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Monday, November 19, 2012

New Big Ten Logo

Friend of the MZone, 5th and Long, has obtained this exclusive photo of the new Big Ten logo after today's announcement that Maryland is joining the conference.

We joke, but if Jim Delany knew it would add a couple more eyeballs to the B1G Network, he'd consider it.


todd said...

How do I get the vomit off of my iPad?

Mikoyan said...

I could undestand if they went after say Pitt, West Virginia or even Syracuse but Maryland seems to add a ton of travel time without a ton of benefit. But this may lead to the playoff that fans are clamoring for (but not the one that smaller schools are clamoring for).

phil said...

BREAKING NEWS: MARYLAND AND RUTGERS HAVE BACKED OUT OF BIG TEN DEAL AFTER VIEWING THIS VIDEO. Officials from both schools state they don't want to be associated in any way with this type of fan base.