lead's issue).

Furthermore, if anybody has the email address for ESPN President George W. Bodenheimer and/or ABC Radio head William (John) J. Hare, please let us know and we'll post them so that they may be contacted about this classless - and possibly illegal - move as well. This sort of thing just isn't right.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers...

george.bodenheimer (at) espn (dot) com

john.hare (at) abc (dot) com

UPDATE, PART II: Reader JPL left a good idea in the comments section saying, "If any of you have a digg account, please digg the story here and get it on the front page. If you don't have an account, you should get one. Getting the story on the front page would greatly help expose this guy, since millions read digg.com."

UPDATE, PART III: From Deadspin today regarding the above, "The guys at KSK have been trying to come up with a universally accepted name for which Cowherd shall heretofore be known, and they have settled on 'Schrutebag.' We find that one perfect. From now on, he's Schrutebag."


Catie said...

I am truly disappointed with the antics of Colin Cowherd. To intentionally send listeners to a site for the sole purpose of shutting it down, and for no apparent reason, aside from his own pleasure, is uncalled for and in my opinion possibly illegal. ESPN is a leader in sports media; I would think that you would have more professional people working for you than him. (And this is not his first poor choice) I hope that you will deal with his actions in a fashion that sends a message to your listeners that they are important to you, and it sends a message to Colin that he cannot act like a child and get paid as an adult.

Sent via the form you posted on the ESPN site. I hope that they listen, he is an ass!

Anonymous said...

Who cares, Howard Stern is sabatoging American Idol by telling listeners "On Air" to vote for san dip shit! He is just trying to entertain listeners in a dead period of sports. At Least For Bamas sake he has laid off Saban the whore of college football.

Anonymous said...

Stop being such a baby. Colin Cowherd's radio show is one of the few good shows on anymore. He's funny, and brutally honest. What's wrong with that. I found it hilarious about 'the whole go to the website to see if we can shut it down.' oh and by the way, when they do get their site back up it'll be getting record views from here on out. So is it really such a bad thing? You are right maybe not the most mature "professional" thing to do, but so what. it's nice and refreshing to for people to not be so uptight. Why do you Howard Stern is still on the air. Colin will continue to be the best sports-themed radio show on the air.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. There is a BIG difference between Howard Stern telling his listeners to go vote for someone in a method requested by the show and Colin getting his listeners to shut down a site. Yes Stern is not voting for the best singer but he has his listeners doing it in the proper way. If he told his listeners to hack into American Idol and change the votes that would be very different. If his show was as good as anonymous said "Colin Cowherd's radio show is one of the few good shows on anymore. He's funny, and brutally honest." then he wouldn't need to do things like ripoff columns from bloggers or shut down his competitors.

Anonymous said...

God, this guy sucks. If ya'll are interested, apparently I was not the first with the "Fire Colin Cowherd" idea. Check it out, probably won't do any good in the long run but I am glad that I signed on.


Anonymous said...

anon 4:42 are you Colin Cowherd.if so stop calling people babies or whinny when your being an ass and they point it out

Anonymous said...

What an ass. I guess the only good thing about this is that I never heard of The Big Lead before but I'll add it to my favorites when the site gets back up. Yall need to get all the major blogs together for a some type of response. EDSBS, Deadspin, MZone, all of em.

Michael Pigott said...

You'd think he would have thicker skin being a nationally syndicated radio show host.

Daniel Bastien said...

i'm ann. 4:42. And goblue43 you just proved my point. you are now going to be going there on a regular basis.

Bassett said...

i remember once when he did a "this is what goes through Manny Ramirez's head at the plate" versus I think A-Rod...

The voice he used to simulate Manny's internal dialogue (which was about what cereal he likes) sounded EXACTLY like internet cartoon character Homestarrunner of the same website fame. Then he acknowledged the emails that said he was ripping it off on the air and he acted like he had never heard of homestarrunner...

What a douche.

fakegeorgebush said...

Denial of service on the net is equivalent to theft in the real world. What if Cowherd had urged all his listeners to go to Walmart and help themselves and they did so resulting in mass shoplifting from Walmart?

This is effectively the same thing in a different realm.

Cowherd can be annoyed, rant and rave as he likes, but his freedom of speech right stops when he commissions others to engage in a crime on his behalf.

This is not a commentary on the man, only the behavior in this instance.

JPL said...

If any of you have a digg account, please digg the story at:
and get it on the front page. If you don't have an account, you should get one :). Getting the story on the front page would greatly help expose this guy, since millions read digg.com.

JPL said...

Oops, here's the link

Unknown said...

Anon 4:42 probably also likes how Carlos Mencia steals other comic's material. This is kind of like the Mariotti thing where everyone knows he's an ass but according to him "you're just making him more famous." They both really suck and I know ESPN does stupid stuff (Salisbury, Berman, etc.) but this is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:42 I mean thats the silver lining on a dark cloud. The website is still down. Probably gonna be expensive to get it back up. It's just an asshole move. I like that the alot of blogs are up in arms over this.

Anonymous said...

Mike Harding,

denial of service has nothing to do with theft. In fact, if the website was designed/hosted well, lots of simultaneous traffic wouldn't effect it in any way (except for maybe making browsing slower).

While i strongly dislike Cowherd, i think that him advertising this site on the air does more of a service to the site than a disservice.

Also, just an aside: technically Denial of Service attack is when a site is bombarded with "automated" connection requests (from one or several different users).

Anonymous said...

Do you guys have not have any life at all? Do you listen to Colin all day hoping to get something to whine about in a blog? It's like anon 8:32 said... If the site was set up by anyone with a brain, there wouldn't have been any stoppage. Although I don't agree with 8:32's comment that a DoS is always automated... Now, a DDoS pretty much is automated, but not unnecessarily so with a DoS.

And how in the world are you helping The Big Lead to get going again by putting the story in Digg and linking to them on your main page?

I recently found your site, and being a UM fan, I enjoyed it, but if you can't let this Cowherd thing go, then you just need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:28,

the only reason i suggested that the connection requests are automated is b/c otherwise you would have to have lots of simultaneous connection requests to bring the site down with a DoS attack. While it's possible, it's not highly probable.

anon 8:32

Yost said...

Anon 9:28,

Let this thing go? Uh, it just happened yesterday. We referenced what happened to us last year to point out this isn't his first ass move re: a blog.

As for using digg to link to the story, if more people know, more will probably write in to ESPN. And I'm guessing upper management won't be thrilled with one of its hosts telling his listeners to shut down a website.

Oh, and Anon 4:42,

To say that the guy getting his site shut down is "hilarious" and imply that the guy should somehow be thankful b/c of the traffic WHEN HE'S BACK UP is so stupid, it almost sounds like it was written by someone affiliated with Schrutebag's show.

Yost said...

P.S. And the digg link isn't to our main page, it's to the SPECIFIC STORY on this incident.

Andy said...

I sent an email to ESPN.

got this is return:

Thank you for writing, Andrew.

Our airwaves should not have been used for this purpose. We apologize.


ESPN Viewer Response

OnWisconsin! said...

Colin Cowherd bears a striking resemblence to Gary Danielson...

Yost said...

LOL, Wisco. Good catch.

SAH85 said...

I too got a reply from the ESPN Ombudsman. She said that she will mention thebiglead.com in her next column.

Reed said...

Well, now that I read all the comments, this is clearly late. But here's what I wrote. More people should still write in! Feel free to copy any of the below...

I'd like to see Colin Cowherd reprimanded and/or punished for his recent behavior. I have heard the audio clip of him imploring his listeners to "take down" an innocent website. I don't know if he's still upset because he was caught stealing from bloggers in the past and he thinks this is worth a chuckle, but it is unacceptable for a journalist. This is the equivalent of someone hijacking ESPN's satellite just for fun. I realize that radio is a challenging medium, and that coming up with new ideas is not always easy. But swinging your fists into people's noses can not be tolerated.

Yost said...

Oh, and one final ps to Anon 9:28...

I have listened to Colin Cowherd exactly four times in my entire life:

1. After I found out he stole our material, I went to The Herd website and listened to my material being ripped off on the archive.

2. After he was forced to offer his apology, I listened live actually to the end of the show when it was done.

3. Someone sent us a YouTube clip of one of his rants.

4. I listened to the 2 minute or so clip that Brian provided which we embedded in this post.

That's how much I sit around all day listening to this Schrutebag (I think I spelled it right)

Anonymous said...

Open letter to all the anons:

What is sad is how you folks act 6'5" 250 from behind the anonimity of a keyboard and your only goal is to come onto a blog just to stirr up shit.

nuff said... back to commenting about this thread:

I find it amazing how many Cowherd apologists take the guy's word as gospel even though he's never been an athlete at any significant level and dropped out of a directional school.

If ESPN is an entertainment network, I suppose Cowherd's behavior is okay (except for his potential violation of the Federal Computer Fraud Act in inciting a DoS attack), but if ESPN thinks their network is a journalistic endavor, then it's time for him to go. Michael Irvin didn't get his contract renewed after making racist comments about Dalls QB Tony Romo.

Go Blue! (and MSU tomorrow in the hockey final)

Unknown said...


You are no better than the the anonymous folks here. You don't post your real name either, and you have your facts wrong. Michael Irvin did make some comments, but do you think his last arrest may have affected his contract? Gee, I don't know, and you don't either.

You folks get all full of yourself on the blog like you walk on water or something. Or have played in a National Championship lately. Or that you are even athletes or part of the teams at Michigan.

And the name calling, psst, please (used courtesy of Ozzie Guillen). I got over that in the third grade. When will you grow up?

You folks are using photos on your site that are not credited. Should I contact licensing at Michigan about your thefts of information? They need to protect their trademarks. And Yost, I am sure you took that picture of the real Yost personally. Why don't you credit Getty Images or whoever you stole it from?

Get all stirred up all you want, I am sure it is giving you something to do while waiting for all the transfers from the basketball program. Sit in your parent's basement, trying to think of the next witty thing to post on the blog.

Setting the record straight for you folks, thats all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Prime... thanks for clearing that all up for me and the rest of the blog (and proving my point exactly -- perhaps I should have addressed my letter to all anons and the Cowherd-like "Prime").

Unknown said...

Nice try MGoBlue93. Instead of taking it like a man, you spin Karl Rove style. Your posts are unfunny, you get your facts wrong, and when you are wrong, you try to call others names.

That will get you far in life. So, until you can admit you were wrong, step away from the keyboard or your mommy will take away your dial internet access. This is big boy time and you can't handle it.

Yost said...


Setting the record straight is coming on here once, making your comment then leaving. I mean, why on earth would you come back to a lowly blog? Especially if those that run them and those that read them are such losers. I'm sure a man of your sophistication has better things to do. B/c to return over and over again to comment would really look insecure.

Furthermore, your comments are THE EXACT SAME as some of the ones we got last year after Colin Cowherd did our material on his show. So similar it's scary. But that must just be a coincidence.

Oh, and sorry you had to go and sign up for a Blogger account after we stopped allowing anonymous comments like the ones you left earlier.

Zen Wizard said...

Haven't passed the bar yet, but I think the TORT would be, "Intentional Interference with a Positive Economic Relationship."

In other words, he (under this theory) would be interfering with the site and the people who LIKE the site (and interact with it.)

Unknown said...

At least anonymous comments have been banned ... again. Also, "Prime" is an incredibly lame name and sounds a lot like Cowherd.

Jim said...

Yeah, seriously "Prime," the Cowherd imitation is so on-the-nose it's creepy. Reminds me of the Rome Clones that would call his show with their best Rome-esque "take," even finishing with "rack me, I'm out!"

Unless Prime is just Colin trolling incognito, but I don't think even he would pull something like that...would he?

And no, "Jim" isn't a clever pseudonym.

Unknown said...

Happy Easter all you conspiracy theorists.

Wannabee "Yost": you have to take a picture from Ohio Wesleyan's website, you don't even use one that is from his time at Michigan. Nice work there. And where is the attribution???

You have too much time on your hands. Why don't you identify another sugar daddy that can buy you another Fab 5?

If you truly had talent, you would not be stealing photos from other websites.

And making fun of my name in a world of poser "Yosts" and "MGoBlue93" that makes a lot of sense. I feel so threatened.

Name calling will get you nowhere with me. I can name call with the best, I choose to respond at a higher level. So get back to rehearsing the golden words in your vocabulary: "Would like fries with that sir?"

Yost said...

Hey, everybody, make sure you read Prime's comments above. I say that b/c this is the FOURTH time he's posted them. I had deleted them before - b/c he's just being a dick now - but they're obviously so important, I wanted everybody to see them.

For a guy that makes fun of blogs and bloggers so much, please know that he has been doing this for the last 5 - yes, FIVE - hours. On a Saturday night. The day before Easter.

Yeah, if bloggers are losers, what is this guy?

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time keeping track of Prime's rants; references to: conspiracy theories, Karl Rove, copyright infringement, fast food restaurants, & "setting the record straight" made my head spin. Still wondering what those rants have to do with Cowherd's behavior or the previously allowed anons polluting this fine blog?

Makes me wonder if Prime resides in Roswell, New Mexico???

Congrats to MSU on the NCAA Men's Hockey Title!

LawStudentGuyPerson said...

Maybe not against the law, but probably enough to get into court on a tort action. Intentional interference with a business contract?

Unknown said...

I'll make this as simple as possible...
1. this is my first time posting, hi everyone!
2. i am a fan of colin cowherd.
3. i was born a fan of Michigan football.
4. Colin is brutally honest.
5. Honesty doesn't sound good when your fav team is criticized.
6. U don't like colin because he criticize michigan football at least once a day.
7. And he borrowed the wonderlic material from this site.
8. Since you're not a fan of his honesty, you refuse to see ANY truth to everything he says.
9. And that's ok, everyone's entitled to their opinion.
10. But the more you rant, the more publicity he gets, the more popular the show, the more advertiser he will get, and the more money for his studio and himself.
11. You will never get him fired, people from pro wrestling message board tried.
12. And believe me, pro wrestling have more than 20X the members of their message boards. and that was a couple of years ago before he solidify his position at ESPN.
13. So if you don't like his show, then do yourself a favor and stop the rants.
14. Henne for Heisman!

Yost said...


What the hell does telling listeners to sabotage some poor bloggers Internet site have to do with "truth?" That's absolutely ridiculous.

And to say "you just don't like him b/c he stole your material" is almost as funny as "other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"

Yeah, we should never criticize a guy who plagarizes and incites Internet attacks on those he doesn't like.

Unknown said...


You picture stealing hypocrite. Karma is a bitch and you will be getting yours in spades.

Deleting my posts and calling me the dick, whatever. Take a look in the mirror sometime.


You possess less knowledge than I thought. Maybe you should take your GED and stay off the Internet, for the benefit of mankind. If your head is already spinning, I am sure you get a headache when you try and chew gum and walk down the street. Good luck understanding current events.

Yost said...


If you have something to add to the discussion here, you're more than welcome to leave comments - even if they are critical of the site. We can take it.

However, if you're going to simply incite and insult - over and over again - then you are spamming us.

And if that is the case, your comments are no longer welcome.

Unknown said...


Simple question then: if you can take the criticism, why not respond to it? A) You can't take it, or you would not have deleted my comments. B) You want to live by two sets of rules. You are taking a photo from OW's website (of a Michigan hero) and then not giving attribution. You likely do not even have permission to use the photo.

I have asked you to respond to this, and you have spun, name called, deleted my comments, and done everything but answer the question.

You want people to be held responsible, but you don't walk the talk. Why?

Another example of this is the photo you took from The Smoking Gun website. You take, but give no attribution.

We are a blog, we don't get paid, are not valid excuses. I would like to here you answer the question.

Yost said...


Are you seriously asking about a 110 year or so old photo used as a blogger ID photo? Do you feel people think I really took the photo myself or or am representing that it is my actual picture?

As for the SG pic, that's a police mug shot. It is public record. AND a news story. WHICH we were commenting on. Plus, we linked to TSG in the story (even though it's - as explained - not their photo).

Furthermore, use of the pics has no commercial value for me/us/this site nor are I/we/us attempting to make money off them.

Now, if you agree with me, fine. Disagree, fine. Hate this site? Your prerogative. But I have respected you w/ an answer but am ending my involvement in this debate b/c I'm starting to get a headache (and have LSUoverUSC flashbacks due to the continued repetition).

P.S. Hey, you're not that LSUoverUSC guy, are you? I seem to recall him using the "sugar daddy" refs when talking about USC.

Mark Daniels said...

You might be interested in this post on something Cowherd said during his show yesterday: http://markdaniels.blogspot.com/2007/06/am-i-being-too-sensitive.html

Mark Daniels

Anonymous said...

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