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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Real BCS: Blog Co-ed Showdown

If you're a regular reader of this fine blog, you know that we here at the M Zone have been closely following the story of the girl we call "Stacy," the confused SC Song Girl, and Courtney Simpson, the ASU cheerleader-turned-porn-starlet. But who is the favorite of you, the M Zone reader?

Well, to find out, while there may be no playoff in college football, there is one here at the M Zone. We're going to settle this on the field...of cyberspace.

Thus, we're proud to present the first round of the The Real BCS -- Blog Co-ed Showdown --presented by the M Zone:

Scouting Report

Stacy - Southern Cal
Courtney - Arizona State

Claim to Fame:
Stacy - Cheered for wrong team
Courtney - Did the whole team

Battle Cry:
Stacy - Go Trojans!
Courtney - Bring Trojans!

Stacy - Quarterback
Courtney - Quarterback...tailback...fullback...anyone on her back

Stacy - Yes, Tri-Delt
Courtney - Greek, doggie style, reverse cowgirl, wheelbarrow, dirty Sanchez

Favorite Song:
Stacy - Fight On! by the USC Marching Band
Courtney - Girls, Girls, Girls! by Motley Crue

Fashion Statement:
Stacy - no feet and exposed midriff
Courtney - Six inch stilettos and exposed everything

Favorite Saying:
Stacy - Um, like, uh...
Courtney - um...Um...F*CK ME HARDER!

Stacy - Communications
Courtney - Nuclear Engineering

Vegas Line:
Courtney giving 8 (among other things)

So who's it going to be, folks? Place your vote in the comment section or vote here. We'll tally up the winner and announce it soon!


Anonymous said...

while neither one seem very smart, I'll take the ASU cheerleader. She has value at least in one aspect.

DanDierdorf said...

Am I allowed to say "Ho Bag" on this site? Throw a boob job on that ASU cheerleader and I will move to Tempe!!!

Dezzi13 said...

I'm gonna go with the ASU cheerleader... at least she's doing porn and not working at Hooters!

Anonymous said...

Is there really any question. Porn star, even if she has no boobs.

Anonymous said...

ASU porn star for sure. I hate USC with all of my black little heart that isn't dedicated to hating Notre Shame, Florida schools, and the whole gosh darn state of Iowa.

THN said...

Courtney Cocks doesn't even register as as "whore" on the ASU campus. Most Sun Devils coeds would consider her a sell-out because she is getting paid while being video taped while having sex, instead of doing it for free like 90 percent of the female population on the Tempe campus.

We are surprised that ASU would be upset at all about this deal.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Although Stacy seems like a nice girl—hey, she cheers for the other team—and probably loves puppies, kittens, and Care Bears, I’m sure all that syrupy sweetness would get old after a while. Plus, she’s probably saving herself for marriage.

I can think of several activities to enjoy with Courtney since it seems like there isn’t a single thing sexual that she won’t participate in. She gets my vote for this round, but she may have to look out in future rounds since she leans a little bit too much towards the whore end of the Madonna/Whore spectrum. There’s not going to be anything left for her future husband.

WickedWolverine said...

Ya know, I took the ASU cheerleader because the splits are a wonderful thing (even when there's a black censorship strip).

Anonymous said...

Who do I e-mail if I know somemore girls to be in the Bracket? Or do I just post it here?

Benny Friedman said...

Anon, if you have some suggestions for our BCS, just e-mail them to MichiganZone at adelphia dot net. Thanks.

joe said...

ok I emailed you guys some did you get them?

Yost said...


Today? If so, no.

joe said...

Yeah I got your reply.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the shoes... Courtney wins!

CG said...


here are some potential candidates for BCS.