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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farewell Denard and Iowa Open Thread

It's not only Michigan's last home game of the 2012 season but, sadly, it's the last home game of one of the most electric players to ever don the winged helmet - Denard Robinson.

What a heck of a player and, from everything I've ever read or heard, an outstanding person.  I just hope he gets to play today, even if only for a ceremonial play or two in order to get the in-game send off he deserves.



Every1nosme said...

This is the kind of game this "walmart" wolverine envisioned when I posed the question of whether gardner or robinson would start for the rest of the year and whether we could see robinson at another position other than qb. I realixe he still isn't healthy but even if he was I think this option makes them a way more dynamic offense.

Ramona said...

Wish I could have been there. Had a ticket and still couldn't be there but other family members had a great time.

Wishing DR the best in his pro career!

surrounded in columbus said...

he was a quarteback, take him for all & all. we shall not look upon his like again.

Ramona said...

may the force be with Denard in Columbus!

Dennis said...

Congrats on the win. I'm wondering how hurt Denard is and if there was some gamesmanship once it was clear Iowa wasn't going to contest this game. Definietly lots for our defensive staff to think about.

Looking forward to what Yost has this week.