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Friday, August 02, 2013

Maurice Clarett offers you a second chance. No really.

Our friend Tom sent us the following ad that just feels wrong on so many levels.  You be the judge.


surrounded in columbus said...

if THIS ad doesn't make you wanna run out & borrow money at usurious rates, i dunno what will...

Jeremy said...

This is seriously wrong...what self-respecting Buckeye football player has to pay for a car himself? What an embarrassment to the program!

Yost said...

Well played, SiC & Jeremy!

Mark Clark said...

All Michigan fans need to live in the past. The present is just too painful.

surrounded in columbus said...

talk about your non sequitur, random trolls? that commercial is about a month old- WTF does this post have to do w/ living in the past?!?

oh well.

less than 30 days to kick off & Yost is in mid season form!

let the games begin!!!

Dennis said...

Had not seen that before. Must not watch the right stations here in Columbus. I noticed he could barely say it with a straight face.

But given the target audience for the service provided he is someone those folks could identifiy with, so I see the wisdom of it. And I give him props for making lemonade out of lemons.

And moving to a different part of the produce aisle, apples and oranges, I would love to see a Chris Webber version of this, especially if he somehow managed to mention act before time runs out.

surrounded in columbus said...

Webber made tens of millions in the NBA. doubt that he'll be making cheeky pay day loan ads anytime soon.

for clarett, oth, this is probably the biggest pay day he has had since he stopped getting hand outs from tsio boosters

Dennis said...

As for Webber, you are right, he managed to limit his mistakes. It was wishful thinking on my part, for the fun of it. In no way do I think he and Clarett followed the same path once their college carrers came to an end.