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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Logo Rorschach Test

Last week, the always-funny EDSBS put up a post and the picture below showing how the Texas Longhorn logo could be interpreted as looking a lot like...a certain part of the female anatomy.

And last October, we had put up a post and picture showing how the logo of our Big 10 brethren from Iowa reminded us of one of our favorite cartoon characters.

So we got to thinking that there had to be more. More college sports logos that, upon closer inspection, bore a resemblance to something or someone else. Sort of an M Zone Logo Rorschach Test if you will.

For instance, you've all read here on the M Zone about the never-ending sex scandals at Arizona State. Well, maybe the school is partially to blame. Maybe they are sub-consciously promoting sex at ASU. In fact, maybe it has something to do with the Sun Devil mascot. Call us crazy, but it does look a bit like a certain adult film performer...

Hell, we have even gone to the trouble of re-designing the ASU logo to stop trying to fool people:

And have you ever taken a good look at the Ole Miss Rebel mascot? Is it just us or does it look a hell of a lot like actor Sam Elliot?

And as immigrant protests sweep across America, props to Oklahoma State for honoring Mexican President Vicente Fox with their mascot.

This next one was a bit of a stretch but we saw it: The Notre Dame Fighting James Liptons.

And not all were people. You say Standford Cardinal, we say Stanford Satellite Views of Lake Mead.

Finally, we give to you the South Carolina GameChinese Dragons:


Anonymous said...

The first two or so were priceless, then I think you jumped the shark on this one. 1st one especially was awesome.

Yost said...

Yeah, but Lord, even if you liked only two, for the price you paid here today, not a bad deal.

Thanks for reading.

Johnny said...

I actually thought the Sam Elliot one was the best of all. Good work as always, boys.

Anonymous said...


another entry for your cheerleader bracket?



Anonymous said...

I like the leprechaun's floating cufflinks in that old ND logo you found.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


I can't believe I've never made the connection between Sparky and Ron Jeremy.

I'm also surprised Mexico hasn't declared war.

And, somone watches too much Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Fine work--fuck that "jumping the shark" shit. We'll have our own tomorrow.

THN said...

The Sun Devil fans also use "The Shocker" as a way to represent Ron...err...Spark's pitch fork.

Yost said...


Can't wait to see it!

e said...

colorado st = princess leia

Smitty said...

Classic stuff. The ASU/Ron Jeremy one is uncanny! Thanks for the laugh.

Oregonweim said...

Love the ASU one, but sorry, I'm having an uptight Connecticut resident moment -- wtf is with the Stanford pic?

Anonymous said...

Are you still pissed because we kicked your ass in the Rose Bowl?

Yost said...


Uh, in...'87 or something like that? Yeah. That's it. We're thinking of raising money to put up a billboard about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Nebraska Cornhuskers mascot looks like a young Gary Busey.