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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ohio State Logo Morphing Into Buckstache

Buckeye fans were frothing at the mouth (more so than usual) after the school announced it was "updating" its seal and logo.   First, the seal. On top is the old one, below it is the new:

You find the change?  Look again.  It's like one of those "What's different in these pictures?" games in that kids' magazine from the dentist office, right?  Give up?  Okay, in the bottom one, the "O" in the center is beveled (although our friends at The BBC claim the Latin reads, "Fuck Michigan").

But Buckeye fans weren't too upset about the change to the seal as its just used on official documents and diplomas, neither of which most Ohio State fans have ever seen before.  However, they were more than a little peeved about the "big" change to the school's athletic logo.

Here's the old:

And probably tens of thousands of dollars later to some OSU design grad, here's the new:

No, seriously, that's the new one.  As even Buckeye fans are saying, apparently all that design money bought was a Sharpie to give Gene Smith in order to color the top one in.

But we noticed something else.

Is it just us or is THE Ohio State Logo looking more and more like the infamous Buckstache?  



TPeezy2 said...

Great. Now I need to trade my Braxton Miller jersey to have the awesome tattoo on my ankle updated.

Dennis said...

Not sure what to think. I liked the old logo, but it did have an 80s feel to it. I will say it beats a total redesign, since I can just fill in the letters myself and not have to buy new stuff. Something Dave Brandon would never do for you guys.

Also, I assume it is just the image itself, but I would be more upset with the change to the scarlet I see. I do think you guys did a good job a few years ago when you settled on one Block M and took out the Blue Outline. There wasn't (or I didn't see) the hysterics I've seen from us.

As for the seal, the new one look cleaner, but that may be just the quality of the image. I get changing the O as some kind of universal branding strategy, but I also think most people never noticed it wasn't a block O and I would prefer they kept the old one. I'm wondering if they will go around campus and update the seals that are near some buildings and entrances to campus.

Good luck tonight. Especially with eyestrain given your unis. :)

Yost said...

"since I can just fill in the letters myself and not have to buy new stuff. Something Dave Brandon would never do for you guys."

Funny stuff, Dennis! May have to figure out how to use that in a tweet.

Dennis said...

Congrats on the hoops win. I know many of my Buckeye Brethren complained about a no-call at the end. I always find that weak, if they had held on to the ball better a few times or done a couple other things, it wouldn't come down to a refs call or no call. I hope we see you in both tourneys. Of course I hope the result is a little different.

Yost said...

Heck of a game, Dennis. Two great teams.

Ramona said...

Isn't National Oversigning Day upon us?

Dennis said...


Yes it was. Quiet for you guys, you had everyone locked up early and had a great class. A little more chaos and last minute commits on our side which according to some gives us a better class. Honestly, I like your way better and quite honestly there isn't much difference between them. And we both have had OMG STARZ kids who never saw the field and 3* kids who excelled. Looking forward to an intesting season next year.

One thing Urban Meyer mentioned was he thinks the B1G needs more night games, especially in November. This article doesn't mention it in as much detail, but he expanded on the section about have more later games because the game day atmophere at night wows the kids more.

I'm torn on this. I'm not sure it is neccessary and there is something about those afternoons on the campuses in the B1G in the fall. I think night games while more energetic are less family friendly. What say you Michigan folks?

Ramona said...

I'm pretty opinionated on the topic. Night games take things one step farther from college football and one step closer to a business franchise/pseudo-Pro game. Of course it's like that anyway. I also don't agree with adding games to the schedule because the players should at least have the appearance of being able to study the latter half of the term so they have something to fall back on after football. More and more it's just about the money these kids bring in. But that's just me, I also miss the old scoreboard.

Yost said...

I'm against night games in November in the B1G for no other reason in weather. They're fine in the SEC where it's 65 degrees. But a -4 windchill at Wisconsin or wherever sucks.

phil said...

I guess free tuition, housing and food isn't enough for Alabama football freshmen. I think we need Yost's spin on this.

Dennis said...


Not sure if you saw the story that FAU has a new sponsor for its stadium. It seems to me there are other schools that are better suited to be sponsored by GEO Group, a for-profit prison company. And perhaps there are other matches made in heaven between teams and sponsors. Something like, Matchlight Field at La-Z-Boy Stadium on the campus of WVU.

Dennis said...

Thanks for not holding up your end of the bargain.

I was sure you had it, they come to take my wife for chest x-ryas (they thought she might have pneumonia along with her ear infection.) I look up and your lead was gone.

Ramona said...

Wishing your wife a speedy recovery Dennis.
Been down myself with some late season flu or whatnot.