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Thursday, March 23, 2006

ESPN'S Colin Cowherd "Borrows" M Zone Material

In case you can't tell, it takes a fair amount of work each night to put up what you read everyday here on the M Zone. But we have a blast doing it. We better, because it's not like any of us are doing it for the money. For us, it's all about the comments and emails from you, the reader, as well as the shout outs and getting linked from other great sports sites such as Deadspin, EDSBS and MGoBlog.

That's why we're so pissed today.

Yesterday, March 22nd, ESPN Radio hack, uh, host, Colin Cowherd, did one of our most popular bits on the air verbatim, the M Zone Wonderlic Test, without giving the M Zone any credit whatsoever. To set the stage, Cowherd was talking about Vince Young's Wonderlic score and said maybe he had been too hard on Vince. He said he got a copy of the Wonderlic test off the Internet and asked his listeners to call in to see if they could answer some of the questions.

CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst then proceeded to rattle off not one, not two, not three but EIGHT - 8! - of our questions on the air to the delight of his staff and listeners but with nary a word of credit to those of us who wrote the stuff in the first place.

Think we're exaggerating? Below is the material in question followed by the clip from CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst's show. You be the judge:

Here are Questions 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14 from our original March 1st post titled The M Zone Collegiate Wonderlic Test

1. If the Ohio State tailback gets $42,000 from a Buckeye booster but the Escalade he wants is $57,000, he should:

a) Buy a different SUV
b) Take a job he doesn't have to show up for from another booster to cover the difference
c) Ask Maurice Clarett to borrow one for him
d) Transfer to an SEC school with more generous boosters

4. Which of these numbers in the following group is the largest?

a) 10 x 14 x 5
b) 632
c) 1,000 - 275 + 30
d) Charlie Weis' cholesterol level

6. If ESPN's Gameday crew were to go to Arkansas to cover a game, how much netting would be needed to protect Kirk, Lee and Chris Fowler from objects thrown by Razorback fans?

a) none
b) 200 feet
c) all Home Depot sells in a three city area
d) Trick question: Gameday would never go to Arkansas

7. Marcus Vick runs a 4.3 and Maurice Clarett runs a 4.48 but the 9mm Glock hidden in Vick's waistband is heavier. Who has a better chance of out-running the cops and evading arrest?

8. If the world's largest sequoia tree is almost 3,000 years old and the earth's crust is 5 billion years old, how old is Bobby Bowden if he started coaching before either?

9. If Michigan has a 12 point lead with under 9 minutes left in the game, how much time will be left on the clock when the opposing team scores the winning touchdown?

a) 3 minutes
b) 1 minute
c) :35 seconds
d) none, last play of the game and immediately named ESPN Instant Classic

10. Your team's stadium holds 96,000 fans but regularly only sells 32,000 tickets to its home games. How long will it take the team bus to drive back to Westwood?

14. If a Onepeat.com LSU fan wastes 60% of each day stewing over the shared title with USC in 2003, how many hours will he have left each week to not date women?


The Clip from Colin CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst's March 22nd Show
(Press the button below to hear the 5:30 minute clip. Questions start about 25 seconds in. If you'd like to download it yourself, go to the ESPNRadio link here. It's the last segment, about 1:24:30 into the 1:35:00 free download.)

Now you know why we're so pissed. We bust our ass on something only to have Mr. ESPN come in and steal our material. Do you know how cool it would have been for a little blog like ours to get a mention on a nationally syndicated sports radio show? Instead, Goliath decides to rip off David.

Even worse, say a month from now some guy stumbles across our site and reads our Wonderlic post (which is listed on the left among our "Best Of" stuff). If he happened to hear Colin's show, who is he going to think stole it from whom? Naturally, he's going to assume the bloggers stole if from the famous radio host.

Look, we support fair use on the Internet. When we see something funny on a site, if we reference it, we credit the site. No big deal. All we ask is that people do the same when using our stuff.

If you feel what happened is bullshit, too, and would like to drop Colin CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst a line, the email for their show is:


And if you'd like to call in during his 10am-1pm ET show to help us out, the number is 1-888-SAY-ESPN.

Or better yet, from one of our readers, below is a link for ESPN Ombudsman, George Soloman:


Well, that's it for our posts today. Just not up to doing anything else. We're still pretty steamed.

Thanks to everybody for reading. We sincerely appreciate it.

P.S. And if you want to forward this story to other sports fans you know, we certainly wouldn't be opposed.

UPDATE BELOW: Cowherd responds to M Zone email. And we just want to say thanks again to all our readers for their cool comments and emails today. Much appreciated.

UPDATE, PART II, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Wow. Thanks to everyone who is emailing, commenting and linking to us today. Our apologies if we can't respond right away but we're literally swamped. Also, in addition to our response from Mr. CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst, I've posted an email below one of our readers got from him. Boy, Colin sounds like a hell of a guy.

3/27 UPDATE: Mr. Cowherd gave the M Zone a shout out on his show today. This incident is now resolved and over.


Phil in the Deuce said...

In the words of Dane Cook: UN-believable. Gotta love how during the reading of the one question about stadium capacity they're all laughling... Like they actually wrote it.

I've never posted here before but have always enjoyed the blog. I'll be sending the Heard a piece of my mind and a message about originality. Keep up the great work guys and GO BLUE!!!

t-towngradstudent said...

Indignation is well place here. I am willing to bet some assistant writer/lackey ripped this off and put it up as his/her own idea to win favor with the powers that be. I doubt an on-air personality would take something without giving some credit as said personality would surely know this action could boomerang big time, but who knows?

Roll Tide

Yost said...

Thanks for the support, guys. We REALLY appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

i didn't want to bother signing up for a blogger account (joules of valuable energy to be put searching youtube for the 189,992nd time instead) so i'm posting this "anonymously"...

anyway, i love the humor of this blog and i read it periodically when you post updates over at www.wearesc.com. as a rule i abhor sports personalities because, inevitably, "personality" is commensurate with "blowhard". but plagerism? nothing gets my blood boiling quicker.

so here's the email i shot off to him (i woulda cc'd you too but i couldn't find any m zone contact info)...


To: TheHeard@espnradio.com
Subject: huzzah! originality! journalistic integrity! huzzah!

great piece on vince young's wonderlic test. do you also research flux capacitors and jigowatts, because apparently you travelled back in time, posted the same exact thing at http://michiganzone.blogspot.com/ quite a few days ago to set up poor - yet amicably hard working - yost to be your plagerizing fall boy, then romped back to our current quantum location to finish off your beluga and hackery.

good for you! bloggers suck with their whole "original content" BS for no money thing anyway. what a bunch of grandstanding martyrs. way to put that guy in his temporal anomalized place!

i can't wait for next week's show about how you came up with this great speech to address the lingering problems with race in america. i'd suggest a different title, though - "i have a dream" just isn't punchy enough. how about "wheeeeeeee! no fact checking necessary! moral whazzuh?! i'm a motherfucking badass sports journalist and king kong ain't got shit on me! who wants a taste? who?! you?! do you?!"

anyway, good on you colin. and if you get any hate mail over this, just ignore it the way you did with that little voice in the back of your head which wailed at the thought of all that money wasted at journalism school. if you attended, that is. i definitely plan on falsifying my resume with that fluff, too.



big shout out to you and all the fellas at m zone. keep on keepin' on.


jonathan tu

p.s. fight on!

Anonymous said...

it's me again. i think you had the link wrong in your post... cowherd's email address should be theherd@espnradio.com

double true!

tc said...

M Zone- Have to agree with the bullshittiness(he'll take credit for that word too) of this situation so I sent my "unpleasant" email as well. Though I couldn't compete with the 'Back to the Future' / MLK retort posted by Jonathan. "Poopiehead" was the best I could come up with. Hey, I got kids so give me a break. Great work anyways guys.

The Ted Kaczynski Experience (TTKE) said...

Fellas...it is a shame that some of your finest work on this blog is going uncredited. Keep that chin up. I am sure that there will be fall-out(Fellow Bloggers unite!!!), as the list of reasons to hate ESPN are quickly approaching the 1,000 mark.

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye fan says you got hosed. Keep up the good work! Love your blog. You guys do a great job.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I'm fairly adept at the use of profanity, but I simply cannot come up wtih something obscene enough to convey just how contemptible this is. Besides, we already push the limits of good taste with stuff about ASU.

I didn't think my opinion of the professional media could get any lower. Already clueless and lazy, now they're thieves, too. If you want good news, read The Onion or watch The Daily Show and if you want good sports news you simply have to go to the blogs. The "professionals" simply can't handle it.

The saddest part of this is that he could of said something like, "we found this online version of the Wonderlic on the the M Zone" and it wouldn't have detracted from the humor one bit and this blog would have received credit. He could even devote a segment of his show to humorous items from various sports blogs, and get a decent amount of great material in exchange for giving credit to the bloggers. It's that easy to do the right thing.

I'm changing gears here.

I think our path is clear. We simply have to raise $10,000 to erect a billboard that sets the record straight as to when that Wonderlic first appeared and who came up with it.

Gentlemen, its time for: wonderpete.com

Yost said...

Thanks for the correction on the email. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

UNFORTUNATELY - if for some reason an onslaught of emails did 'force' cowherd into mentioning 'the M zone' on air - it would be to call its authors and minion 'a bunch of whiners who seem to think they have a patent on all things original.' these type of people - ESPN type of people - are never wrong....not even when THEY know they're wrong.

let's call this your 'birth' into the cutthroat world of sports journalism - or in cowherd's case - 'sports plagiarism'!

Anonymous said...

& also, it's just sickening how cowherd has made miniscule changes in the questions - almost admitting out loud that this material was 'jacked' from someone else's genious - and he doensn't wish to get dinged for it!


(email sent, by the way!)

Paleobiology said...

Email sent.

Sports radio has gone from being dumb to being dumb and dishonest; keep up the good work anyway. We'll support you in the plagarism lawsuit to come...

Anonymous said...

at least onepeat.com got yet another mention on national radio!


WickedWolverine said...

Consider it done (email to colin)!

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

This is an act of compete and total Douchebaggery

BIG MIKE said...

Read this via EDSBS, thats a shame, I sent him an email calling him a huge tool.

Anonymous said...

I brought this to the "Media Blog" guy's attention on National Review.com. It may crash your server if they decide to link to it. Regardless, it is unfortunate that you were not properly credited. I hope ESPN and Cowherd do the right thing and credit the site with the original content of the previous day's skit.

If not, good luck in the lawsuit! It was a great post.

Yost said...


Just got email back from Coward. Not only is he not crediting us, he basically told us to buzz off. Will be posting that in a bit.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Oh I so want to read that. I can already feel the anger rising.

Anonymous said...

That's Crap, plain and simple. I've been a loyal fan of your site for a little over a month now and really enjoy the work you guys do. It's obvious a lot of time and effort goes into your material and to have someone associated with ESPN steal it is beyond wrong. The Herd will be receiving an email shortly.

Ware Eagle and Go Blue

ny1995 said...

I couldn't agree more with the general tone here, but one piece of advice; take it to the ESN Ombudsman.

If a checkout counter clerk shorted you $10 and put it in his pocket, would you complain to him or would you ask for the manager?


Anonymous said...

As a Boilermaker-sad, I know-I don't normally like anything you have to say on here. But after linking to this via EDSBS, you can bet your ass I sent an email to Colin...what a freakin loser! Sorry you got ripped off but I'm even sorrier that no one seems to give a crap!

Anonymous said...

First off, as an OSU fan I come on here from time to time to see if you are ripping my team. Many times I have laughed out loud. Great blog. Keep it up.

In defense of Cowherd, I have seen the Wonderlic that you have posted on here in different places. It has been on the ESPN message boards and I have received it in my email at least three times. Not once was your site credited. While very suspicious, there is a chance (and a good one) that he received the Mock Wonderlic from another source instead of copying it straight from you.

If he did rip you off, then that is BS, but your immediate response to rip him and encourage people to call/email the show was a bit much.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to hate the turds at ESPN.

WIL 66 said...

I could not be more upset about this BS that has happened to this wonderful blog. I came across this blog a little more than a month ago....along with half the state of Alabama I believe...and it is truly one of the best sports blogs out there...and definately one of the best satirically. Over the years I have learned that the little guy never wins. He will always be pushed to the side never to find his own chance to be in the spotlight. If thats how the big boys want to play lets go. This is what should happen....we should all still email and call in...but what i personally think will get the biggest response is that we need to link your site to as many blogs as we can...not just sport blogs but political and hell even environmental...who cares. But one thing I do know is that the blogger community will stand with their own if given the chance...well this is their chance...lets take advantage of it. I'm behind you guys all the way...keep the good stuff coming.

FT Worth Hornfan said...

Really enjoyed reading the original post and test, keep up the pressure on this hack. He isnt even on the radio in DFW.

Yost said...

Thanks, everyone. You got our fighting spirits up!

Will, any suggestions on the political blog front? Good idea.

WIL 66 said...

sorry Yost....it was just an idea...I personally try to stay away from all the whining that is politics..but there has to be some readers that follow more blogs than i do that can surely help out. I for one will be using Blogger's wonderful blogsearch feature to try and find any blogs that have a dislike for the media. Keep up the good work and if you find some let me know and I will definately lend another voice.

Todd Jones said...

Yost - I e-mailed a link to Michelle Malkin. She does a lot of media coverage on her blog and has a ton of readers so if she says something about it it should get around (at least the conservative side of) the blogosphere pretty quickly.

armadillo slim said...

funny stuff guys.

we orangebloods love the humor.

i've already sent my rant to espn.

Anonymous said...

Not that's likely to make you feel much better, but a quick Google search of "wonderlic test ohio state" (in honor of the first question) shows that Cowherd wasn't the first guy to rip you off since you posted that on March 1st.

There's a good chance that he found it somewhere else or had it emailed to him. But that still doesn't excuse his refusal to credit the author now that he knows who the author is.

Moderator, MiamiHawktalk.com

armadillo slim said...

even if he did get it anonymously, and didn't know the author, he should have stated such and not passed it off as his own.

all he would have had to say, is "i don't know who wrote this originally, since I don't find the authors name on the paper, but here's some good wonderlic questions". it would have had the same effect. he handled it poorly IMO, as he does most things. what the hell, at least he's consistent.

WIL 66 said...


really want to try and out a needle in ESPN's side. here's another idea...Best Damn Sports Show Period..is usually pretty decent about reading their emails..AND they are one a competing sports network...we should now focus our attention away from trying to get an apology from ESPN and towards enticing Fox Sports to be on the side of the blogger. here's a link to Best Damn's email..


or the phone line....866-839-4328

Maize n Brew Dave said...

Well if we in the legal community can be any help, let us know.

All of us in the Michigan blogsphere will do what we can to alert readers to what has happened. You guys do great work and journalistic theft such as this should not be tolerated.

- Dave

Anonymous said...

email sent to mr. "coward"

Plagiarism and How To Avoid It
by David Gardner
The English Centre
The University of Hong Kong

Plagiarism Prevention

May I suggest you visit the referenced sites to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of PLAGIARISM.

The M Zone (http://www.michiganzone.blogspot.com/) is topnotch. You are a shithead for stealing Yost's material and thinking you could get away with it.

Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Amanda is to blame. She is a Penn State grad. Penn State stole USC's "WE ARE...SC" cheer. She learned her lessons well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you now know what it feels like to be slighted by the media, and ESPN in particular.

But I'm not going to call you a crybaby for raising attention to it.

steve said...

You won't, but I will!

What a sorry group of crybabies. I guess they were making fun of us because they knew deep down they would do the exact same thing and were ashamed of it.


eddie, eddie said...

While it was probably an honest mistake of him not crediting it to you in the first place, his response to you what quite unprofessional, and showed that he is an ass. Please promise me that no matter how many times "steve aka onepeat" begs, you will not be putting up a billboard.

Anonymous said...

Having the story as their cover story is the first step towards a billboard.

The Realests said...

we hate espn too. and we're michigan alums. check us out.


The Realests said...

we hate espn too. and we're michigan alums. check us out.


Anonymous said...

To be honest here, I am new here to the BLOG but like what I see. I heard about that "hack" Herd ripping you guys off from a link on Fark.. so I had to join the fray and send the schmuck a note too. Plagerism sucks!

Anonymous said...

Chances are Cowherd and anyone related to his show have never seen your blog. While I am not doubting you wrote the material in question, I have seen it in numerous posts on the internet and in emails over the last few weeks. It is likely they got it from one of these sources and had no way of knowing the true source. Get over it and just be happy it was cool enough to make the show.

Wangs said...

Fielding H. Yost,

I thought you were a genius when you designed our helmets . . . this may be just as good.

When this jackass gets fired from ESPN for stealing your bit, we'll see who's whining then!

Do you know where he went to school? LSU? Michigan State?

Anonymous said...

You're up on Fark! Cowturd's in trouble.

eirishis said...

Wow - never thought I would support a Michigan fan, but ... what a fucking jerk. I've emailed ESPN's Ombudsman on your behalf.

Feel free to check out our site - www.sportsmediawatch.com - where we regularly document ESPN's nefarious actions.

Anonymous said...


Good analogy between LSU and their billboard and Michigan Fan Zone and their article.

Anonymous said...

I've never blooged before but this should if YOU'RE pissed, listen to what ESPN did to ME!!! I was living in Honduras - working for the Candian Embassy and by some miracle I actually got some NHL Canadiens games off of ESPNdos out of Mexico (I'm originally from Montreal). My wife's family (all local Hondurans) would pester me constantly during the game about this rule and that rule and "how do you get the lines on the ice?" questions. I figured, if the broadcast was in spanish and being sent from Mexico to central america as well - then there must be a market here. So I said to myself: "Here's an opportunity!". I speak fluently english, french & spanish and I played hockey for more than 15 years. So I sent them a letter (along with my resume) and explained the demographics, cultural differences between countries, yadda, yadda and told them they should look at getting a person to do same 30 second bits of "rules" and "basic strategy" for the latino market.

Now, bear in mind that I was a few weeks into the playoffs - so I'd watched maybe 2 dozen games. They sent me a "Thanks for your input" form letter... and what happens next week?!? Steve Shutt is out there (from maybe 10 years old CBC Hockey Night in Canada clips) taking about strategy DUBBED in spanish. Talk about pissed. These buggers didn't even send me a thank you letter or a "great idea". So instead of stealing my material like they did to you - they stole my idea and used it to make more money and better market their product.

aerojad said...

You have a right to be pissed, that's cheap by that idiot host.

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed him and asked him how many other things has he ripped off over the years. What a Big Sack Of Shit....

Anonymous said...

You think that's bad?! A couple of years ago, there was this team that won the national championship by being the best team in the nation. ESPN goes off on them and says another team won the national championship. Then for the next two years all the deserving team hears is how the other team was the national champion. Of course, it doesn't help that website and fan blogs follow ESPN like blind lemmings and propogate this lie.

Then when those fans of the rightful team band together and rise up against ESPN, ESPN lashes out, followed by a backlash affect from said fan blogs.

Anonymous said...

I would feel you if ANY of those questions were funny, but they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear? The wonderlic test is a better predictor of NFL potential than throwing strength, passing accuracy, win loss ratio in college, BCS bowl performance and character.

I am surprised Vince Young is still in the first round. I mean, obviously a 50 question multiple choice test that does not reference football is the primary indicator that teams use to determine whether a player will succeed in the National Football League.

Honestly, the national media should be ashamed of itself for trying to tear down Vince Young since January 5. They are just pissed that he defeated their team, USC, who was supposedly the best college team of all time and could have easily defeated Napolean, Ghengis Khan and the Predator combined.

Oh hold on, Dan Marino got a 14 on the Wonderlic. Guess it means jack shit.

Anonymous said...

Cowturd is going to get fired over some stuff that is not even funny and racist to top it off.

Anonymous said...

Colin Cowherd talks about authors of a work whining but then whines on and on about SB XL. What an Ahole. My opinion get in touch with a copyright lawyer and send espn a lawsuit. I'm sure they'll come around after seeing that and give the proper authors some respect. Get that copying prick fired.

Anonymous said...

I decided to emai them as well. Kinda silly but worth the effort. here it is....

Do you realize how easy it is to come up with questions like the ones Mzone came up with for the wonderlic test? Now do you know how much of a loser someone must be to have to steal those questions because of the lack of creativity needed to create there own? Come on, If you need original material, Tell your writer to hire somene with a little bit of personality. Do yourself a favor and monitor all material copy & pasted off other websites and it will save you alot of hassle in the future, Im sure the guys sitting at there desks right now with nothing but a right mouse button will be upset, but thats ok, Maybe they will learn a thing or two about (Originality). Later and good luck ignoring all the emails to come in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dude, not only is this linked on Fark, Tucker Max is backing you as well:


Yost said...

This isn't and never was about money. It's just about a nice shout out. That's it.

Had he say, "My bad, props to MZone" I would have said no harm, no foul. But to take it then be a dick about it is, as one of you wrote, the douchebaggiest.

Anonymous said...

I like the word douchebaggiest. Can I use it in the future please?

jonathantu said...

so maybe tucker max isn't that bad after all. i can now admit to chuckling at some of his stories. by chuckling, i mean guffawing, falling out of my chair, scribbling notes.

but he's still a pure bastard. damn, am i complimenting him?

Anonymous said...

Busted you ass writing a fake Wondelic test? Wow!! It's amazing you survived that ordeal. You should just be proud that he found it funny enought to read it on air.

Yost said...

Anon, pardon us if we don't feel "honored" to have our shit stolen.

Anonymous said...

If I was you guys, I would not want that shit stolen either. Because then we can trace it back to so who actually thought it was funny.

Anonymous said...

am i retarded or am i just not finding the email from cowturd? or did yost post it yet?

John B. said...

M Zone:

I am a rabid ND fan, and this plagaristic BS by Cowturd at ESPN might just be one of the few uniting events ever to occur between myself and a UM fan...

A simple shout out would have been all that you wanted to hear, I am sure. Credit for your thought and work.

I don't think that is too much to ask out of a professional radio host and sports journalist.

Had you done the same to Cowturd and made money from his words, I guarantee you that ESPN's lawyers would come a callin'.

Anonymous said...

I understand the passion and the indignation of having your original work ripped off. But come on folks, you're dealing with the internet here where things, no matter where their origin, get passed around faster than any disease.

For all we know, some high school kid could've copied your original work and emailed it three times over the world before you ever heard it on ESPN radio...

Or maybe it was an inside job...Yost how well do you know your fellow m-zone Bloggers??

Yost said...

"Or maybe it was an inside job...Yost how well do you know your fellow m-zone Bloggers??"

Hmmm. Wangs!

Rush said...

This is Rush from Six Degrees of bowden. i would like to formaly apologize for any role I might have had in this fiasco. Here is my apology

jonathantu said...

admit it yost. mzone pulled this off to get website traffic. you guys used colin cowherd - possibly the last bastion of hope for all of humanity - to promote your own blog. you sold your soul for a fark link!

hey, does anyone know how to repair tinfoil hats?

Anonymous said...

You do have (C) at the bottom of each of your pages, do what they would do to you. Take them to court for copyright infrigement.

Yost said...

LOL! Busted, JT.

Much appreciated, Rush. And had C2 given us credit, we would have said the same thing. But his response was less than cool.

Chili Dog said...

Regardless of how he got the questions, citing "the internet" as the source is irresponsible.

What if he were to receive the latest Rick Reilly column by email without Reilly's name attached and then proceed to read it verbatim? Actionable?

He needs to be dismissed.

Wangs said...

It's true. I did it.

I haven't participated much lately because I've been secretly stealing Yost's material and sending it to random radio announcers, annonymously. I was surprised that it took me so long to find a sports "reporter" who was willing to use plagerized material. But then I found Colin Cowherd.

I was starting to get the feeling that Yost was not buying my excuse for not writing more. I thought I came up with the perfect alibi: I emerged from my parent's basement / my rent-free apartment one day last week to get some snacks (I just love those Seven-11 taqitos). While standing in line, reading the Enquirer, I met a girl and we started dating.

I have no idea why he didn't believe me.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize. Does anyone listen to Colin Cowherd a second time anyway, though. Once is more than enough.

Sur13 said...

just a thought but did anybody notice that the response email that was supposedly from CC said it came from htheeherdespnradio.com not from theherdespnradio.com?

Not a fan of by any means CC but just sayin. I could be wrong but that response seems a little off even for a whiner like him.

Anonymous said...

Where is CC's response? Still not seeing it. ???

Anonymous said...

Where's Colin's supposed respone? I do not see it posted.

IC said...

I realize that what I'm about to write is a topic for another day, but...just look at the photo of Cowherd. Is it possible that someone could look like he does, make the cool-radio-guy double fingered point, and not be a complete douchenozzle?

Anonymous said...

As a fan of the reigning Big 10 champion Texas Longhorns :-p who's had mad respect for Michigan and their fans since the '05 Rose Bowl, I have to chime in to say that Cowherd has always been my least favorite ESPN talk jock. Even before I knew he was a plagerizing hack.

Give 'em hell, give 'em hell, make 'em eat shiat MZone!

And to quote aggy (the Texas version of Spartan fans) - BTHOcc

jonathantu said...

"Is it possible that someone could look like he does, make the cool-radio-guy double fingered point, and not be a complete douchenozzle?"

quick answer: no.

long answer: no, but this is all kinda cool because over at deadspin someone wrote: "Cowherd, as they say, has a face made for radio. He's got that Pig Man thing going on. Dude's making some scrilla now; he should go nuts and get a nose job already.
by KarlHungus on 03/23/06 03:19 PM" and anytime you get a scrilla reference, it's cool. the only way it coulda been cooler is if someone else had posted, "his name is herd-zula, the swipe rulah, from the 'steal material and pass it off as your own' schoolah'..."

but it's not like anyone watches aqua teen hunger force anyway.

Anonymous said...

See there Yost, Wangs admitted it.

His excuse of actually finding a girl is somewhat fishy though...I'm thinking the "Super Adventure Club" had something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

1. LSU wins national championship according to the rules everyone agreed to.

2. ESPN and other media fail to give LSU due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls LSU babies.


1. Michigan Fan Zone writes decent article.

2. ESPN fails to give Michigan Fan Zone due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls Michigan Fan Zone whiners.

HomeFries94 said...

Just sent an email to Football Fans for Truth (http://www.footballfansfortruth.us/index.php) regarding this. Hopefully you guys will get more exposure.

JT posted this on WeAreSC this morning and it's received some buzz there as well.

Good luck guys. Hopefully we can nail this bastard.

Brandon said...

You know, I thought it was bad when Dan Patrick stole the Homer Call bit from a sports radio show here in Dallas by the name of BaD Radio.

This is much worse.

I hope this hack loses his job over this blatant case of plagarism.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you bozos don't see the irony in all of this.

For the past two months this website has been lambasting LSU fans for fighting to receive due credit for their team's achievement of the National Championship in 2003. They criticized and derided LSU fans wanting the media to acknowledge what happened.

And now, when the media has failed to give this site due credit for what they worked to achieve, though on a much smaller level, they are up in arms about it.

That, my friends, is irony defined.

Anonymous said...

Why are they mad? This story has given them more traffic than they've ever had.

In just the past hour, they've had more than twice the number of visitors they normally have in an entire day.

jonathantu said...

no, irony would be not realizing that espn recognized lsu's half of the 2003 championship, including having it's name attached to the ESPN Coaches' Poll that named the tigers its #1, and then posting the above.

unless you're alanis.

am i actually talking to an lsu fan about this? talk about futility. if i break godwin's law someone shoot me.

Anonymous said...

ESPN called USC the national champion for two straight years...and continues to do it. That despite the fact that USC did not play in the National Championship Game. Fine, call USC the AP Title holders from 2003, but as for 2003 National Champions, that distinction rests and remains in Baton Rouge.

1. LSU wins national championship according to the rules everyone agreed to.

2. ESPN and other media fail to give LSU due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls LSU babies.


1. Michigan Fan Zone writes decent article.

2. ESPN fails to give Michigan Fan Zone due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls Michigan Fan Zone whiners.

Doug said...

OK, look, I like LSU and am good friends with a few of their biggest fans, but you guys? Need to cut this shit out. Dredging up the LSU/USC national-title debate in the midst of this discussion of the Cowherd issue is called a "non sequitur," which is French for "one thing not having a fucking thing to do with the other." (I figured y'all Cajuns would already know that.)

If someone chooses not to give LSU "due credit" for the national title they won in '03, guess what? They are in no way legally bound to do so. They can think Southern Cal was the best team, or Michigan, or fucking New Mexico State for all they care. That is a matter of OPINION.

If someone appropriates from this blog and does not give them due credit for their material, however, that is PLAGIARISM. It is AGAINST THE LAW. It is a firing offense at every media outlet I've worked for (and I've worked for plenty), and as such might be considered a weeee bit more serious than your three-year-old hurt fee-fees about someone not giving your football team its props.

I mean, is there any excuse you won't use to bring that up again? I might as well come on here bitching about how Yost never acknowledged my legitimate beef that Anne What's-Her-Face didn't go out with me in 10th grade.

Yet you call us the "bozos." That, kiddo, is irony defined.

jonathantu said...

"I might as well come on here bitching about how Yost never acknowledged my legitimate beef that Anne What's-Her-Face didn't go out with me in 10th grade."

anne was legally obligated to go out with that-guy-with-the-piercing due to her membership in the coaches poll. she mentioned something about going out with you "out of protest" but it never went through.

you still have that date with the associated press' daughter, mary-mary-quite-contrary, to fall back on though.

(sorry, had to do it. alright, zip from me on this particular three year old argument.)

Anonymous said...

You just don't understand what plagiarism is. At its heart, it is failure to give another person or group credit for what they have earned or deserved. Plagiarism is a particular and specific (written) form of purloining and injustice.

The media purloined most credit of the 2003 LSU Championship football team and fans by claiming that by winning the AP title, USC was then national champions.

ESPN did the exact same thing, in a different form, to MZone.

Wangs said...

Doug - well said.

Yost - when you win your lawsuit against Cowherd will you please make ESPN apologize to LSU so they will shut up about 2003 or whatever historical event they keep whining about.

Also, send Ann-what's-her-face some flowers for Doug.

Kirbdaddy said...

I just listened to the audio of this now that I got home, and I have got to say that this clown is an unabashed douchebag and nozzle combined.

He starts off acting like he's going to read real Wonderlich questions and starts reading them off like he wrote this stuff himself. Not once in the clip does he even say that he got it off of the internet.

Then when the author of the material writes him and asks for a little credit, he acts like his shit don't stink. As the Geico Caveman, boom mic operator would say, "NOT COOL!!!

Yost, you and all the contributor on this blog do a kick ass job, and keep it up. Do not let this ASSBAG , Colin Cowherd, get away with this bullshit!

Doug said...

So says Webster's II: "Plagiarize -- 1. To steal and use (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own. 2. To take passages or ideas from and use them as one's own."

So says Wikipedia: "Plagiarism is a form of academic malpractice specifically referring to the use of another's information, language, or writing, when done without proper acknowledgment of the original source."

Now, you could turn some more exhilarating rhetorical cartwheels in explaining how this has anything to do with LSU/USC -- or you could save yourself a lot of energy (and humiliation) and just drop this stupid, stupid, stupid line of third-grade "reasoning."

For your own good, I beg you, choose the latter.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow sports blogger, we feel your pain. The least he could have done was given you credit on the next show.

Kirbdaddy said...

I just tipped off the Drudge Report. Hopefully he'll give this issue some play.

Anonymous said...

They stole it because they knew that no one cares about Michigan, or any of it's sports teams. They figured no one would notice.

Kirbdaddy said...

Cowherd did one original thing...he changed the city in question 10 from Westwood to Coral Gables. However, I'm pretty sure the Orange Bowl does not hold 96,000 fans.

beefshower said...

I'm not going to read all the comments so this might have already been said 10 times, but this Cowherd guys a fucking joke. It should have been obvious that he was stealing material when he actually said something funny. I love this site, and as a fellow Michigan sportsblogger support you.

Anonymous said...

How he still has a job is a mystery, first he says a wrestler's death is "not important to anyone", now he is ripping stuff off. Granted, this is probably the work of an intern that passed it on, but he's still a fucktard.

Kirbdaddy said...

was Cowherd the moron who made a "slip of the tongue" and called Condi Rice a "coon?" Heard something about this on Hannity but didn't hear who the offender was.

Anonymous said...

I searched for key terms in it and found this exact thing, posted about 8 hours before you guys.


Anonymous said...

Nevermind about the last comment, the comments left were way before that was posted, so obviously the person on that forum was not giving you credit, just a later time on your post because of an edit probably.

Anonymous said...

Get a life, guys. I think when he said he got it off the internet, he's pretty much saying that it's not his test. Do you really expect him to take time to admonish proper credit to the worthy.."Genius"...(joke)...that you feel is owed to your juvenile little mock test.

How about a little perspective, ladies, and be happy that someone with national exposure found your little piece of hard work and was willing to read it at all, let alone on the air...

Anonymous said...

Phone call made to the producer. Right to voicemail. Cowards.

Dear ESPN: (we know you are reading this by now.) I am now a former listener until a formal apology is issued.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a copy of his email back to you. Where is it? You keep ranting & raving about how much of a jerk he was, yet you don't seem to be willing to share it. Go ahead and make it public already, becasue you are starting to sound like a real whiner.

clemsontiger said...

Just wanted to let you guys know I've posted you test on http://www.myspace.com/tramadoc Stop by and see. Everything I've pulled from you guys I've given credit unlike that a-hole cowherd. You guys know me as clemsontiger. Thanks and keep up the good work.


GTryan said...

Just wanted to add my support - all the way from Atlanta (GT fan here). Sent that clown and his boss an email.

Keep up the good work guys, read you everyday. Great stuff always here.

Anonymous said...

First time to this site. I am just suprised someone from the University of Michigan can write, much less use a computer. Come on, you are paying someone from Penn State or ND to actually do this for you.

If there was true evidence of a god, Michigan would not exist

Yost said...

Anon 3:11,

We publish our main posts the night before but time stamp them for the following day in the order we want them to appear for the next day. Thus, that was our "headline" story and posted it "late" for the first.

If you look, you'll notice that responses starting coming in at something like 6am on the 1st as we can't do anything about that.

Furthermore, look at the post for today's story on the whole controversy: It's timestamped at 5:30 pm PST yet comments started at 11:55pm last night when we put the story up.

Yost said...

Note: To the person who keeps asking why we haven't posted CC's reply, we did. It's in it's own post below this one.

SurNation said...

Why you want him fired vatos, if his fired you can't mess with him and what are you going to do without him? E-mail him again so he can get all pissed and write you again. You can have entries for the rest of your life just on his e-mails.

Yost said...

LOL, SurNation!

mike said...

"I cant believe you bozos don't see the irony in all of this.

For the past two months this website has been lambasting LSU fans for fighting to receive due credit for their team's achievement of the National Championship in 2003. They criticized and derided LSU fans wanting the media to acknowledge what happened.

And now, when the media has failed to give this site due credit for what they worked to achieve, though on a much smaller level, they are up in arms about it.

That, my friends, is irony defined."

WOW. Are you some kind of asshat pig fucking moron? How are two completely different things like plagerism and the AP not giving LSU the National Title related at all?

Cowherd and ESPN STOLE copyrighted material and read it on air verbatim from this site. That is against the law you fucking douchebag. The AP can nominate whoever the fuck they want the National Title. Get it yet idiot?

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight.

Bumble said...

Found your site through Deadspin. And although I'm an OSU alum and therefore inclined to hate all things Michigan, just wanted to say nice work on the site. I can understand CC slipping up and not giving credit on the show, but his response afterwards is completely ridiculous. What a tool. Keep up the great work.

Chris said...

NEWSFLASH: ESPN Radio Semi-Personality Admits Self To James Frey Clinic For Treatment...Film, Stolen From Fox, at 11.

Here's a 'Canes fan hoping, somehow, you folks get the credit you deserve.

JC said...

I've never read your blog before and I hate Michigan, so I probably never will again. But FireJoeMorgan linked to this "story" and I thought you guys deserved a comment at least.

I'm sorry ESPN ripped you off and I've sent them feedback saying as much. What a joke. I wish you all the best in working this out, hopefully in the long run more good will come of it than bad (maybe all the extra attention will help you). Until then, know that even someone who doesn't read your blog is pissed about this. Disgusting and inexcusable are the only words I can use to describe Mr. Cowherd's actions. He's pathetic.

JC said...

Well, I'm sitting here, 10 minutes later, still annoyed by this whole thing, so I must make one more comment. I apologize for the double post, but...

How low of a human being must you be to steal material in this fashion from people who produce it for free? So what if you were to credit them at the end of the bit? Would the audience have found it any less funny? Of course not. Would they have respected you any less? Of course not. There's nothing wrong with sharing material, as long as credit is given where credit is due.

But there is something fundamentally wrong with stealing it in this manner. It sickens me, but even worse it saddens me when I realize how petty people are.

Anonymous said...

I can think of another word, shut up. His a punk, but you act liked he screwed your sister.

attyrob said...

Cowherd is unbelievable. Can I have a job where I rip off other people's hard work and get paid for it? At this rate, his next stop is US Senator. After all, it worked for Joe Biden.

Anonymous said...

LSU 62
Duke 54

attyrob said...

Does anyone care that Duke lost?

Does anyone care that LSU won?

I am looking forward to college hockey this weekend. The picks:

BU wins in Worcester, Michigan wins in Grand Forks, Maine wins in Albany, and Colorado College wins in Green Bay.

Oh, and Cowerd is still a plagiarist.

Anonymous said...

I do.

LSU 62
Duke 54

Anonymous said...

LSU: 2003 SEC, Sugar Bowl, and National Champions.

USC: 2003 PAC 10 and Rose Bowl Champions.

I'm sorry you are so blind that you cannot see the similarities in the theft of credit from LSU and the MZone. LSU won the national championship according to the agreed rules implemented before the season started. USC got far more credit for winning a championship that in reality they did not win. The media gave USC the credit LSU had earned on the field. Likewise, the media took credit for the work done by this site.

Why is plagiarism wrong? Because at its heart, it is taking what is not yours. That is what the media, by giving USC credit for the past few years, did to LSU. And that's what ESPN did to yost's article.

Anonymous said...

YEAH. So this is the first time on the site, I've never liked Michigan, and I DEFINITELY never listen to ESPN radio, but I think that's bullsh*t what Cowf*ck decided to do to you guys. I sent him a nice lil email...one, word, at, a, time!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH. So I've never been on this website, never read the blod, hate Michigan, and definitely don't listen to ESPN radio, but I think what Cowf*ck did was classless and bush league. I sent him a nice lil email, ONE...WORD...AT...A...TIME.

Anonymous said...

Well I sent him an email (cc'd you guys, so you'll see an email from wolverinekeith - at -hotmail - dot - com in your inbox.)

I seriously hope the dude gets fired. And it kills me that he acts as if sports radio is somehow on a high plane that message boards. Without message boards, he wouldn't have a job. Everything breaks earlier on boards than anywhere else.

Oh, and I emailed George Solomon too. ESPN just lost my business.

Anonymous said...

How cute we got fake gangsters on here making threats. That is so cute, go get Eminem and D12 to back you up. I always enjoy when someone is acts hard on the web, but than the polic come knocking on their door. They say it was just a joke.

But, they forget real gangsters, killers, thugs, and eses don't play on line. Because killing is not a game. Here you get shot for wearing the wrong color, no questions asked the M.E.'s are removing you in a body bag.

Another thing that is hollow is your brain. As much as Police don't like stealing, threats ain't good.

once crapped in a hormel chili can said...

Yeah, cowterd is an ass

Mike said...

I used to work at the same sports radio station as Colon. His research consisted of reading the national capsules in the USAToday, perusing college football recruitng websites and getting gambling tips from Vegas.

His response seems pretty typical: Give a smarmy, indignant response to anyone that has used a computer before.

It's unfortunate he gets away with the load. I am still amazed that he's syndicated. He knows very little about sports and sadly is an even smaller person.

Anonymous said...

Doug, NOTHING in Baton Rouge even resembles anything Cajun. You have to geaux 65 miles west to get to the real deael in LAFAYETTE.
Please don't confuse Cajuns with the rednecks and yat fugees that call themselves La. St. fans.
PS CowTerd's got mail!!

Geaux Cajuns!

WIL 66 said...

Yost...this is getting pretty hard core. this has to be the most hits "y'all" have had in a long time if ever...other than us 'Bama fans and the barners still bitching at each other. This has been my favorite football blog since i stumbled across it. I have become an avid reader and even comment to most of your stuff so i should start becoming somewhat of a regular.

I am not at all surprised by the response you have had. As i said earlier today or yesterday...whatever....once this gets linked it will grow like wildfire...the blogger community is a strong and HIGHLY opinionated bunch. anyways i have emailed all my friends and asked them to write douchbag a fiery email. this is definately a fight for all the true satirist out there. As always guys keep the good work coming and ROLL TIDE

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm blind or just slow, but I don't see CC's response anywhere on here. Someone point out where it is for me?

Anonymous said...

I saw this story on baseballmusings and emailed ESPN with my thougts good luck guys

Anonymous said...

I alsoe don't see his response anywhere.

Jack from Cali said...

(BTW, ESPN radio also has an e-mail, radio@espn.com, perhaps the management of ESPN radio will get those.)

That is so wrong. I understand that Colin may not have known the source when he read it. But his reaction and his e-mail reply was... horrible!

Whether people "whine" or if the host gets "unfriendly" e-mail should have no bearing on him giving credit to M Zone where it is due,especially if he used it verbatim. How hard is it to give a 5 second acknowledgement or an e-mail saying "I didn't know, thank you"? How unprofessional and idiotic did he look by saying he would never give credit then also insulting e-mailers?

I've sent a lettter to the Ombudsman and ESPN radio. If people are really serious about the e-mails, who knows a Walt Disney Company e-mail we can send things to? (The mouse does own ESPN).

M Zone, you guys have entertaining stuff. I enjoy reading your material, one of the places I read on the net to get some laughs. Thank you, I appreciate the good work you guys do.

Keep up the good fight, I'm behind you guys 100% on this one. (But I still can't cheer for Michigan, go UC Berkeley!)

Anonymous said...

I'm a buckeye's fan and I'm completely outraged. That should tell you something. So I'm emailing the show in support of you guys. Oh by the way, we own you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many times he - or anyone else at ESPN Radio for that matter - has done something like this before. Does anyone think this is an isolated incident?

Anonymous said...

Still have yet to see CC's response. Starting to think this is all bs on MZone's part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Other Anonymous,

I think I'm going insane as well. I can't find CC's response and yet they keep saying its up there. Someone posted part of it on the Tucker Max board, so it's on here.

Anonymous said...

Douche bags. It is right here: http://michiganzone.blogspot.com/2006/03/colin-cowherditsomewhereelsefirst.html

Martin said...

I propose a few Wonderlic questions for Colin Cowherd.

1. When you read an interesting column in a newspaper you should:
a) add it to the list of accomplishments on your resume
b) sent it to your Mom to show her just how smart you are
c) re-type it and shop it around to various publications
d) fire off an angry letter to the editor claiming that you thought of everything in the column first

2) When you get caught stealing something you should:
a) go with the Palmiero defense; "Let me start by telling you this: I have never stolen anything, period."
b) go with the teenager defense; "I didn't steal it, somebody sent it to me, I have no idea where it came from!"
c) go with the Bonds defense; attempt to tarnish the reputation of your accusers, claiming that they have a hidden "agenda"
d) call your accusers whiners who need to "get over it" and generally behave like a jerk

Drew said...

Here's my email...

To: theherd@espnradio.com
Subject: No Class in handling of Mzone matter

Dear unpaid intern who gets to skim this and other emails like it in the futile hope of someday getting paid $7.50 an hour to twiddle knobs at 4 in the morning for some douchebag sportstalk station in Sioux City, Iowa...

Colin Cowherd and/or his staff got caught lifting someone else's bit. Just own up to it and get on with it. Getting all petulant about it is only going to make it worse.

Man up.

Sussman said...

You've got my support, dudes and fellow sports bloggers.

Anonymous said...

ESPN has a history of doing this. There is a very popular midday radio show here in Dallas on The Ticket called BAD Radio. About 6 years ago they started a weekly segment called Homer Call of The Week.

Well, about a year or so ago Dan Patrick liked Homer Call so much, he stole it and called it his own. The BAD Radio guys bitched about it a little but it didn't seem like a big deal.

That was until SMU beat UAB in football last year on a last second hail Mary and the SMU announcers went wild in the booth and one of them said, "I guess we just won Homer Call of The Week."

Dan Patrick did his stolen Homer Call bit that week and thanked the SMU guys for the shoutout. Problem is, one of the SMU announcer's day jobs is as a Radio personality on the Ticket and the shout out was to BAD Radio, where the SMU guys have been in the running for Homer Call on several occassions.

Loyal Ticket listeners from all over North Texas flooded ESPN radio with complaints and were met with silence. ESPN radio wouldn't even respond to the BAD Radio guys.

Martin said...

Today "the Cow" is going on & on about how one of his bits is going to be on ESPN TV. The bit is his regular "Spanning the Globe" segment - he says it is a "little thing" he came up with that people like. Too bad he had to rip the name of the segment, anybody over the age of 20 will remember the intro to ABC's Wide World of Sports; "Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport..." His plagiarism knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

I am a Wisconsin alumni and hate Michigan, but I like your guys site and the effort that you put into mainting it with new posts. I think it is terrible the response that Cowherd has given about this. The guy is a colossal douche bag and has no talent. His voice is incessantly annoying and the fact that ESPN puts him on nationally goes to prove how ESPN is the absolute shits. I hope Cowherd gets hell for this. Cowherd is dead to me.

Anonymous said...

I don't read your blog, but this upsets me to no end.

Please, I beg you: Take Legal Action.

His response was that of a child. He does not have the right to "decide" whether he wants to credit you. The Law says he is obligated to do so.

It's always unpleasant to deal with the law, but I really feel you'd be justified in doing so. Cowherd has clearly demonstrated that he does not respect copyright law, and that must not stand.

Torsten the Great said...

I didn't take the time to read all your comments. But I'm pissed on your behalf too. Keep badgering him. You deserve an on-air apology.

Anonymous said...

I've now read the material in question, and I've read CC's pithy response. However, I have not seen anyone say the following (which I've said to the ESPN Ombudsman in my email to him): It does not MATTER that someone "sent it to him", or that he claims not to have known that it originated from this blog. Plagiarism is plagiarism, regardless of the intent of the plagiarist. As a university professor, do you think I should ignore cases of plagiarism when a student comes back with the "I didn't realize I was plagiarizing" excuse?

Any content that CC (or anyone else) uses on the air from another source should be researched enough to be able to give the appropriate citation (and thus the appropriate credit to the author).

I encourage everyone to stop emailing CC. He clearly has NO moral compass. Instead, these emails should be directed to the ESPN Ombudsman, who may be in a position to rectify this appauling situation.

MichaelBains said...

I'm a die-hard Luckeye fan (Really, I am! It's lookin' like this year they may lose that appellation too!) but if there's one thing that could make me take the side of the U of M Yellow Skunks, it's callin' Cowherd on his lame-assed act.

Methinks the dude should take up his namesake's profession. He's got both the voice and the talent for't.

Anonymous said...

Moral compass, can you buy that because mine is always south, do you think its broken.

bones said...

another fine example about how espn has gotten out of control. i wish they would realize their job is to report the news. it's a farce how they try to pass off some of these jack-asses as credible journalists. honestly, why in the hell would anyone hire skip bayless and stephen a. smith to be a part of their television network. i don't even want to get started about stu scott and scott van pelt. it's bull that they ripped off your guys' stuff. take it up with their ombudsman. i'm sure they have one and i'm sure he wouldn't be too thrilled about hearing that one of his cronies ripped off someone else's stuff. it's espn however and they are out of control so who knows where that will take you.

Aztec Warrior said...

He said someone sent it to him. Damn, lets what he can sue you for we got threats to kill him, threats to sue him, slander, name calling, don't know if those responses were true, and using his picture with written permission.

A website who had to take a comment off because it threatend to put a bullet, excuse me, hollow point bullet in his head. You said he had sex with little boys, he raped people, threatend to get him fired.

But, wait its just a blog people are venting it is satire can't take this people serious. Its a free country anyone can say what they feel. He did it first he used your material, but never claimed it was his. However his listeners might think he wrote even though he said he either got it off the internet or someone sent it to me.

I guess you have to be stupid not to understand plain English. I mean I a brown but damn even I ain't that stupid.

jonathantu said...

aztec warrior likes little boys.

'strue. he sent me an email, so no plagiarizing.

T. House Cat said...

I sent an email to the ombbudsman. It went something like this:

I know you have probably gotten a good amount of emails regarding ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd plagerising material from the M Zone blog, but I just wanted to weigh in. Personally, I feel that there is no excuse for this type of behavior; it is completely reprehensible and Cowherd should be reprimanded and forced to apologize to all those involved. This incident has affected ESPN's credibility as a journalistic entity already, but it will be ten times worse if you do nothing to make up for the mistake.

A couple of weeks ago an in-house lawyer for ESPN came to talk at my law school. He spoke highly of ESPN's need/desire to maintain its journalistic integrity at all costs, even cancelling Barry Bonds' reality show if it began to compromise their coverage of him. This incident is far worse. There is no level in life where stealing someone else's ideas is remotely acceptable. I don't see how ESPN could view stealing a small blogger's material in any other light.

In recent years it has seemed that ESPN has almost gotten too big for its britches. Now you all are using your weight to push around the little guy. This isn't fifth grade, we aren't in the lunch line, and this isn't just some spare change milk money. This is another person's idea that Cowherd and ESPN via association is passing off as their own. You at ESPN have a lot of power in the sports world; it almost seems as if you have too much. Please do the right thing and give credit where credit is due.

Aztec Warrior said...

No, I ain't you. I like my man full grown with an education. Do you have a problem with gay people or something? I can call the ACLU to let them know that you are gay bashing.

Anonymous said...

Kudos, T. House Cat!

jonathantu said...

why are you hating on NAMBLA? clearly this is their jurisdiction... why would you do something so hurtful as call the ACLU first? you leftie commie pinkos and your heirarchy have always disgusted me. that's why i have always advocated an anarcho-syndaclist commune system. listen, strange men lyin' in message boards distributin' words is no basis for a system of government. supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical html ceremony. stop oppressing other people aztec warrior.

you can take your hate talk about NAMBLA to another board man. this is the 21st century. unless you know something about jigowatts, get with the program.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the University of Alberta, Canada. Weighing in on this from north of the 49th, Colin Cowherd is, a piece of shit.
I've also sent e-mails to the ombudsman and Cowturd, just to let you know that your support extends farther than you think.

Anonymous said...

I just reported this to the FCC. They don't take these kind of things lightly.

Anonymous said...

A site dedicated to firing Colin Cowherd:


Because I hate him more, here is a site dedicated to firing Joe Morgan:


T. House Cat said...

Anon, thanks, I can't stand it when shit like this happens.

Onepeters, LSU fans, and the like,
While I agree with you that USC doesn't deserve a part of the 2003 Nat. Championship, the situation really isn't similar at all. ESPN marketing/inventing half of a title for USC isn't morally or legally reprehensible. They are just using their power to sway the public opinion. As much as it sucks, that is their prerogative. But, ESPN plagerising and stealing another's ideas is ethically and legally wrong. We've been learning that ever since middle school, not to mention that there are laws against it.

Apples and bowling balls my friend, apples and bowling balls.

Anonymous said...

LSU is not or will never be MNC. USC is the king so just back off and get over it.

Anonymous said...

The only reason everyone's so pissed is because you can't look forward to football any more, you're becoming insignifcant. This whole discussion is pathetic, no wonder you guys have time to run this blog- no job.

Anonymous said...

question- did you ask permission to use the picture of Cowherd?

Anonymous said...

Here is what I sent to the ESPN ombudsman:

Colin Cowherd should be fired if ESPN Radio has any integrity at all.

As I am sure you have been informed by others, Cowherd used material on his radio show that he found on "the internet" (as if it were some magical place where show material springs forth) and presented it as if it were original material. When informed of the true authorship, bloggers at the M Zone, a Michigan sports blog, Cowherd did not apologize on the air or off. Instead, he insulted them and called them whiners.

If I were to do a radio segment and use copy from ESPN.com columnists (hey, it's on "the internet", right?), I feel sure I would very promptly -- and very properly, of course -- hear from the legal representatives at ESPN an be asked to immediately cease using ESPN's intellectual property.

Just today, at your former stomping ground, the Washington Post, the new "conservative blogger" resigned (before he could be fired) because of similar plagiarism complaints. If ESPN Radio is serious about its journalistic credentials, such an obvious broach of acceptable conduct should not go unpunished. Fire Cowherd and send a message that ESPN respects thee intellectual property of others as much as it wishes others to respect its own rights.

Erik said...

Might I suggest a more effective method: Call up your local ESPN radio affiliate ("Bang your monkey, as J.R. would say...) and let them know how pissed you are and that you turn the radio off any time they carry the plagiarizer. Get him dropped from local affiliates, and he loses ratings number, and he loses his job. And for the love of God, people, don't listen and call in, that makes him sound popular!

Anonymous said...

SAW THIS POSTED EARLIER, BUT EMAIL ESPN RADIO DIRECTLY AT http://espn.go.com/sitetools/s/contact/radio.html

It obviously doesn't pay to email that lunchbox...

Anonymous said...

You guys are internet nerds. Stop eating cheetos, get off the couch, and get a life.

Craig said...

Totally unbelievable - Cowherd has always been a self-aggrandizing asshat, but to rip something off and then not only not give credit at first, but then refuse to do so after it was pointed out to him? Karma's going to be a bitch for that douchebag. Totally behind you. Go Hokies.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Cowherd shows no class; I wonder if it is because he is arrogant, a backward bumpkin (which by the way is the consensus among Chicago listeners), or immoral. Come to think of it, that would make a good Mzone Wonderlic test question.

Per said...

Have heard some bad things about Cowherd's use of M Zone material on his show, being told about the source by e-mail, and being a jerk back to the people who's material he had used. I don't listen to Cowherd, but I am a regular viewer of ESPN and member of ESPN.com insider for news and fantasy sports. While being a jerk may make him feel good and even get him higher ratings, hearing about him being unwilling to credit others when he uses their materials (while he is affiliated with ESPN) makes me less inclined to use or pay for espn services when it comes to feeding my interest in sports. For the record, this incident was the first I had heard of the M Zone; I am a fan of Texas, not Michigan. Thanks for your time.

Per said...

Sorry, the last comment was an e-mail I sent to the ESPN ombudsman...

Make the logo bigger said...

ESPN doesn’t promote anybody or anything except themselves.

I can understand the argument that says he may have been sent the article that was already on 50 sites, but common decency says you at least acknowledge one link so that a source is credited. What ever happened to reporters checking sources?

Regardless, the bottom line is this: whoever it was on the show didn’t just simply go to dictionary.com, look up a generic word and then say ‘Oh, I got it off the internet.‘ They used uncredited, copyrighted material for the purpose of the show, got a decent segment out of it, which advertisers then paid them for.

That’s not bitching - that’s infringement.


Anonymous said...

I know Michigan is still a little sensitive are Ohio State put it on that *** but geeez, Colin Cowherd got the test from an emailer, he gave you guys credit today after he found out it was your site it was from, You guys should spend more time complaining about Lloyd Carr running the program into the ground than and espn host not giving immediate props.....ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Jesus, quit acting like a bunch of pussies!

Anonymous said...

You guys need to lighten up a bit.

Anonymous said...

You guys should give Cowherd props, your deadfish website has gotten double if not quadruple the hits since he mentioned you on the air today, oh and good luck climbing into the top 25 next year, Lloyd Carr is a tire fire!

Wangs said...

Anon 12:32 -

And, how did your blogsite do today?

Are you just a little bit jealous that we're going to get the babes, and you're not, because we have a cooler blog? I'm pretty sure you don't have anything to worry about!

I'm not arguing with you that Lloyd Carr is not a tire fire only because I don't know what the heck that means - a smelly mess that won't burn out? I just think he's a nice guy who should replace his entire staff, and maybe himself.

Anonymous said...

So, is it impossible that somebody actually did email this to him? Besides, he gave you guys credit today. Leave it alone and quit crying about it like the whimps you are up in Ann Arbor.

Anonymous said...

I must be the only one who noticed that Colin never attempted to take credit for the bit. It seems FAR more believable that this very funny material was posted on several other boards, including ESPN.com (as one annonymous responder previously mentioned), and probably e-mailed through-out the compant offices.

He doesn't say he wrote it or anything, it sounds EXACTLY like it would if he were reading them off an e-mail and he had no idea where the original came from.

Stop catching feelings.

Anonymous said...

I guess this episode really shows the state of Michigan football. Your team has fallen so far that all you guys talk is some Intellectual Property bullshit that you probably got from somewhere else also. I heard Alabama fans make that joke about LSU right after the national championship season. So your thieves too. Oh and by the way in 1997 Nebraska was the REAL national chammps

Yost said...

That "Intellectual Property" bullshit is called stealing. But thanks for your well thought out comment (and "you're" stellar spelling).

Matt Harlan said...

May I suggest lawsuit? Sue the guy if he screwed you.

Anonymous said...

so it's been 5 months and i haven't seen any firing. looks like he's still in line for getting the personality of the year award again. sorry he ripped you guys off. maybe you can copyright it next time. even if he did steal it, i don't see why he would have to credit you.

Yost said...


Anonymous said...

This might be the girliest thing I have ever heard. I am not a michigan fan. I don't pay attention to their media. I do know that without a doubt in my mind that at one point in the history of the "mzone" you have borrowed material from other commentatiors in the sports media. quit throwing your pity party and just feel good knowing that a big name commentator used your material.

t said...

This is not surprising. I like sportstalk radio but I really am banging my head off the steering wheel and cursing even more than LA traffic will usually make you curse (a lot) when I have to try and make ANY sense of this dope. Anyway, after a long time of listening to him (well, trying...for five minutes) I'm glad to find some way of offering feedback. I know this is long after you guys wrote this post but just to let you know others share your abhorrence of this dope. It's really amazing that this dude retains a job. Most people, you know, have performance reviews. Are his supervisors really happy with what he does? Anyway.

Chris Michener said...

Pretty crazy stuff... sometimes, ESPN just blows.


Sports247 said...

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yvan.rc51 said...

I wish Cowherd had a twelve hour show! I'd listen to it all day. The more blogs people post about him, the more controversy builds up. Resulting in his ratings going up. Remember there is no such thing as bad publicity. All you are doing is helping him become more sucessful. Good luck on your mission...you won't win.

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