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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Touchdown Mohammed


Anonymous said...

absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...


Yost said...

Anon #1,


Anon #2,

Aren't you glad you live in a place where folks can at least voice a variety of opinions on things w/o fear?

Yost said...

And what exactly is so classless about a blank wall? Are we so PC or afraid about voicing opinions on religions we disagree with that something like a blank wall is "classless?"

Personally, I think it makes a nice comment in a humorous way.

Man, I'd hate to see your reaction when you read political cartoons in TIME or NEWSWEEK.

Anonymous said...

I think I get the classless comment. I will try to explain. By not depicting that which you are depicting, you have inadvertently depicted Mohammed as a blank wall thereby depicting Mohammed which, in any form, is insulting and hurts feelings and is therefore classless. Death to the infidels!

Yost said...

LOL, Anon! You got actual sound on my end reading that.

Now I get it.

Anonymous said...


Yost said...


Anybody who quotes Team America is alright in my book.

"America, F*ck Ya. Coming to save the muthaf*ckin' day now."

Gizmo said...

ND grad here and I shat myself when I saw that picture. Come down to the game next year and you're welcome to all the beer, bourbon, and brats you can handle.

Wait, what I actually meant to say is that I find this post highly offensive. By covering the image of Jesus you have insulted the holiest of Catholic images and to show my anger with what you have done I will protest violently. We Irish Catholics are tired of being stereotyped as drunk and belligerent so I will kick you in the junk and pour beer on you until this picture is taken down.

Actually, let's just stick with the first paragraph where we get drunk and eat. That one seems like more fun.

Yost said...


Would love to take you up on that offer. Besides, all that stuff in the second paragraph? That will already be waiting for us in Columbus in November.

Boomer Bear said...

I'm a lifelong IRISH fan and I have to applaud you for this post as well as the Weis-Leinart one. They were great! Keep em coming cause this IRISH fan has a good sense of humor! See ya in September.

rafael said...

Actually, its not just a blank wall. When Muslims go to Mecca, they pray at, essentially, a black wall. So this does have more meaning than just a blank wall.

Which makes it even better. Kudos