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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Bowl But New Streets in C-bus

Sorry for the light posting.  Just trying to wrap up everything for the end of the year.  Ah, real life.

Thankfully, our pal Surrounded in Columbus is always good for a nugget or four from deep behind enemy lines.  Today he sent the picture below with the following email:

Most people would be disappointed to be 12-0 & staying home.  They're not most people.

No word yet on when Tressel Boned Us But We Still Hoisted Him on Our Shoulders Like Morons Lane is going up.


phil said...

12 - 0 could be referring to the amount of NCAA violations that tUOS did this year vs. how many were actually discovered. Just saying.

Dennis said...

I didn't want him there. I thought it was too soon. I wish they would have just had the team much like Michigan did a couple years back with the Fab Five. Howard couldn't make it, I read but they left out Webber and Steve Fisher. Of course, it is a little easier to be on your moral high horse when the NCAA makes you.

The NCAA ruled that Michigan must distance itself and not recognize any of the players until 2012. The players being the ones involved in the scandal, of course, not those who were cleared, like Rose.

I will conceded that doesn't mention the coach and the article I got it from doesn't say one word about him either.

It will be intersting to see what, if anything, Michigan does with the Fab Five at the end of this basketball season, since the NCAA limit is no longer keeping them from acting.

One final point, it was Tressel's players from the MNC team that hoisted him on their shoulders, not the current team. And loving your former coach, even if he was flawed, is not something limted to Ohio State.

"I think he got screwed," Rose said. "I don't think he deserved the way he was ousted. I don't think it was fair. I think it was an overreaction. And he's shown that by creating a program that has been, over the last few years, better than the one at Michigan."


Dennis said...

Oh, I posted this on the T-Shirt thread, but didn't notice you have moderation turned on. And I'm not sure how many folks other than me, look at 2 week old threads to see if the post count went up.

Anyhow, Alabama is stealing your idea that you stole from Shane Morris. Bad enough they beat you up in the opener, now they are going all Cowherd on you.

Yost said...

Yeah, comments on posts older than 10 days or so are moderated. Too many spammers out there.

But it's up now.

surrounded in columbus said...

Actually, the final report more or less exonerated fisher from any direct responsibility. He cleared every move/contact any of the players had with any outside contact with the compliance department. So at the end of the day, he wasn't sanctioned (fired but not sanctioned) by the NCAA

Sort of the exact opposite

Dennis said...

Maybe it wasn't here, perhaps it was somewhere else where I read Michigan wouldn't honor him because he hadn't apologized for the Fab Five issue? Trying to recall. But that is why I brought him up. I do wonder also, if OSU was unsure how to proceed because they did fire Jim O'Brien, who was clearly more culpable in his scandal than Tressel, yet the University lost a wrongful termination suit. Clearly, the lesson is not to hire guys named Jim.

While Tressel was to blame for not passing on what he knew when he knew it and may or may not have eventually taken the fall to keep others from getting implicated, the NCAA for whatever reason, never put a recognition restriction on him. I kinda wish they had, but I'm guessing the NCAA did not think the issues were serious enough to warrant it.

Also, while his action/inaction lead to the initial NCAA investigation, I really think it was Posey and Herron and the others who got in trouble for the overpaid job issue that came up after Tressel left that is what cost us the bowl game this year. But if Tressel had just come clean from the begining, the job issue never would have come up or, if it did, it would have been a stand alone issue and not what was a pattern of issues.

phil said...

Yost, please do some investigating. We want Michigan's womens sports to dominate, so we need to push this training program. Sounds good to me.


Ramona said...

Anyone know of where someone could watch the bowl game in Chicago?