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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Playboy's Top 10 Party Schools

As you probably guessed from the title, the University of Michigan has a better chance of winning a road football game in September than being incuded in this category.

The Top Ten

1. Wisconsin (Go Big 10!)
2. UC Santa Barbara (Yost has been there, Yost agrees)
3. Arizona State (With Porno Cheerleaders, a no brainer)
4. Indiana (No longer just a b.ball school)
5. San Diego State (Steve Fisher ends up there, they make the list. Coincidence?)
6. Florida State (No real surprise from what we've heard)
7. Ohio (Bobcats trump Tosu in Ohio for this honor)
8. Georgia (Apparently largest cocktail party is just another day at UGA)
9. Tennessee (We tease UT a lot here but we bow in respect for this honor)
10. McGill (Muh-who?)

Since many of you may not get the magazine, strictly in the interest of journalism, we here at the MZone have obtained a copy so that we may better report for this post. So allow us to live vicariously through a few other schools as we offer our thoughts and comments on the universities and co-eds that made the list/pictorial.

  • According to the article (see, we read it), UC Santa Barbara covers 989 acres on the Pacific coast. Ocean + Party School + Girls who like to be naked. Why didn't we apply there?
  • The best hangout on the ASU campus is the Pussycat Lounge which is owned by porn star Jenna Jameson. That explains so much.
  • FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger is pictured with Seminole Jordanna who says (folks, we're not making this up) her goal is "to become the next Paris Hilton." Gee, talk about lofty ambitions. May we suggest she start by fucking Matt Leinart.
  • Best kept secret about FSU: a female-to-male ratio of 57-43. Daaaaaamn!
  • Wait a minute...UGA has the same ratio! WTF!?! Let me speak for all M alums in saying we got screwed!
  • UGA hottie Devon Fowler says she wants a "guy with a personality." Yeah, riiiiight.

Ok, time to go try to get the magazine back from Wangs who seems to be taking this "in the interest of journalism" bullshit too seriously.


Anonymous said...

McGill made the list? The one in Montreal? They have got to be kidding. Those asshats at Université de Montréal are easily worse not to mention UBC....a school that practically encourages the use of canibus. Or what about Dalhousie??? C'mon. Thanks for picking a random Canadian school Playboy.

Wangs said...

Yost -

You're complaining that M alums got screwed because the girl/guy ratio at FSU and UGA are 57:43?

Have you lost your mind?

Why in the world would you want more XXXXL chicks walking around Ann Arbor in their big sweatshirts and sweatpants? That's the last thing we needed!

I guess it wasn't all bad to have a high girl/guy ratio at Michigan. Especially around 2am when Rick's closed. Although, I'm sure it still didn't help you!

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Thank you for bringing to light this latest information, which only goes further to prove that Athens, Georgia, is in fact the greatest place on earth.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever seen the girls that go to Wisconsin, then it's easy to tell they spend those long cold winters drinking Milwaukee's finest and not in the gym! So, here's a toast to the gals of UW, #1 Party School!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a UCSB alum, I can't help but think we are too low on that list. How can a school that spends half the year buried in snow beat out UCSB where you can (and do) find hot chicks wearing next to nothing 12 months a year? We got hosed by an editor who probably felt dumb that he decided to go to a school buried in snow instead of UCSB, where you can go straight from class to the beach, in December.

Benny Friedman said...

It's not fair that schools like FSU and Georgia have such good female to male ratios AND have good football teams. How do the guys get any homework done (only applies to Georgia)?

Benny Friedman said...

I've visited UCSB. It felt like I was at a summer camp. I know we have some UCSB alums amongst our readers. Tell us some tales, gentlemen. Isn't Isla Vista an experience in itself?

Anonymous said...

UGA grad here. One thing about the big state schools in the South (UGA, FSU, UNC, for example) is that they ALL have lopsided male-female ratios. It's sort of a crisis in higher education down here.

Yost said...

Crisis? Yeah, we feel really bad for you.

Nicole said...

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin *ba ba ba ba baaaaaa*

Anonymous said...

How can you say UM alums got screwed when UGA and FSU have 57-43 F-M ratios? We didn't get screwed, that's the point!!!! Oh, wait.... I get it.

Anonymous said...

How did Chico State not make that list?

Anonymous said...

The ratios are the telling point. . . . I went to Cornell, and the only 57:43 ratio we saw was the weight differential between women and men -- which indeed goes a long way in explaining the poor showing of CU football.

Anonymous said...

What about WVU??? Did they retire the #1 party school?

Anonymous said...

Did they retire WVU??

Anonymous said...

I grew up in A2 and went to U of M. Sadly, M should never be in the top ten. We don't have the girls. Santa Barbara is just unreal, as is most of the SEC schools.

Anonymous said...

First Ohio State sues us here at Ohio University for the name Ohio.

Then they try to pass themselves off as a better academic option.

It's always nice to put the fact that our women are hotter and we party harder in their faces...

Anonymous said...

Actually, OU sued OSU over the use of Ohio on things. That's why Ohio State uses "The Ohio State University". I don't know about the academics at either place, so I won't comment on that.

However, Playboy once published something along these lines about OSU: "We no longer rank Ohio State, as it is unfair to put professionals on a list of amateurs."

Murph1 said...

The best part about the FSU reference is that its a very conservative figure they use...Us fortunate enough to attend down here would place the ratio more at 4 girls for every one guy...yes, really!

Anonymous said...

"However, Playboy once published something along these lines about OSU: "We no longer rank Ohio State, as it is unfair to put professionals on a list of amateurs."

They actuall said this about OU.

And OSU sued Ohio State. Sorry, I've taken copyright law classes...

OSU wanted to print OHIO shirt and OU has the rights to it. OU had to stop using the block O in the lawsuit, though.