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Thursday, November 29, 2012

And you wonder how it starts...

Found all these vids post M/OSU game.  Never too young to start teaching kids to be classy fans. 

Don't you just love how mom literally bribed the kid above with some kind of treat, like she's training a puppy? Good job, mom.

So when they grow up, they can become this guy (yes, there's a "payoff" to his video at the end)...



Ramona said...

Wow.. All I can say is, wow.
The future Kindergarten teachers will be thrilled at the new vocabulary. These parents should pat themselves on the back.

phil said...

(flash to when child is 16)
TV fan to tUOS girl: "How did you get to be the star of "16 and Pregnant?"
tUOS girl: "My parents sucked."

Mikoyan said...

If her parents would have sucked instead of other things, she wouldn't be here.

Dennis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...

See, if they would have used treats and punishments with the girl in the next to last video (the sisters in little cheerleader outfits) there is no way she would have started nodding that she liked Michigan. Now that is bad parenting.

On the topic of saying the word sucks as a kid, my parents once washed my mouth out with soap when I was in about 3rd grade and said something sucked. They also taught me not to boo at games.

I'm guessing these boys lost a bet, but I will give them props for going through with paying up and for staying classy.

This kid, however, not so much. But at least he is older. And maybe you could have used him to try to tackle Carlos Hyde last week. I'm assuming he is a Michigan fan. You guys don't dress your kids up for your videos, so it harder for me to figure out if it is you or one of the other teams we consistently beat that also hate us. I did look at some of the other videos he posted and he did post one about about Kappa Sigma at Michigan, so i assume he is one of yours. Again, at least the kid is old enough to know what he is saying.

I really don't like the OSU ones with little kids. I did have a professor who had a little kid who would cheer when he heard Democrats and boo when he heard Republicans. To me, that would be cute either way. It the use of the word sucks that bothers me.

Dennis said...

Speaking of Michigan guys who are not welchers.

At least Tom's gambling problem is not as bad as Schlichter's.