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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Toto, we're not in Ann Arbor anymore

As much as it pains me to admit it, the pictures below have brought grudging respect for Michigan's hated rivals to the south. To quote Borat, "Reminds me of Ann Arbor...NOT!"

"Ver' Niiiiiice."

No wonder they don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan. Not with that going on in Ohio! Damn.

Now, while I don't know where the picture above were taken, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that no cops were called on these girls and no furniture was thrown out. In fact, I'm hoping, if anything, any furniture that came in contact with the two young ladies in the pictures above is being auctioned off on eBay.

(Big HT to FV)


The Big Picture said...

I have syphillis 15 times...HIGH FIVE!

MGOBLUE94 said...

They were PAID!!
Reason 1:
No upstanding fine looking women (notice I didn't say respectable) would get down and dirty next to some guy's stinky sneaker and dirty laundry spread all over the floor.

Reason 2:
The guys are sitting/standing around watching and drinking beer.

Reason 3:
Where's the video?

On a seperate note: Just goes to prove that O$U boys are A$$holes when a futon is available, but rather then fold it down and offer it to the young ladies he sits down on it and makes them roll around in dirty laundy ... way to be gentlemen!

Crabapple Buck said...

Nothing should come between the love of two women...except maybe me.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,this is as close as any male OSU student gets to having sex with a girl. Kinda like Tressel, always on the sidelines, never in the game.

Anonymous said...

haha props to last anonymous

Sundawg said...

Damn, I heard you northerners suffer from cabin fever toward the end of winter, but didn't know it affected women like this!

That aside, I think the laundry in the photo may have been worn by the lovelies prior to the breast-pressing contest.

beast in 'bama said...

I think Yost and Benny have missed an opportunity here. Guys, you should have said that these were snapshots from your latest Warcraft clan meeting (in some mother's basement in Toledo - hence the OSU decor).

Your blog groupies were the programmed entertainment for the evening, after which the host's mom served orange slices and Capri Suns.

Anonymous said...

Lots of stories about sex and hot naked chicks on here lately. I like the direction you're taking this blog. Go with it!

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys are really pushing the bounds of (N)SFW.

Don't get me wrong, kudos on all counts. But that picture on your first PIKE/diddler post put me in a wild panicked scrammble to close down my browser.

How about a jump link and a warning!

Anonymous said...

Beast in Bama... HIGH FIVE!

Yeah you 2 totally shoulda said that the chicks were your Warcraft/M-Zone groupies... though, for crying out loud, it's a GUILD, NOT A CLAN! ;)

[columbus tOSU-hatin' warcraft nerd]

Also... yeah, I love the pix here as much as the next hetero male, but.. yeah, pushing the boundaries of (N)SFW.

Anonymous said...

This might be legit, in my 12+ years of stripper experiences, I've never seen one sport granny panties.

Anonymous said...

So, no photographic evidence of buckstaches on either of them ?? High or low??

srudoff said...

advantage, OSU

Shaun said...

Granny Panties = Not a stripper. Actual frosh skanks trying to impress.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
I believe you meant to type LLLLLoyd when you stated "always on the sideline never in the game".
Anonymous II

Anonymous said...

Is that the same futon from the Guy Falls Asleep With Hand In Friends Pants photo?

Anonymous said...

Work is for Work. Check this blog when you get home.

Catie said...

I tried to be quite for the last few days, but seriously....I realize this is a guys site, but DAMN, I am sitting on the sofa with my 2 sons and open to your page to find a naked girl masterbating. (Oh they thought it was great of course, the next morning her photo was my background on my computer!) Now these girls...........can you link these types of photos rather than shock the hell out of me? Thank you!

Zen Wizard said...

I have to concur with my colleagues above that the female on the bottom appears to be a professional of some sort.

The one on top--from my brief tenure at OSU--I would surmise is local amateur talent, possibly imported from West Virginia.

I mean, I ain't hatin' the playahs, I'm just hatin' the game...

ohio_guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ohio_guy said...

Buckeyes in the title game!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys... for the sake of other folks, how about an alter link to the photos rather than "THE VERY FIRST THING" on your page.

Anonymous said...

ohio_guy... congrats; first time since 1962!

Anonymous said...

links suck! and would probably get blocked by my work's fun filter. Pictures of hot chicks=great! Keep up the good work and thanks for the distraction.

GamingRobot said...