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Monday, November 14, 2005

POLL: Why is this Buckeye Crying?

TAKE OUR FIRST POLL: Why is this Buckeye Crying?

1. He just watched STEEL MAGNOLIAS
2. His mobile home flooded
3. He realized he's over 50 and wearing a nut necklace
4. Somebody stole his velvet Elvis painting
5. Buckeyes are just naturally pussies
6. He lost his NASCAR belt buckle
7. He got fired from his job at the Piggly Wiggly
8. He didn't get tickets to the Willie Nelson concert
9. Just found out HEE HAW was canceled
10. Michigan kicked Ohio State's ass



M82 said...

#11. He's finally getting a chance to hug Ohio State's two most beautiful cheerleaders.


Yost said...

LOL, M82!

Benny Friedman said...

m82, I don't think we can go there. I would say cheerleaders and marching band are two categories tOSU might have the upper hand on us.

IC said...

I went with #3: He realized he's over 50 and wearing a nut necklace.

Does anyone else think the guy bears a remarkable resemblance to former tOSU coach Earle Bruce? Earle had the same cry-face expression during his classic press conference meltdown after he was canned at Colorado State.

M82 said...

Benny, I won't argue the cheerleader point (though I fear it might be like two 4H clubbers debating the relative merits of Bovine vs. Swine), but I was in the MMB (Michigan Marching Band) for 4 years, so I have an - ahem - contrary opinion on that one.


P.S. Although, I have to admit, I hate what the MMB has become in the past several years, i.e., just another boring corps style band. But that's for another time, another blog.

Katie said...

LOL!! It was a tough call, but I had to go with #10! Now gentlemen, comparing cheerleaders is off limits. tsk tsk. And M82, I have to agree with you, Michigan's bands have always been incredible! (in my humble opinion!)

Yost said...


Tried to put the poll right into the original post like you did on your site but we had layout issues. Hence the reason it's on a seperate page. Oh well.

Katie said...

I think it is much more sophisticated on a seperate web page. (not sure how that poll could possibly be considered sophisticated, but you get my point..LMAO!!)

Anonymous said...

Not cool. That man pictured is Neutron Man, one of the greatest Buckeye fans I've ever seen and met, who also passed away not to long ago. Have some respect please.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
IC said...

Hey anon:

This post is in no way disrepectful of the deceased Neutron Man. It's a funny picture of emotional fans and it does not make light of tNM's death.

Buckeye fans should be less concerned with false displays of disrespect for the dead and more concerned with dangerous episodes of disrespect for the living.

IC said...

...one more thing, anon:

Your post should have noted, "...who passed away not too long ago" instead of, "...not to long ago."

Let me guess: you were an honors English major from tOSU?

Anonymous said...

If you must know - that picture was taken whe MSU beat us. You only wish it was your Meatchicken team.

M82 said...


Gentlemen, we may have encountered an epithet so powerful that there is no possibility of retort.

Godspeed, Lexiconman,


Yost said...

LOL! Yeah, M82, I feel so "slammed," I might have to just shut down this blog.

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

"Meatchicken" is about as clever as they get without dropping F-bombs. By comparison, last year my daughter came up with her own nickname for osu, the ohio state "Butt Guys"...she was three years old at the time.

I was surprised we don't have more Butt Guys posting angry messages on the site but then I realized that most of them can't figure out the Word Verification "test" required to publish. I wouldn't be surprised if the 'O-zone" has a whole chat thread dedicated to unlocking the secret code behind the Word Verification puzzle that we have instituted to block them from the blog.

Yost said...



Anonymous said...

Wow, no comments since the game,huh. Good game!! BTW, please keep Lloyd, we love him, almost as much as you guys liked Cooper!

Anonymous said...

Because of his happiness in watching Ohio State kick Michigan's ass again!! Go Lloyd Cooper!

superfan #47 said...


Your three year old daughter is stupid.

Anonymous said...

No superfan # 47 she's three, your stupid, what kind of a man refers to a little girl as stupid must be a sucknut

BoozerLoozer said...

Because he was tired of going BO for 24!!!.. Oh wait, that was all you michigan faggots during Mr. Schembeckler's reign.. my bad. Oh, and about the bands... I'd have to agree that MMB is a great band. TBDBITL and MMB are always the two best bands in the country, hands down.

Anonymous said...

I will avenge this blatent lack of respect for the Nuetron Man by fucking everyone of your Michigan mothers in their assholes, and I'll do it dry. I swear by this.

Thanks for the opportunity and fuck off assholes.


Yost said...

That's the Buckeye spirit...and class.

Anonymous said...

Do some research. There are no Piggly Wiggly's in Ohio.

carl tabb said...

Dammit! No Piggly Wigglys? I guess the post isn't funny anymore, then.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed the Neutron Man, but I don't take offense to poking fun at the picture itself.

The picture is actually from the 1998 OSU vs. MSU game where the Buckeyes were upset by the Spartans... one of the saddest days in OSU football history.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was Charlie Weis when he found out he is actually a Domer.

Behnke said...

TBDBITL? Just wondering which band this is, I also think that The University of Michigan's marching band is one of the best in the country, along with Notre Dame's. And anon I'm pretty sure Charlie Weis is about 200 pounds larger than that man, and I am a Domer myself but no offense taken I just like coming here to see the fights between you guys and the Buckeyes, whom I hate with a passion as well.

Behnke said...

...nevermind, im an idiot and realized what it stood for

tressel4lloydbarely1 said...

You shouldn't make fun of the Neutron Man. He has made a hell of a lot more money than any of you. Also, your band is pathetic compared to OSU's. UM's band doesn't put in near the time OSU's does and it shows on the field and in their traditions of a grave stomp and floating M.

Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

COLUMBUS -- Neutron Man was a beloved man by those who knew him.

The aforementioned, whose real name was Orlas King, died last week unexpectedly while preparing for a round of golf with his friends in Florida. He earned the nickname for his energetic dances during Ohio State games everywhere. He was one of the more colorful and easily-recognized fans ever associated with the school.

The Unversity honored him prior to the start of the fourth quarter when his picture was displayed on the jumbotron in the south stands.

Saturday, as the 15th-ranked Buckeyes faced a matchup with 16th-ranked Wisconsin in Ohio Stadium, King's seat was empty in Section 26 of the B deck for the first time since moving there prior to the 2001 season. Two of his sons were seated next to his own, while a fellow fan brought roses wrapped with a gray Ohio State bow, and set them above his seat as an act of rememberance.

The fan, Judy Logan of Marion, sat next to him and had an up close and personal look at King in action.

"He was always a very upbeat guy," Logan said, "and he always supported the Buckeyes, no matter whether they were winning or losing. I know I'll miss him."

Galion native Bill Gatton sat three seats down from him and was always amazed at how he always found time for people who wanted to share a few words.

"He never knew a stranger," Galion's Bill Gatton said. "Someone would stop him and want to talk, and you know how some people just sort of ignore you and walk away, well, he would always take the time to talk to people. He was just a genuinely happy person."

"He always had a smile on his face," Dublin's Greg Kiefer said. "You could be a complete stranger, and he would have a smile. He was just a very happy guy in general. He enjoyed life."

Attending the game was bittersweet for sons Dan and Scott, who were still dealing with the unexpected loss. Both said Ohio State football was his love, but he'll always be remembered as a Buckeye fan who was also a good father.

"To me, he was just Dad," Dan King said. "He was a laughable guy who had a lot of fun. He lived his life to the fullest."

Scott King said his father gained a love for the Buckeyes as a child.

"He used to go to one game a year with my grandpa when he was a kid, and it was something that was very special to him," Scott King said.

"He was no different than any other fan that comes here and watches the Buckeyes," Dan King added. "He just loved to be a part of the atmosphere here."

He also had a genuine love for the OSU marching band, as Gatton recalled.

Prior to the stadium's makeover between 1999-2001, he spent several years sitting next to the band in the northwest corner of the B deck. When the band moved to the south end in 2001, he did the same.

"He fed the entire band of 250 people every week and picked up the bill," Gatton said. "That says a lot about how much he loved this place. He just wanted to help out any way he could."

He took his show on the road, too.

"Even if he didn't have a ticket," Gatton said. "If he couldn't get one, he would just go in with the band."

So tell me, has MSU's band ever had anyone like that?!?

Yost said...

Uh, don't know. Don't know much about MSU's band.

Anonymous said...

Yost said...
That's the Buckeye spirit...and class.

You make fun of a dead buckeye fan and we are the classless ones, right buddy.

Anonymous said...

How about: He found out his Mom was from Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Because Troy Smith is a senior and has just played his last game as a Buckeye beating Michigan for the third time in his tenure as OSU quarterback by a score of 35-21.


(Its a great game and OSU & Michigan are two great programs with great histories)

With respect,
Brutus Buckeye

Anonymous said...

Gee, doesn't anyone post here? Oh well:

The Buckeye Nation has just learned of the passing of Bo, legendary coach of Michigan.
He was a great man, and a great coach and all of us Buckeye fans
are greatly sorrowed by the news.
It may cheer us up to think that Bo & Woody, are once again united for another Ohio State - Michigan game, and will be watching tomorrow as their teams take the field. There will never be two coaches like them again, and all the fans on both sides were fortunate to experience the game of football under their commands.

Our respect and prayers go out to Kathy his wife.

Why is this Buckeye crying? Because Bo is gone. Lets have a great game Saturday.

Brutus Buckeye

Anonymous said...

Because he found out that Cooper was passed over again for the Michigan hall of fame

Joe said...

He must have found out that OSU has to play Florida again!!!!!!!! Big 11 SUCKS! Go SEC!!!!

Jim Kingsnorth said...

This picture will be remembered every year during Michigan v Ohio. Though it was our little brothers who knocked off the Suckeyes that year, I make this picture my background for my computer this week just for the Suckeye fans that work in my office. That loss in 1998 was the only loss OSU had. It was sweet that a 5-5 team knocked the Suckeyes out of the national championship hunt!