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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Now THIS is disgusting

Judging from the picture below (via Uni Watch), apparently New England Patroit and ex-Michigan QB Tom Brady lost a bet on The Game to fellow Patriot and Buckeye ex-pat Mike Vrabel.

Buckeye Hospitality

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth two thousand -- all of them "Fuck Michigan!" as you'll see when Conan the Buckarian climbs on somebody's shoulders about 45 seconds in.

Alabama Rehires Bear Bryant as Football Coach

(from MZone wire reports) Tuscaloosa, AL -- The University of Alabama announced yesterday it was rehiring legendary football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant to replace Mike Shula who was fired Sunday. The move sent shockwaves through the college football world since Bryant has been dead for over 23 years.

"Even from the grave, we believe Bear couldn't do any worse than the 6-6 record Shula delivered this season," said Alabama athletic director Mal Moore. "Plus, everybody we hire here is going to be compared to him anyway so we figured, why not just get the real deal?"

As word spread across Tuscaloosa that Bryant was coming back, spontaneous celebrations broke out on the campus where Bryant coached for 25 years.

"Wooooo hoooooo!" shouted Ned Bunderson from his pick up truck as he drove past Bryant-Denny Stadium. "It's like he never fuckin' left anyway, we talk so much about him around here. So this kicks ass."

When asked if he thought recruiting and actually coaching on game days might be a problem due to the fact Bryant was still technically deceased, Bunderson and the three O'Shaunessy brothers in the back of his truck became enraged and threatened to, quote, "Kick the fuckin' crap" out of our MZone correspondent "for talkin' shit", thus ending the interview.

School officials plan to place a houndstooth hat on the sidelines during the games and have one of the 6,000 Bear look-alikes who show up each football Saturday do all halftime interviews and post-game press conferences. While details are still being worked out, Bryant's salary is expected to be $1.1 million per year plus incentives.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ohio State Fans Gone Wild

Thank god this guy wasn't on High Street after the game. And, judging from what's on the table, they're only drinking bottled water, Diet Pepsi and one beer. Which is almost scarier. This is how he acts on diet soda?

The Great Debate

Got an email from JZ who poses a great question which we throw open to you today:

What's a better judge of schedule strength: Teams you beat who wind up in the top #25 at the end of season, or teams you beat who were ranked/highly ranked when you played them?

JZ states that some talking heads are only giving credit to U-M for beating a single ranked team (ND) since Wisco wasn't ranked when Michigan played them. But if that's the case, then USC shouldn't get any "credit" for their 50-14 drubbing of Arkansas, either.

What say you, MZone reader?

Two-Minute Drill

* Bruinsnation puts up a link to USC coach Pete Carroll's official website. I thought it was a joke at first...but it's not. Great coach, absolutely. But humanitarian? Uh...ok.

* CB sends us a license plate that we really hope one of our Ohio readers will snare (and send us pics!). We'll even get you a Buckstache tee to go along with it. Best of all, the real one is probably hand-made by Mo' C.

* Say it isn't so -- "Lloyd Carr" arrested for skimming anti-drug funds to fuel gambling addiction. What are the odds the arresting officer was named "Jim Tressel?" And Carr's sentence? 1-5. Thank you, goodnight! I'll be here all week.

(HT to all the readers who sent us that one)

* Finally, Brian over at MGoBlog, in conjunction with RockyTopTalk, is looking for award categories for soon-to-be nominations for college football bloggers. Brian has asked all of us who participate in his Blogpoll to throw out suggestions. Well, we thought we'd make it even bigger by asking our readers to chime in. Here are the parameters as sent to us:

"We're still searching for what, exactly, the awards are going to be, and that's your assignment this week: a couple things you think would be good ideas to give out. We're looking for a good range of things so we can highlight a number of different blogs doing good work.

You can take a couple for granted: a "Best in Show," the equivalent of Best Picture and Best New Blog. Also likely are Best Prose, Funniest, Best Analysis, plus post-related ones: a post of the year category and a best regular feature category. We're looking for anything and everything else, plus good names for everything."

So, leave your ideas here or at RockyTopTalk.

Bobby Bowden: Computer Guru

In "honor" of Alaska Senator Ted "The Internet is a series of tubes" Stevens, the MZone proudly presents its first ever Ted Stevens Computer Literacy Award to...

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden for this explanation he gave to reporters who asked why his son, Jeff, resigned as offensive coordinator:

"Because you all ignited it. You listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk, and you all kept writing about it, and that fans it and makes it grow and grow, and it becomes a cancer. That's why."

Gee, being that computer savy, I can't believe he's 77. Seriously. He doesn't sound a day over 75. No wonder his offense is so modern.

Ok, gotta run. Benny and I need to go back to cruising eBay for the latest college football info. After that, I think we're gonna hit Amazon.com then swing on over to MapQuest to see what they're saying about the USC/UCLA game.

Urban Meyer: Still Bitching

Have you heard all the politicking in the press by Lloyd Carr for a Michigan-OSU rematch in the BCS title game? No? That's because he's not doing that. Lloyd is staying above the fray.

Contrast that with Florida head coach Urban Meyer. Following his team's stirring 62-0 victory over 1-AA Western Carolina two weekends ago, Meyer whined that a rematch of OSU-Michigan would be "unfair to the country," going on to state that if there were a rematch, and Michigan won, he wouldn't recognize them as the national champion. Of course, Meyer danced around whether the Gators should then forfeit the school's only national title in 1996, a title they got because they were granted a rematch with FSU in the Sugar Bowl, after losing to the 'Noles in November.

Boo fucking hoo, Urban. So let me see if I get this straight -- life is unfair? Shocker. Then again, so is scheduling a I-AA team.

And Meyer continued trying to complain his way to a title shot following UF's lackluster 21-14 victory over the worst FSU team since the Carter Administration. After folks said the Gators didn't get any style points for their ugly win against the 'Noles, Meyer said, "Here's our style: You got a Tennessee, you've got a Kentucky, you've got Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Auburn and at Tallahassee, said Meyer pointing out much of Florida's schedule.

Not so fast, Urbie.

We'll give you props for Tennessee, LSU and Auburn (which you lost). But those other teams you rattle off like you played the NFL's AFC West? C'mon, dude. Did you really just say Kentucky? Seriously? 7-5 Kentucky? And 'Bama? 6-6 'Bama that went 2-6 in the conference? And yeah, that FSU victory was great. Even 'Nole fans know this team sucked. That's like saying you beat Michigan in 2005. You beat a name, not a team. As for UGA, at 8-4, is that victory any more impressive than one over 8-4 Penn State, whose four losses all came to teams that are currently ranked in the top 12?

I guess the thing that pisses me off the most about Urb's comments is that, instead of simply calling attention to his own team's accomplishments this season, he instead feels the need to demean another squad, in this case Michigan.

How bush. Are you going start talking trash about USC now that Michigan has fallen to #3 in the latest BCS standings?

Look, every college football fan in America knows the current BCS system isn't fair. Tell us something we don't know. But it's the system we have.

So shut your pie hole, Urb, and worry about the SEC title game. Act like a coach with some dignity instead of an insecure 8th grader trying to score points in the cafeteria with the new girl in school. Because all the whining is making you look bad (and probably makes Arkansas want to kick your ass that much more).

MZone Top 25

Below is our latest entry in MGoBlog's Blogpoll and the reasoning behind some of our votes...

* While Michigan or USC could claim the #2 spot, I (although not Benny), give the slight edge to the Trojans. Their game against ND was impressive. More impressive than Michigan's victory over the Irish? Not at all. But based on the totality of the season, SC gets a very slight bump to the #2 spot.

* We almost dropped Florida due to our No Whining By Coaches rule which has been repeatedly violated by Urban Meyer. However, we'll keep them at #4 for now and hope the Hogs fix this problem for us.

* LSU is playing great ball now and looked impressive in its victory over Arkansas.

* Wisconsin could be the most untested #7 in the history of college football.

* And we feel for Sooner fans. That replay debacle in Eugene looks ever larger now.

* Might have ranked WF too high. But, we don't look at our previous polls (most of the time) when we do our poll. We simply try to rank the teams from 1-25 at the current time.

* Sorry WVU, you no longer get credit for last January's Sugar Bowl and must now be ranked solely on the 2006 season. Oops.

Leave us your thoughts on our poll in the comments section.

1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal 1
3Michigan 1
4Florida 1
5LSU 3
6Louisville 1
7Wisconsin 2
8Oklahoma 3
9Arkansas 5
10Auburn 5
11Notre Dame 5
12Boise State 4
13Rutgers 5
14Virginia Tech 1
15Wake Forest 7
16Tennessee 3
17Texas 5
18Nebraska 2
19Hawaii 7
20Texas A&M 4
21Brigham Young--
22West Virginia 12
23Georgia Tech 6
24Penn State 1
25Oregon State 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#14), Clemson (#23).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hazards of Reporting from Columbus

In the clip below, Fox News reporter Steve Brown experiences the joy of doing a live remote from Columbus during the Michigan-Ohio State game.

(HT: CS)

An Open Letter to the Rose Bowl Selection Committee

While Saturday night's USC-Notre Dame game was disappointing to most Michigan fans because the USC victory moved the Trojans into the #2 spot in the BCS ahead of the Wolverines, there was a far more discouraging event during the game: the announcers' insistence that Notre Dame would make a great Rose Bowl opponent for Michigan. Ugh. I want to see that about as much as OSU fans want to play Michigan again.

Thus, the MZone has written the following email to Rose Bowl Executive Director Mitch Dorger. We encourage other Michigan fans - as well as college football fans in general - to do the same by sending a letter to Mitch Dorger's attention at rosepr@rosemail.org.

Dear Mr. Dorger,

As lifelong Michigan fans, we are extremely excited at the prospect of the Wolverines playing in the 2007 Rose Bowl. A trip to the Granddaddy of Them All would be a fantastic cap to a great season.

However, much recent talk about Michigan's opponent, if the Wolverines are selected, has centered on a potential rematch with Notre Dame, something we find about as exciting as a case of kidney stones. Furthermore, I bet most other Michigan fans - as well as college football fans across America - feel the same way.

Who wants to see a replay of a game that wasn't even close the first time?

Michigan already soundly defeated the Irish - on their home field - by 26 points in September. And the Irish, coming off a 20 point pasting at the hands of USC, are not ranked in the top ten in the latest polls, have only defeated one ranked team and were fortunate to pull out wins against lesser teams such as Michigan State and UCLA.

But there is a great match-up out there pitting two top fives teams against each other: #3 Michigan vs. #5 LSU.

Not only would an LSU-Michigan matchup likely be much more competitive than another Michigan-Notre Dame game, the Tigers and Wolverines, despite their storied histories, have never played. In addition, LSU head coach Les Miles played for Michigan under legendary coach Bo Schembechler in the 1970s.

Obviously we understand that a number of issues are considered when selecting teams for your bowl game, such as how a team's fan base travels. But this is not an issue with LSU supporters. Their fans are as ravenous as any in the country and would, we're sure, be delighted at the opportunity to play in their first-ever Rose Bowl.

So please don't give in to the temptation of matching up Michigan and Notre Dame...again. And consider the incredible pairing of two top five teams in Michigan and LSU - as they meet for the first time ever - in Pasadena.


The MZone

MSU Recruiting Picture

If you read the site regularly, you're probably familiar with the Best Recruiting Video Ever, starring the OSU Video Chick.

Well, MSU throws it's hat in the ring (among other things) with this (unfortunately) edited picture of a very fine recruiting picture. We can only hope there's a video to go along with it.

To see the unedited version, click here.

You're welcome.

(HT: JZ)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Michigan Marching Band Held Hostage: Day 10

(from MZone wire reports) Columbus, OH -- The University of Michigan Marching Band remains trapped in Ohio Stadium as the hostage situation enters its second full week. The band was surrounded by jubilant Buckeye fans following Ohio State's 42-39 victory over Michigan on November 18th and have been held there ever since.

"At first we just thought they'd leave after celebrating for 19 straight hours. But when we entered day four, we knew we were in trouble. Especially once more beer arrived." said Tim Penderhaus, a senior trombone player from Grand Rapids, Michigan who was allowed to use a cellphone as long as he shouted "Fuck Michigan!" four times first.

President Bush is said to be closely monitoring the situation and his top aides say he continues to hope for a peaceful resolution to the stand-off. "While Ohio State remains a part of the Axis of College Football Evil, we still believe a diplomatic solution can be reached. But all options are still on the table, including bringing back John Cooper as head coach," said a White House official who spoke only on condition of anonimity.

When reached for comment regarding the ongoing crisis, Ohio State President Karen A. Holbrook claimed the press was only focusing on the negative instead of giving her and the school credit for protecting both goalposts on the field during the postgame melee. "People shmeople. The important thing was to protect goalposts. And we did that," said Holbrook. She then ended the conversation saying she and her staff had a full day planned of trolling Michigan Internet sites in order to post "1-5, bitches!" and "Owned!" over and over and over again.



In the "What took so long?" category, NC State has fired football coach Chuck Amato and his shades after seven mediocre seasons.

While he was 49-37 overall and led the team to five bowl games, the Wolfpack was 3-9 this year, finishing with seven straight losses.


ASU fired head coach Dirk Koetter after yet another so-so year in the Pac 10. Koetter went 40-33 in six seasons, including 7-5 this year.

After being informed he was being booted by ASU AD Lisa Love, Koetter said everything there is to say about his expectations for the program stating, "When you meet that new coach, just make sure the first thing you say to him in that awkward moment isn't, 'Just beat U of A. That's all you have to do to keep everybody happy. We know that's not true."

Yeah, way to set the bar so high, Dirk. I'm sure going 2-19 ranked teams and 21-28 in the Pac-10 had a bit to do with it, too.

Oh, and the Sam Keller debacle didn't help either.


MSU is close, oh so close, to hiring Cincinnati's Mark Dantonio as its new football coach. Dantonio, a former Sparty assistant, led the Bearcats to an 18-17 mark in three years as head coach.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend Recap


Will the man ever beat a highly ranked team? Not only did the Irish lose to the two top teams they played this year, they got smoked. Furthermore, after this 44-24 shellacking by SC, ND does not deserve a BCS bid. Unfortunately, they'll probably get one.

Oh, and hopefully Bob Davie has removed his tongue from Brady Quinn's rectum by now. Ok, ok, we get it -- you think he's a good QB. But come on! Call me crazy, I'd like to see him actually win a big game. Stats don't mean shit.

P.S. How much did Notre Dame pay Charlie and for how many years? More importantly, how much is his buyout amount and what's the over/under and when it will be used?

And while Charlie is no football genius...


Not that there was any doubt, but with USC on the cusp of yet another national championship, it just becomes more clear. The Trojans lost a tremendous amount of talent yet here they are, one win away from the BCS title game...again.


Oklahoma lost it's top QB right before the season started, they got jobbed in Eugene, Oregon by the refs and then they lost the best RB in the country not long after that. Still, with their 27-21 victory over Okie State, the Sooners find themselves at 10-2 and in the Big 12 title game next weekend. Well done, coach.


After losing to South Florida, 24-19, instead of still being judged by where they ended up last year, West Virginia finally returns to where they belong this year: sucking. The Mountaineers are now 9-2, with their only "big" win being against Maryland.

Only good news? WVU gets the MZone 2006 K-State Award, our new "honor" handed out to the team which starts out waaaay over-ranked to begin with, keeps that ridiculously high ranking fooling pollsters by fattening up on cream puffs most of the season...then loses to the only team on their schedule with a pulse...and usually one or two more after being exposed as a fraud.

Then again, maybe this is just the "toughness" of the Big East with all the teams beating up on one another. To quote Borat's "comedy coach"....Not!


I'd like to think Coker was fired for the 'Canes' off-the-field problems rather than this year's 6-6 mark, seeing as the guy won almost 80% of his games and a national title. But, who are we kidding, right?

One question though -- How the fuck did Chuck Amato last longer than Larry Coker?! Sweet Jesus!


With their 38-24 victory over Maryland, Wake Forest - which was picked by some pre-season pundits to finish dead last in their division - is 10-2 and headed to the ACC title game to face...some other crappy team from the ACC.

P.S. Is Chuck Amato still coaching in that league?


With its stirring 38-7 over Nevada, BSU likely clinched a BCS bid thus insuring that some unfortunate team is in a no-win situation when they play Broncos: win and it's no big deal because they're supposed to crush Boise State; lose and they're laughing stocks, as in, "How the fuck did you lose to Boise State?!"


Do we really live in a college football world where FSU and Miami have 12 --TWELVE?! -- losses between them in a single season?! Wow.


Now this is the team I'd really like to see Michigan play in the Rose Bowl. I don't know if we've ever played them and their coach, Les Miles, played for Bo.


Trailing 7-6 in Austin, Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee led the scored the winning TD with just over two minutes left in a 12-7 victory over Texas. His eight yard run capped an 88 yard, 16 play drive that ate up just under nine minutes of clock time. Truly impressive.

The win "improved" Aggie coach Dennis Franchione's record against Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma to 2-10.

Also, very glad to hear Longhorn QB Colt McCoy seems to be ok after being carted off the field with seconds to play. UT isn't the same without him. Hopefully he'll be 100% very soon.

Leave us your thoughts on the above or anything else about the weekend's games in the comments section.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What the MZone is Thankful For

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in 2006, the MZone is taking stock in the past year and reflecting on what we're truly thankful for as Michigan fans, college football fans, and bloggers. Feel free to add your own. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

* Mike Hart. The guy gives effort on every play. He's smaller than many of us, yet it as tough as anyone on the field. And he's pretty damn good, too.

* Lloyd Carr. He made some difficult (for him personally) changes in the off-season and they paid off in 11 wins, a BCS bowl and a top 3 ranking. And just as important, as was seen in the tribute to Bo Schembechler, he's just a decent man.

* ESPN GamePlan. The Worldwide Leader has some major flaws, but the ability to watch a dozen or more games every Saturday - in addition to the games already on basic cable - makes life worth living.

* Our oblivious bosses. If Yost or I worked for people who were halfway competent we'd be out on our asses at work. But as it is, we can stay up really late posting, commenting during work, and talking on the phone much of the day planning on the next day's content.

* Your oblivious bosses. Thankfully Yost and I aren't the only ones who have bosses who have no idea what their employees are doing. Thanks to you guys wasting company time, our blog has developed quite a following. And we appreciate it.

* Courtney Simpson. She's the former Arizona State cheerleader who went into adult films. She was one of the first BCS contestants and helped bring a number of you to this blog.

* Auburn and Alabama fans. Way back in January, we put up, what we thought was, a funny little post about Auburn's mascot/nickname issue. Well, Iron Bowl fans found it and we're pretty sure somewhere in a corner of our blog, they're still warring in the comments section.

* The United States Coast Guard Academy doesn't have a Division 1-A football team. Or Notre Dame would have another creampuff to add to its USO Tour schedule.

* Blogger's 'Delete' button. While we try not edit things here on the site, every now and then what we call the "asshole button" must be used.

* Readers like DW, Andy, LM, DevilGrad, SiC, TheWiz, Scott, AS, JCS and all the others who send us such incredible stuff each and every week. The blog wouldn't be the same without you.

* The Big East. For giving us something to watch on Thursdays. And for not messing up the BCS title game by each getting a loss.

* YouTube. The greatest invention for blogging ever created.

* Texas Fans. For pointing out to the rest of America what Michigan fans have been saying all along.

* BR for having us on his radio show.

* Peter Bean, Nestor, Brian Cook, Orson, Will and all the other great bloggers for the links and whose work pushes us to do better as we attempt to live up to the standards they set.

Don't Knock Global Warming

I'll say this about global warming -- it sure makes those late November football games in the Midwest a lot more pleasant.

I remember going to the Michigan-Ohio State games as a kid and freezing my ass off. Even bundled under nine layers, I still couldn't feel my toes, my hands or most portions of my face.

Not anymore.

Lately, it's been downright balmy for the annual clash between the Wolverines and Buckeyes. And last Saturday was no exception with temperatures in the upper 40s. Hell, I can't remember the last time it was really, really cold for The Game. As Borat would say, "Niiiiice."

So while it does bum me out that the polar ice caps will melt, flooding the earth; and the human race will become extinct shortly due to disease, pestilence and other ailments brought on by the coming man-made catastrophe, for a few Saturdays each fall, it doesn't seem so bad.

Psychology of the Buckeye Fan

JT over at The Buckeye Expat put up a great post about the seeming need by Buckeye fans to invade Michigan sites to stir things up. Not just for good-natured ribbing, but for some sort of validation.

Why does a fan of the #1 team need such approval (or would rather stalk a Michigan site than leave comments an OSU site)? JT takes his shot at an answer.

Florida is now destined to lose

As I've said in the past, anytime a coach starts bitching about the BCS or the polls while he still has games to play is just asking for a loss. Earlier this season, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville fell into the trap when, the week after complaining about the current system, his team went out and lost to Arkansas. Then, for good measure, they got smoked by UGA a few weeks later.

I firmly believe when a coach starts looking ahead and talking about crap out of his control, a team senses that and becomes unfocused on the task at hand -- winning the next game.

Now, Florida's Urban Meyer apparently is falling into the same trap. After the Michigan-Ohio State game, and all the talk about a potential rematch, the Gator head man had this to say:

"If that does happen, all the (university) presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system. I mean like now, January or whenever to get that done."

Meyer then want on to state the reasons why he thought his team should face the Buckeyes in the BCS title game January 8th. Even though they still have two games to play.

So just remember who to blame if -- oops -- Florida loses one of its final two contests.

Say it isn't so, Michigan fans!

So early in the Michigan-OSU game, on one of the Bucks' first drives, Benny and I look over...and actually see some Michigan fans jangling their keys. We just shook our heads (but not our keys).

Well, we thought that was bad until we got this email from Mike in Los Angeles:

I'm writing to tell you that I was watching the game at Hollywood Billiards, which is where the UM Alumni Club in LA watches the games. There must have been at least 700 Michigan fans there, it was a great turnout and a fun time (except for the 2+ hour wait to get a beer from a waitress). However, I thought you'd be interested to hear that on 3rd downs, people actually jangled their keys INSIDE THE BAR. I know that being loud inside a bar doesn't exactly help the team, but it was still pretty infuriating to hear a bunch of keys jangling instead of clapping and/or yelling. I guess most of these people haven't read your blog yet.

Ok, now that's scary.

With Football Program in Shambles, MSU Contemplates Ruining Basketball Program as Well

In a story that I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't read it with my own eyes, Tom Izzo is being mentioned in some circles to coach Michigan State's football team.

Yes, that Tom Izzo - the Spartan basketball coach. You know, the guy who's made the Spartans one of the best b.ball programs in the land. The guy who's won one national title and made four Final Fours.

And Izzo even admits that "deep down" he's interested in coaching football but claims he has no intention of leaving MSU basketball for football...right now.

Sweet Jesus, what the hell are they thinking in East Lansing?!

Boy, would I like to be a fly on the wall during the search committee meeting when this brilliant idea was floated...

DUMB SEARCH COMMITTEE GUY #1: "Damnit, guys, our basketball program is too good, too stable. What can we do to run it into the fucking ground like our football team?"

DUMB SEARCH COMMITTEE GUY #2: "Ok, I'm just spitballing here, but what if we took Tom Izzo, one of the best baskeball minds in America, and named him head football coach. I mean, they're both sports and both use balls."

DUMB SEARCH COMMITTEE GUY #1: "Genius! Let's run with that. Now somebody call George Perles and ask him if he's ever coached basketball. Ok, I have to run. We're putting the head of our College of Vetrinary Medicine in charge of our med school."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bo's Memorial Service to be Televised

The public memorial service being held today at The Big House for former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler will be televised. Three major Detroit stations will air live coverage of the service that begins at 1 p.m. EST. For Michigan fans outside the Detroit area, one of those stations is FSN Detroit, which is carried by DirecTV and other cable providers.

Some 25,000 people are expected to show up for two-hour ceremony, "A Celebration of Bo's Life." Jim Brandstatter will officiate.

MZone Top 25

Well, since we were in Columbus for M-OSU, Benny and I didn't see any other games this weekend except for the USC-Cal game. So, I guess you could say this ballot was submitted the same way most "professional" pollsters submit their ballots -- via ESPN recaps and newspaper coverage Sunday.

In our latest poll, the most controversial of our rankings will probably be Michigan staying at #2. But after much discussion, we both believe that's where they should stay. Michigan has defeated two Top 10 teams with their lone loss coming to the #1 team on the road. USC's loss to that other OSU was a bad one and we still aren't 100% sold on UF.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

1Ohio State--
3Southern Cal--
6Notre Dame 1
7Louisville 2
9Wisconsin 1
10West Virginia 1
11Oklahoma 1
12Texas 1
13Virginia Tech 7
14Boston College 7
16Boise State 1
17Georgia Tech 2
18Rutgers 12
19Tennessee 3
20Nebraska 3
21Brigham Young 3
22Wake Forest 8
23Clemson 3
24Texas A&M 2
25Penn State 1

Dropped Out: California (#16), Maryland (#18), Central Michigan (#25).