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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Carr Makes Big Change in Bid to Beat Buckeyes

(from M Zone wire reports) Ann Arbor, MI -- After losing four out of five games to arch-rival Ohio State and their head coach, Jim Tressel, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr has decided to try anything in order to turn the tide as evidenced by the just-released photo on the left.

When asked about his new sideline attire, Carr first swore at this reporter and said he doesn't talk about injuries. After being reminded this was the offseason and I wasn't asking about injuries, Carr called timeout, hoping for a review of this post while demanding two comments be put back on this blog.

When the comments were added back, Penn State fans went into a frenzy, but were relieved that at least they had something to bitch about on their message boards for the next 12 years.


Wangs said...

Another fake photo!

There is no chance that Nike would ever let Carr wear a sweater vest without their swooooooosssssshhhhh.

surrounded in columbus said...

swoosh or no swoosh, this is one of the funniest you've posted yet. on fortunately, it's probably one of the saddest. we've heard all this talk about "changes" from the coaches and the Freep, but changing the sideline gear is probably a more radical innovation than the real one they'll implement.

puddles said...

forget the sweater...lloyd really needs to go with one of those hooded sweatshirts that bill belichick is always wearing...or maybe find his own badass style

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Lloyd Carr + sweatervest = the most uptight white man ever

He makes Jim Tressel seem like Rick James.

CapBuck said...


Peed my pants, thanks...Ala Dave Chapelle's (sp?) show I am not going to go around screaming...

"I'm Jim Tressel, B!@#CH!"

CapBuck said...



Anonymous said...

If that doesn't work, what will Carr blame the loss on then? All we know is what it won't be blame on: Him.

Anonymous said...

Want to beat Ohio State? Bench Henne. Want to win a bowl game? Bench Henne.

breaston15 said...

How do u figure u bench Henne? He's had good performances against you guys in 2005 (212 yards, 1 TD) against Texas (4 TD'S) and Nebraska (270 yards, 3 TD's 1 INT).

Anonymous said...

Which one of those games did scUM win?

I will help you with the answer:

OSU 37 UM 21
UT 38 UM 37
NEB 32 UM 28

kgh10 said...

And which one of those games was Henne's fault? Idiot anon.