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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blue-White Game

The Michigan Spring Game Scrimmage Practice was held on Saturday. The festivities capped two weeks of spring practice which saw stars such as Mike Hart and Mario Manningham not participate due to injury, and also resulted in backup RB Kevin Grady blowing out his knee.

Michigan Sports Center and Michigan Football Saturdays both have good recaps and both have pictures.

Let's just say the mid-April temperatures that barely cracked 50 degrees were probably the highlight.

Well that's not quite true. As was first seen at Varsity Blue, Verne Troyer made an appearance. Seriously.

With all the injuries and player misbehavior that led to so many freshmen and backups seeing action this spring, I have only one question: What position did Mini-Me play?


TitleIX said...

the ball...

Richard Cranium said...

The caption contest for this gay picture is started?

Out of Conference said...

Who ran that sneak play last year where the RB hid behind the line and stayed crouched after the snap for a couple seconds then dashed to the left for a long gain? It wasn't Boise State, was it? I'm thinking it was Arkansas or Auburn, but I could be wrong.

beast in 'bama said...

OOC - that would be Boss Hawg. Any play involving the creative use of midgets in the running game has to involve Houston Nutt. Que loco.

Anyone spot Nutt in Ann Arbor last weekend?

Zen Wizard said...

Strap-on marital aid.

Out of Conference said...

Thanks Beast - that's it.

Why is mini-me wearing a scarlet sweatshirt?

beast in 'bama said...

OOC - the reason you thought of Auburn is that he called that play during the Hog's beatdown of the Tigers in October.

Tuberville might be the riverboat gambler, but he doesn't know how to use midgets like the master.