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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why I'm Against Mr. Onepeat

While Benny weighed in with his opinion (and much-better-than-my Photoshop skills) below about why he thought raising $$ for putting up the anti-SC billboard was so out of line (you should have seen what he wrote before he toned it down), I think it's misguided for slightly different reasons.

First, the joke is now old. And while Mr. Onepeat may think (or at least claim) he's righting some great perceived wrong, when you get right down to it, this is $10K on nothing more than funny smack talk. Smack talk that everybody who follows college football has seen. Now, had the billboard suddenly appeared out of the blue right next to the SC campus after the Rose Bowl, that would have been something pretty damn hilarious. Folks would be still be talking about it. But that didn't happen. Now "Steve," the person behind the Onepeat.com site, has turned a clever Internet joke with a point of view into a pseudo-crusade.

Of course, if "Steve" says it's not a joke (or doesn't realize it), then we're getting into scary territory. Because a) whose mind is he trying to change and b) does he really believe his billboard will do that?

Second, and more importantly, my biggest beef is that I believe Mr. Onepeat's motives are disingenuous. He claims on his site that he's doing this simply to "set the record straight." But for whom? And why? What "record" was out of whack and who has been clamoring for it to be "fixed?"

In fact, this whole thing is starting to remind me of David Letterman's interview with talk show host Bill O'Reilly on the Late Show last week when, toward the end of this feisty exchange, Letterman said to O'Reilly, "I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap."

Well, I'm beginning to believe Mr. One Peat is no great lover of the Tigers or the 'Horns (why they're included in this pledge drive, I don't know). But, rather, I'm now inclined to think he's a Bruin who simply hates SC and finally snapped living in the long shadow cast from downtown LA all the way to Westwood by Trojan football these last couple of years. Which would be fine if he was up front about it.

Instead, he's trying to wrap himself in the Purple and Gold while riding the post-Rose Bowl enthusiasm in Austin, not to right some wrong but, to settle crosstown scores. I don't believe he cares the Tigers had to "share" the National Championship in '03 and, as I said, the Horns don't have a dog in this fight. No, all signs point back to a dishonest fan from Westwood.

If you doubt me, go to the Onepeat.com site again. It says "Geaux Tigers, Hook 'Em Horns and Go Bruins." Even the Sesame Street characters would point out "one of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong." And that thing would be UCLA's seat at this table...unless of course that was the real motivation at work here.

Which is why I think the whole Onepeat campaign is, to quote Mr. Letterman again, "crap."


Anonymous said...

Your article is well, uh.......CRAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't you just beat USC in 2003?

Anonymous said...

why couldn't usc get into the championship game?

Anonymous said...

Well, the record that needs to be rectified is simply this:

LSU won the 2003 BCS National Championship. USC didn't. 'Nuff said.

Yost said...

No, LSU won a piece of it as did SC. 'Nuff said.