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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Most Lethal Backfield in America

Not to be outdone by Maurice Clarett after his recent arrest for robbing two people at gunpoint outside a Columbus bar, former Virginia Tech QB Marcus Vick was charged Monday with three counts of brandishing a firearm after pulling a gun on three teenagers during an altercation in a McDonald's parking lot.


Anonymous said...

Michigan fans,

After stumbling across your site and getting quite a few laughs from the front page, this post included, I went through your archives to see what you guys thought about the second slaughtering at the Alamo. Not one team slaughtering the other, but refs slaughtering a matchup between two of the greatest football programs in CFB history. I just wanted to extend my apologies for the idiots that came over here acting like we blew you guys out. The officiating was horrible on both sides of the ball. Let it be known though, that both of our schools went through games with shoddy reffing, IE NU's games with OU and TTU. Best of luck next season.


A Husker Fan

skeetskeet said...

Seriously, thanks for taking the trouble, AHF, but as a Michigan fan, I feel any Michigan fans who needed to be consoled about the officiating is being a baby. You don't like it? Then don't go to any fourth-rate bowl games. I agree that the general level of officiating is subpar in college football these days, but to the degree to which the Alamo was UNUSUALLY poorly reffed, Michigan and Nebraska have only themselves to blame. Now Texas and USC, THEY have a beef, because that doddering old idiot from the Michigan-MSU replay booth was actually assigned to the premier game of the last few years.

Yost said...

Classy post, Husker fan.

Anonymous said...

I would like to compliment the artist who posted the lethal backfield pic. That is great. M.C., a waste of talent and another self-centered athlete falling from glory. If OSU had not signed him do you think UM would have, they most certainly extended him a schollie. M.V., well who cares. Anyway complaining about Alamo Bowl officials or placing the blame elsewhere is an all too familiar UM tradition. Every time something doesn't go your way or you loose another game you had no business loosing you place the blame somewhere other than where it should be. Hell you should have beat Nebraska by 3 touchdowns. They are crap, middle of the pack team in a barely breathing big 12 that only had 2 teams to talk about (OU and TX). The truth is this, L.Carr has as much talent each year as any program, he just under utilizes it consistently. You lost to a barely better than D2 team in the cornhuskers and immediately you (all UM fans) blame someone other than UM. Cry me a river and get some balls!