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Monday, September 29, 2014

Dave Brandon and The Hokey Grail

Yeah, I know I haven't posted in over year here on the MZone, but the colossal clusterf**k currently taking place in A2 these days has compelled me to dip back into the blogging word for a brief moment.

Thus, I give you Dave Brandon and the Hokey Grail...

PS It's been so long, I forgot how to post pictures on this darn thing for a second!


Enforcer said...

Good to have you back

Enforcer said...
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surrounded in columbus said...

excellent as usual, old friend.

do you remember the old days when we used debate whether Lloyd's mediocrity was "good enough"? whether Bill Martin was really a competent AD?

what i wouldn't give to be mediocre again.


Mikoyan said...

Welcome back Yost.....

Ramona said...

M Zone is back! M Zone is back!
Words cannot express how this gladdens my heart!!!!! I'm going to use a lot of exclamation points!

Ramona said...

I was just thinking about you a day or so ago too... remember the Airplane video about how Harbaugh wasn't coming here??

Yost said...

Thanks, all! Hate "having" to be back, but it's ugly in A2.

Yost said...


I do! Just tweeted that the other day as it's pretty apropos right about now.

Mikoyan said...

You need to do the doctor scene from Airplane.

Ramona said...

I did go back and watch the "Airplane" spoof again... because... just really needed to laugh at something today.

phil said...

MZone is back!! I haven't watched any sports since it left. I hope RR has us winning now. Well, how silly....of course he does, we're Michigan you know.

Ramona said...

Someone tell Dennis to get his butt back here...

Dennis said...

I'm here. I'm glad to see him back up and I occasionally see some Yost Tweets, but I don't have Twitter so I don't follow, which I should.

I've always wanted Michigan to do well, except when they play us, or if we need them to lose because we lost a game we shouldn't have. I really thought Hoke would do it for you after that first season. But right now, I hope you lose out because I think Brandon is as much of a problem as Hoke.

The fireworks I can forgive, we do that, though I don't like it either, especially if we lose (see Va Tech.) But it just seems a bit unneeded. The Coke thing? The skywriting? The marching band issue last year? He has brought in a lot of money and he is doing a good job of that, but he is doing things I would think at some point that would slow that flow of cash.

Ramona said...

There seem to be a myriad of factors going on that are difficult to sort out. And they have to be sorted out. I'm getting a little disgusted at the character assassination of Brady Hoke. The product on the field is disappointing but it doesn't make him a criminal. The incident with Shane Morris needs to be evaluated thoroughly - there's been so much flying around the Net but that doesn't take the place of an investigation to determine what the systemic factors are etc.. as for Brandon I can't muster any empathy for him.

Dennis said...

Brandon has just become toxic. The rally for the football team I saw over on MGoBlog where the other sports came over to see them off has some fans thinking cool/nice gesture and everyone else saying here is another example of Brandon making us look pathetic (we are doing this for Rutgers?) Or Dave is at it again and using these poor kids who should be studying or practicing to stage a PR event to make himself look good. He could save a child from a burning building and while some would laud him the rest would suggest he only did it for good PR or he put the kid in the house a set it on fire himself.

As for Hoke, he has a different problem. I haven't heard folks from within the program say he was keeping Shane in to protect his job. I've heard a few outside it suggest that but usually with little conviction. A couple guys on the radio, for example, but even they were like, well, Option A is he did this to try to save his job or option B he is just dumb.

I don't think he is dumb, but he is not very good in live press conferences under the best situations and has really struggle in this one. The headset thing makes it look like he is out of touch with what is going on. I don't think it would have helped but we are again back to perceptions and it looks like e is just out there clapping and often looking mystified. I also, and thankfully I haven't gotten my morning shower yet so I don't have to take two, agree with Herbstreit. I do think there would be concern among Michigan fans if you were 5-0 and this happened but not what it is now.

What Kirk fails (and since he was using twiiter no surprise) to explain, or perhaps understand, is this is, for many, the final straw. They were holding out hop for Hoke. They don't want another coaching change. They don't want more chaos. They want to go to a full Michigan stadium and watch their team win all of their games and if they lose and least know they just had an off day. That's what any program like Michigan wants. That's what I want for Ohio State. They don't want to look around and see OSU going undefeated (against no one that mattered) or Notre Dame going to a MNC (albeit getting crushed) or MSU winning the B1G and the Rose Bowl.

Michigan fans have expectations. They are not Indiana fans or Iowa fans. Expectations are a good things. It is a lack of them that has this conference saddled with some not very good coaches. Michigan fans are tired of hearing we need one more year with no sign things are getting better. Maybe next year will be good. Maybe Hoke will have all the pieces. Maybe RichRod should have gotten one more year and he would have been 11-2. But, at some point the excuses and the waiting are too much with no indication it will get better. Give Hoke the rest of the season, but his future QB looks bad, the online is still not there and they just look lost.

Ramona said...

Good stuff there Dennis. I do believe you could easily write a book on football in the journalistic style of a John Bacon. 3 and Out is one of those "must reads" and I am sure "4th and Long" is equally good, it's on the to-do list.
My reaction to some of the excellent points you are making:
1) The conference sucks too
2) I don't know who Kirk is
3) It's water under the bridge about Rodriguez, I was among those who thought he should have the 4th year. But it's time to stop grieving and figure out how to fix the program. All we can do now is congratulate him on his AZ success.
4) Brandon has a certain reputation that while, it's different to know how much is true, if any part of it is true it's a problem. He's not qualified to micromanage the guys he is paying all this money to do a job. Worse it undermines their authority with the team. Some leaders are clueless about the difference between lending support and interfering. I hope he isn't one of them
5) We supposedly now have this top notch OC.. differing opinions on the rate of development. I have no idea there.
6) Thanks for, an OSU fan summing up nicely how M fans feel. The stadium full and a winning program with losses represting the exception not the rule.
7) The program has, so far, truly failed some very talented players, Gardner being the prime example.
8) How much did outside pressure, from whatever source, play into Morris being the starting QB? That is also another big problem....