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Saturday, January 21, 2006

USC Song Girl Has Cheered At Wrong Times in Past

(from M Zone wire reports) Los Angeles, CA -- By now, most college football fans are familiar with the infamous USC Song Girl caught cheering for the wrong team during the Rose Bowl.

But we soon discovered via TrojanWire.com that this was not the first time she was busted cheering at the wrong time. Thus, we at the M Zone knew there had to be more. So, with help from the crack investigative reporters at WBRZ, we have uncovered additional shocking photos from her checkered past.

UPDATE: To any Texas fans stopping by from Hornfans.com, please check the comments section or this post in response to several of your comments on the above.


M82 said...

Adobe Systems, Inc. is proud to present this year's award for Most Improved In Photoshop Manipulation to...

The M Zone!

From its humble beginnings replacing the head of Matt Leinart with the head of Vince Young, to the utterly stunning manipulation of placing a properly contoured and colored USC Song Girl into Edvard Munch's "The Scream", The M Zone has shown the kind of software learning curve that Adobe Systems applauds!

Your next goal: Video clips using our award-winning Adobe Premiere Pro software!

Adobe Systems, Inc.



Anonymous said...

Michigan Sucks... Go State...

Yost said...


LOL. No, there was no learning curve just the realization that we should let Benny, who knows what the f*ck he's doing, be our Photoshop expert and not me.


As always, your elegant statement says so much about State fans.

Beaker said...

thanks guys. i needed the laugh

Yost said...

That's what we're here for, B.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

These are fantastic!

And, yeah, Benny needs to do the PhotoShopping.

Is it just me, or is the picture at TrojanWire.com that depicts the USC Song Girl under the table of the Last Supper right in front of Jesus a little creepy? What was she supposed to be doing down there?

Anonymous said...

I now live in California but still remain a VERY loyal Wolverine. I attended the Rose Bowl when we played the Trojans a few years ago, I think I was the only one in Maize & Blue in my section. I got a TON of harrassment, but I did not waiver in my support. On that note, living in the L.A. area has REALLY sucked for the last couple years...listening to all the Bandwagon fans for SC. Kind of like listening to any Buckeye open their mouth...like nails on a chalkboard. Around here, most are ignorant and simply cheering because the Trojans are local....so THANK YOU for this, I laughed so hard, I had to forward this along to ALL my Pac-10 (non-SC) fans. They sincerely appreciate the humoras much as I!

Longhorn_Steve said...

every single one of those originated on a HORN board - credit is being handed out to the wrong people.
The Link

Anonymous said...

Shameless.....ripping off someone else's photoshops and slapping your tag on them.
Have you no shame?
Scoreboard, bitches.

Yost said...

LH Steve and Anon,

What's your theory? That we saw these on the Longhorn board, but credited Trojanwire for a couple of them (and were honest enough to post a link back to that site but not steal the pix)...then we took the time it takes re-edit other pix differently so that we could post them here and take credit?

Sorry, guys. No conspiracy, no thievery. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, when thinking of inappropriate places for someone to "cheer" in famous pictures, to pick many of the same photos.

In fact, that would be like saying you guys ripped off Hindenburg, Titanic, Kennedy, etc. from WTC WALDO guy. Here's that link...


So, whether you believe it or not, we had done a couple stories on the SC girl before, saw the pix on Trojanwire - don't know where they came from but we put a link to that site - then came up with the ones on our site on our own.

However, did check out some on the link you sent. Very funny, especially liked the OJ one (which was one we were going to do, but didn't have time) as well as the famous Vietnam photo (hadn't thought of that one, clever).

Hope this clears it up.

And thanks for stopping by.

PS As for the "scoreboard, bitches" smack talk, not sure what that means. If you've ever read this site, it's one of the most pro-Texas places around. If you doubt it, search for Texas on the site or go through our archives.

JukeBox said...


talking bout dumb blondes.

Anonymous said...

For the sequel to this oringal article see: