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Friday, July 14, 2006

Buckeye Memories

Our MZone reader MVP award goes to Andy in Austin, Texas. Recently we asked for a clip of Woody's infamous last game in '78. While it was included in a few compilations, we didn't have a stand-alone clip of it nor was it on YouTube.

Until Andy.

So folks, sit back, relax and take a walk down memory lane. We especially like the soundtrack.

Oh, and make sure to email this post to a Buckeye friend or two (or 30). They'll love you for it. Really. And to our Scarlet and Gray visitors, welcome and enjoy.


Bauman58 said...

Woody Hayes was an idiot. The only thing positive he ever did for college football is hire Bo. I'm glad he took a cheap shot at me - I just wish I could have crushed his skull with my helmet.

cottoncandy said...

Bauman, your 15 minutes of fame were up decades ago. Get a job and just let go.

Of course, talking about the Fab 5 shows how far back in time Buckeye fans have to go to disparage the good name of that holiest of holy schools, but Charlie Bauman is still fair game. That makes sense in a Michigan kind of way.

Oh yea, Fuck Michigan.

Anonymous said...

My grandma threw better punches than that.

Hey Woodrow! How's it going down there? Pretty hot for ya, ehh? Suck it, you old coot.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

What a fantastic glimpse at insanity.

And--just to irritate Buckeye fans--Woody's punch was lame! I guess his brain was just so overloaded he didn't know whether he needed to choke a bitch or slap a bitch. Bauman initially looks more confused--"Did someone just try and punch me?"--than angered.

Art Schlichter's pass was also horrible. I'll set aside my partisanship and say Woody would have been justified taking a swing at him.

Great job, Andy. Is it a coincidence that the provider of this clip is from Texas?

Anonymous said...

Wow this lame ass sucknut fan, cottoncunt, is so desperate for a comeback that he racks his brain and brings up....yep, you guessed it, the fab five. I fail to see how the fab five receiving improper benefits has any connection to this video clip of your violent, drunk as a poet on payday, rageaholic former coach trying to strike and strangle an innocent player.

We're not talking about corruption, where your football program obviously takes the cake, or buckstaches, or even basketball for that matter, where your team was most recently breaking NCAA rules and receiving punishments in the Jim O'Brien scandals and firing.

We're talking about a video where your hero punches a player in the throat and has to be pulled off of him. Great role model for all the shit-stain kids who play for OSU. Then your players still keep trying to attack the poor guy. Yes, Hayes will get bashed for this here, and rightfully so. It is THE most disgraceful moment in college football history, since you guys are all about the word THE down there. THE boring ass fight song playing in the background is great cause it really sums up that this is what your football program is all about.

If you're too ashamed to think up a decent comeback besides whining about the fab five, who we joke about as well, then don't watch the video, douchebag. You've been SMACKED!!

blue2004 said...

seriously...the one difference is that Michigan fans really don't ever defend the Fab 5...

And while we're on the topic, it wasn't the whole Fab 5 that took money, it was Chris Webber and three other players who weren't part of the Fab 5. So it doesn't make anything any better, but it's an inaccuracy that keeps coming up.

Yost said...


So true re: Fab 5. And when they found out Webber cheated, they should have forfeited the cash, the banners, etc.

Nobody disagrees. He was a disgrace from the program and should have been banished like he was.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD someone else has taken a swing at 'Cotton'. I'm so SICK of this rabid poster.

Where's the IQ screening on this site??


Anonymous said...

Wow Anon I think you have some very deep issues. Relax it is supposed to be a fun rivalry. Woody was a good coach who at the end obviously made a huge mistake, and disgraced himself and tOSU program. But chill the fuck out dude. don't have a coronary over a post.

Anonymous said...

Well at least one Buckeye player studied this game tape. Robert Reynolds had Woody's technique down pat! The rest of those guys are slacking.

Anonymous said...

cottoncandy and Woody: perfect examples of classless OSU trash. Go kill yourself.

ORD_Buckeye said...

Wow, feel the hate in some of these comments.

Hey, the video is funny. I can't help myself, but I always laugh at it, as I do the one a few years earlier when Woody went after the ABC cameraman.

That being said, I don't think Woody is burning in hell for this or (in a world that includes such figures as Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson) is the most disgraceful person in college football history, as a couple here have mentioned.

While his "anger-management" issues have come to define the man in the national consciousness, that's not the total story. He was one of the first B10 coaches to give African American kids from the deep South scholarships when their home state schools were off-limits. When he was fired, he was the lowest paid coach in the B10, having passed on years worth of raises to his assistant coaches. He ran a clean program, and even those Ohio State professors who had a problem with big time college athletics respected and liked Woody personally. Before he died, he left instructions for his friends and players to not do anything in his name in the athletic department but rather do something for academics, so they've endowed a chair in the political science department in his name.

As for that weak punch, he was an old man. He was also a man who in his youth commanded a U-Boat destroyer in the North Atlantic. That's something that I imagine that few who post on a college football blog (myself included) could match. None of this excuses or mitigates Woody's transgressions, but it does present a more complete picture of the man.

Out of curiosity, I wonder if any of the authors of the more rabid, hateful comments about Woody would care to repeat them to Bo's face. They just might get the chance to witness another B10 coaching legend taking a shot at a young punk.

ploeg said...

I don't think that "the punch" was the most classless act Woody performed - the attempt to score two points at the end of the 1968 Michigan - Ohio State game wins that contest.

Ahead by 50-14, in Bump Elliot's ( true gentleman) last game at Michigan, Woody showed his real sense of "sportsmanship" by calling time out and tried to get two points instead of one (of course that came back to haunt him in 1969 when "the greatest college football team of all times" tasted bitter defeat in Ann Arbor.

I was at both of those games, and still get ill thinking about 1968, and then get better remembering 1969!

Anonymous said...

Just shows how exciting scUM football is... the only thing you guys ever talk about on this site is anti ohio state propaganda. Whatever makes you feel better about your shitty year last season, I guess.

Yost said...

And thanks for reading Anon. Glad you enjoy it.

DevilGrad said...

Poor Anon 3:01 has been stuck reading the MZone ever since they put filters on the computers in the Berea Public Library.

Yost said...


I scratch my head reading comments from all these Buck fans coming on a Michigan site and being so shocked to find anti-Tosu stuff. "Don't you have anything better to put up?"

In July? On a college football blog? Uh...no.

DevilGrad said...

Well, I wasn't figuring on you guys having any World Cup highlights, if that's what you mean.

cottoncandy said...

Yost, I scratch my head at you scratching your head. You put up anti OSU stuff and expect it to just get your own chuckles and giggles, without any Buckeye backlash? Stop smelling your own farts, they're killing your brain cells.

And for all you thoughtfully challenged Michigan goofs, Yost once criticized me for daring to mention the fab 5 because it was 10 years old, but everytime the ol' comedy isn't flowing, its Charlie Bauman time.

Do you get it? How he criticizes someone for something being to old to talk about and then the next day he brings up something older? Do you see how it is hypocritical? Do you . . . nevermind.

Jeremy said...

Anon 9:34, why did you stay anonymous? That was a fantastic rant and I would've been proud to take credit for it.

Yost said...


What you never seem to understand about the Fab 5 is...we don't care. M fans think they're a disgrace. After the embarrassment and bs of what they did, you don't see shrines to Chris Webber on the U-M. Has anybody on this site ever once come to their defense?

But Woody in Columbus? He's still thought of as a god even though he proved himself to be much less than that. And it's all about excuses when his infamous ending is brought up.

Finally, it the clip was put up b/c, until Andy posted it, it didn't exist on its on anywhere to our knowledge on the Internet. And like it or not, it's one of the most "famous" moments in college football.

Deal with it.

clemsontiger said...

Here's what I find so intriguing about the whole incident. 1st- Charlie Bauman was a no-name sophomore linebacker at the time. Saw time in maybe 10-20 plays a game. 2nd-The interception was his first and only interception in his career at Clemson. 3rd-Got Danny Ford his first win at Clemson, since it was his first game there after Charlie Pell resigned to take the U of Florida job. By the way, thanks Charlie. If you had not quit we wouldn't have a National Championship on our resume. 4th and the best of all. Charlie (or Charles now) Bauman is a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent in the greater Cincinatti, Ohio area. Funny how things happen. Although the meltdown by Woodrow was pretty funny does it beat the meltdown by John Chaney going after John Calipari and screaming, "I'll kill ya!", on national television during an interview? Maybe, maybe not. Love the blog here guys. I grew up in the U.P. and went to college at Clemson but I still pull for U of M unless they're playing the Tigers. Great stuff.

Papa said...

Cool shot. The 2 stories about Woody that come to mind besides the Bauman shot are 1) when he was on a recruiting trip with Schembechler in Michigan his car was neasrly out of gas. He waited until he got out of Michigan and into Ohio, because he did not want to buy gas in Michigan; and 2) the recruting of Jack Tatum. Assassin had been the BMOC at his high school and was being shown the love by all the schools. One evening he came in, and his mother was in her kitchen with someone eating pie and drinking coffee. When he walked in, Woody stood up and introduced himself as Coach Hayes. He then turned to Mrs. Tatum, commented on how good the pie was, and thanked her for her time. Jack knew at that instant that his mother had decided he was going to tOSU.

Anonymous said...

could only add one other comment to ORD_Buckeye's (which where put better than i would've ever been able too!)

Woody had heart, as well as Bo.

Carr, well, you decide.

Anonymous said...

Ah... the joys of going 1-4 in the last 5. Can't beat 'em on the field, so lets rehash 1978.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michigan fans or bloggers:

Go ahead and show your comments about Woody to Bo. He'll kill you at the spot. Bo was close to Woody. Why do you think that he retired rather than passing Woody's record of 238 wins?

Proud of yourself, aint it? Typical Michigan fans.

Go Buckeyes!!

Anonymous said...

Great piece of writing, Anon 10:27. Extremely coherent and well thought out. At no point did you make no sense or misrepresent a phrase. Typical inbred, retarded OSU fan.

Anonymous said...

"At no point did you make no sense..."

So, the previous poster made sense thoughout? Great piece of writing yourself, inbred retard.

Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

It's great to actually see this video. But in all reality let's look at it this way. I have a MSU fan friend of mine that always brings up the Bauman incident whenever I talk about how we dominate them. The only reasonable reply is this. If you were MSU or U-M's athletic director and you knew Woody would have this melt down 20 years into his career with all the national titles and Big-10 champs. If you knew this and still didn't sell your soul to sign him you wouldn't be worth the money the university pays you. Bo never won a national title.

Anonymous said...

Patton slapped a soldier, but he still kicked the Nazi's ass. I guess you want to tear down all his statues as well?

breaston15 said...

Ok you know how most people on here said that Bo would defend Woody?? Well why is that in old clips of way way past Woody would say things like I dont like him, dont like the son of a bitch, never did...etc I could go on.

Anonymous said...

Congratz Wolverines.

You are now the title-holders of the worst smack talkers ever! You guys don't know how to talk shit because you know you're going to lose Saturday in agony.

See you Saturday after the game people, to gloat.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for posting this video. I've been wanting to see the complete play for years. I am an OSU fan, but still love to see this video. It seems to have become part of the legend that is "Woody Hayes." He has become one of many icons of college football. No matter whether you like or despise the man, know that he is not adequately represented by just viewing this video. Rob Lytle, the great running back at UM, would agree with that. Even though Lytle went to UM despite Woody recruiting him heavily, Woody still sent him notes of encouragement throughout his NFL career. He also called the new coach of the Broncos, "Dan Reeves" and told them he needed to feature Lytle because, "He would be crazy if he didn't." The point being, we all make mistakes, but those mistakes do not define who we are. I found myself arguing with a coworker from the West coast about the greatest rivalry in college football. At least everyone on this site can agree on one thing. THIS IS THE GREATEST RIVALRY IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Good luck, in the game today!


Anonymous said...

Bo just died you faggot, so what if I told you he sucked ass and should of died a long time ago?

But I wont say that directly because I have fucking respect unlike your bitch ass and im sure you're at home crying about how Michigans #1 defense got fuckin penetrated today.

Oh yea, I thought you cocky ass bitches said youd win? Well, I hate lyers so now I hate you.

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic to remind anyone claiming Meatchicken was set back by the field conditions that Ohio State played on the same field, but apparently it needs to be done.

On behalf of all Ohio State fans, I apologize for not knowing Meatchicken needed such pristine conditions to put on an adequate performance.

What will be next year's excuse? Meatchicken ran out of Massengil in the locker room?

Anonymous said...

Whats the same about Michigan and Bo?

They both got buried Saterday


Anonymous said...

Since you're anonymous...the bo buried comment was the most asinine thing i've ever seen someone say. Thanks for embarrasing Buckeye fans everywhere by being a classless fuck.

Best wishes to the Michigan family after the loss of such a legend, who helped make yesterday's game and our rivalry possible.

Congratulations on a well played game, can't wait til next year!!!!!

Go Bucks!

greg53 said...

I stumbled on this blog while reading on the internet about the relative good behavior of the OSU fans in Columbus this past weekend.

To Mr. Bauman I would a say that for someone who's past was so closely tied to Woody Hayes' undoing, I would think you would know more about the man that you called an idiot than what you demonstrated.

The countless good deeds that Woody did will always be overshadowed by his national media antics, which he had to live with. No one in their right mind would think that anyone who supports or cheers for any college football team would have condoned Woody's sideline rage antics. But I did condone the countless hours he spent with children in the hospitals with his players. I did condone the trips to Vietnam to support our troops. I did condone the nearly 90% graduation rate of his OSU players. I did condone his unyeilding passion for education.

To both UM supporters and OSU fans, blogging and firing away at each other, get over whose program has more transgressions or embarrassments to write about. In fact, some of the terms, descriptions and fashion in which you attack each other gives one the thought that either you did not attend either university or wasted your parents money by catching some extra shut eye at class after the previous night's party. Each school is a fine institution of learning, and each of have had their share of student athletes that as young adults have made mistakes. Each university also has their student athletes which have "made their school proud".

As for Woody and Bo, the key figures in the "ten year war" that elevated the Michigan-OSU rivalry to the elite status it enjoys in college sports, they both hated to lose. Did I say that strongly enough? They both despised losing. Whether it was Woody referring to "that team up north" or Bo describing the "city he escpaed from" lets keep in mind that the first person to Bo's house after his 1970's heart attack was Woody and that the first person to Woody's house after he was dismissed, outside of his players, was Bo. On top of their passion to win, their acts of care and graciousness should inspire us.

To Bo's family, friends, players and fans, as an OSU fan, we offer our love and support upon the passing of this great football coach, educator, and man.

All of this said I choose to emmulate Woody and Bo going forward. Men of character and passion for excellence. As such, for Bo today, I say "Let's go Blue".

But, after the services and words for Bo have been spoken and done, I will pull on my Scarlet and Gray and cheer for the Buckeyes to beat "that team from up north", whether they get a rematch in the desert or whether it be in 361 days in Ann Arbor at "THE GAME".


rutgersKnight said...

Look.. to the point Ohio State fan are just noted as being ignorant minds full of 2.1 grade point average mush!

I have never seen such a classless group of idiots in college sports year in and year out.

go burn a couch you Olentangy river suckers! And I'm not even from Michigan!