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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Manti Te'o's Girlfriend Fake, Twitter Explodes

Clint Eastwood hits on Manti Te'o's girlfriend
If you watched college football, you knew.  And how could you not?  Every Notre Dame game, commercial, station break, holiday promo and car ad on NBC mentioned the tragic story of Irish linebacker Manti Te'o's girlfriend who had tragically died of leukemia at the beginning of the season just more than a week before Denard Robinson's Heisman hopes died in South Bend.

It was one of the most touching, moving stories of the 2012 season.

Until yesterday.

That's when the college football world was rocked with the news that Te'o's girlfriend did not in fact die -- because she did not in fact exist.  As Deadspin first reported it was all an elaborate hoax: There never was a Lennay... Keku... Kooky... Kockamamie.

Of course, we here at the MZone got absolutely nothing done from the moment we learned about the story, tweeting away the rest of the day.  So, in case you missed 'em, below are a few your perusal.  And if you'd like to follow us on Twitter, we can be found @MZoneBlog.

Somebody really should do some fact checking on that RUDY movie asap. 

Notre Dame is going to have to change that line in its fight song from "Wake up the echoes" to "Make up the echoes"

Cast your vote for Notre Dame's new slogan: 1. "Win one for The Fibber" 2. "Make up the Echoes" 3. "Pretend Like A Champion Today"

After hearing about the Manti Te'o story, I think execs at ABC just found their next Bachelor

Our favorite line from upcoming Manti Te'o movie: "Tell them to go out there with all they've got and win just one for the Fibber." 

Congrats to the MZone on being named Best Sports Blog in America!  

Manti T'eo's girlfriend is fake? Big deal. Jim Delany offered BTN membership to Maryland and Rutgers, 2 fake football teams. 

Please, before it's too late, somebody go check on Lou Holtz

Manti T'eo's girlfriend is fake?! What next, Ohio State fans claiming their bowl-banned probation team should've won the AP National Title? 

I sure wish T'eo's girlfriend had been real and Denard's 5 turnovers against ND hadn't been 

To be fair, Te'o's girlfriend was more real than his Heisman Trophy legitimacy 

BREAKING: Manti T'eo blames his fake girlfriend on violent video games and Hollywood movies.

Looks like Manti Te'o projected 1st round status in the NFL draft is now also a hoax

BREAKING: Lance Armstrong personally thanks Manti Te'o for taking the spotlight off him for a few hours


phil said...

Te'o fits perfectly in my Fantasy Football league.

phil said...

oh, and let's not forget the other victim. Brent Musburger was falling in love with her too.

Dennis said...

I assume you saw Gerd's comic, but for those that didn't, here you go.

His column was good, as well. He is his usually honest, self deprecating assholish OSU fan. And as is often the case, many of his thoughts and the evolution of how he felt mirror my own.

Yost said...

Oh, Phil, THAT is going up on Twitter, sir.

Yost said...

Great article, Dennis.

phil said...

I can't judge Te'o because I too had a fake girlfriend. She didn't die of leukemia. She developed a huge air leak.

surrounded in columbus said...

phil- you're killing me. funny stuff.

as for ND? It’s sorta like the scene in the original Men In Black movie, the first time Tommy Lee Jones shows Will Smith how to use the memory “neutralizer”? Smith’s character looks at him and says “And that weak-ass story's the best you can come up with?”

ND & Teo had a month to prepare for this “outing” and the story they came up w/ has more holes in that ND’s D line in the BCS game.

Ramona said...

Well... now i'm not getting anything done. i will have to go back and reread the story because there is just too much to take in. So he met someone in person, one time, and then had an online relationship? But he didn't know it was a hoax? It can happen to anyone, really.. but then even if the young man didn't know what was going on, what ever happened to fact checking by all these news organizations? Maybe the South Bend paper didn't do any research but SI?

surrounded in columbus said...

thing is, the more you read the story, the harder it is to believe that Teo didn't know it was a sham of some sort. the "story" he & ND have put out there is hard accept

Yost said...

You're killing it, Phil.

Ramona said...

This is crazy. He never made any effort to go visit his sick GF in the hospital?

I'm still trying to grasp... fact checking on the part of so called writers.

Then there is Declan, and the rape victim who committed suicide.

so... ND cares less about the actual deaths of their actual students... than about the fake death of a ficitious girlfriend of one of their players?

phil said...

Yes Ramona, this is the state of Notre Dame today. Sad.
(and then this off the ESPN comment boards:)
These Te'o jokes are very funny but shouldn't we all reflect and remember that a person who never existed is dead?

surrounded in columbus said...

so, son (who attends tsio) went to ND-tsio hockey game Friday night. tsio was up in last 2 minutes & ND pulls their goalie. tsio student section jumps up, points to empty net, and begins a chant of "T'eo's girlfriend".

have to admit i was impressed.

Ramona said...

I'm not smart enough to post the link here... but check out the "Funny or Die" video of Manti and Lennay. Hysterical!

Ramona said...