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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Buckeye Love Caption Contest Winner


You guys came up with some great ones. Really funny stuff. From our very own IC, our favorite is...

Our other finalists were:

From reader Wholesome Goodness
"Ok, baby, let's roleplay -- you be Michigan..."

From Benny
"You had me at 'Hello...Fuck Michigan!'"

Check back for another caption contest coming soon.


IC said...

Wow! I am thrilled and humbled to be named the winner of this caption contest.

I have a few people to thank. First, to my parents, who believed in a kid who had a dream to one day grow up and make adolescent and borderline-homophobic jokes on a satiric blog.

Thanks also to the Big Guy Upstairs. Glory and praise to the Lord for allowing me to win this competition and for smiting all those faithless losers with runner-up status.

And of course thanks to my manager, Irving Greenbaum. Irv, you're a real mensch.

I also want to thank my kids. Thanks for being so understanding while I missed your games and school events so I could work on this caption. Your tears and anger will go away, but this award will last forever. Daddy's coming home with a Zonie!

IC said...

AND MY WIFE! Thanks to my wife, my soulmate, my world. I love you honey. We're celebrating tonight--I've already made reservations at Red Lobster, then we're going home and doing it with the TV off!

Yost said...

IC, LOL!!!!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Practicing my "He deserved it" look, while carving IC into my forearms with a pocketknife so I never forget.

Solid post IC, lol.

Yost said...

WG, LOL! Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

AJ Hawk is number #47, dumbass.

Yost said...

Gee, I'll lose sleep over that mistake.

Anonymous said...

There's no mistake... it's just hard to make out the "47" through the windshield.

Anonymous said...

also, thats not an Ohio State jersey......

Anonymous said...

Married a great woman, but her family is full of annoying buckeyes.

Please point me to a good site that highlights all of the buckeye's criminal tendencies.

Want to have my rap down.