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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Less "Decision" To Make in Columbus

Following OSU running back Carlos Hyde's 3-game suspension against a bunch of cupcakes Buffalo, SDSU and Cal for hitting a woman at a local Columbus nightclub-slash-flashlight hall, the MZone has taken the liberty of updating the "Decisions" wall inside the Buckeye locker room.

Here are the two versions:


One "decision" down, four to go.  O-H!


MichSportsGirl7 said...

Another beauty, Yost. =)

Yost said...

Thought you'd like that. :)

surrounded in columbus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

you know what is really funny about all this? it's not that Urb suspended the thug for 3 meaningless games and will have him back for a tune up before Wisconsin. short of a felony conviction you knew he'd be back in time for conference play.
no, it's that so many tsio fans are getting up in their pulpits and preaching about what a harsh penalty this is and how it shows what a high standard tsio football has. they really have talked themselves into believing that anything short of a felony is acceptable behavior.

Yost said...

I've heard a LOT about Frank Clark and his punishment from Tosu fans the last 24 hrs

surrounded in columbus said...

yes. stealing a lap top is EXACTLY the same a whacking some girl half your size because she doesn't want to dance w/ you.

exactly the same.

surrounded in columbus said...

and seriously, where on any M blog did you ever see anyone get up on their soap box and brag about what a paragon of virtue brady hoke was because of the way he handled Clark's punishment?

Yost said...

That's what I said, SiC - show me one tweet or post where we defended either Clark or his punishment. I'm appalled by it all. If he was our player, I'd think it was just as wrong.

Death2Brutus said...

I'm disappointed & appalled by the lack of good judgment shown by some of the young people given an unbelievable opportunity, whether they reside in Ann Arbor or that state down south. Be that as it may, what's important is that each of them learns from their mistakes so they can become better men...

That being said, it wouldn't hurt, if they also beat Ohio.

Go Blue!!

Ramona said...

Yost, what can I say.... Ok so, agreed, you get to have a life too, and well, everyone is going Twitter, but it's great that you still have the blog!
Have not laughed so hard since you posted about Manti and Lennay!

Dennis said...


From what I saw looked like he was trying to set up a friend. I also can't tell from the video if he slapped her or kind of shoved her after she hit him. Either way, yes he should have walked away and probably a lot earlier since she was not interested.

Though, I do recall in the Before Time, when I was young, women would sometimes give mixed messages, so I can see trying to just be sure. But at some point you do have to just fold and move on. I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't say something less than gentlemanly when he walked away, so I imagine he provoked her into hitting him.

How many games should he miss from an altercation in which no charges were filed? As I mentioned in another post, perhaps we should follow the wisdom of Michigan Man Les Miles and let the players vote. Bo molded him well.

Also, in fairness, I think Meyer might have done less if not for the Hernandez issue. But again, he is missing 25% of his senior regular season, which does seem fair. You folks should know better than anyone how dangerous cupcakes can be. And in our defense when we scheduled the series with Cal they were quite good. I fear the same thing will happen in a few years with Oregon.