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Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Ohio State Bowl Game T-Shirts

Get 'em while they last!

(HT: SiC. He wasn't sure of original creator of this little piece of brilliance as it arrived in his inbox. So if you know, let us know and we'll pass it on)

UPDATE: U-M QB-to-be Shane Morris tweeted this after the M/OSU game.  Again, don't know if he's creator, but it's the earliest version of the joke I can find.


Dennis said...

I know Shane Morris tweeted this the other day which is why I said he was after your job in the healing pic posts. I screwed up the html and the link wasn't clickable. SiC must've actually went to the effort to copy and paste. :) Actually his image is a bit clearer and may have been someone elaborating on the Shane Morris tweet. Not sure if it is an original idea by shane, but it looks like he found a website with an image of a balnk white t-shirt and then in the comments added that it was our championship shirt.

Yost said...

Thanks, D. Someone else mentioned Shane's tweet as well so I added an update to the post. Much appreciated.

Dennis said...

Yeah I think you were putting up the update as I was typing my response. No worries, if I get too many hat tips from you, I'll not be allowed to use a pooper cooler when tailgating. Have a good weekend.

Ramona said...

I was so tired last night when I first looked at this, actually said out loud: "It's blank......oh!"

Tom C said...

So I live in Gamecock country, and we are getting zero respect. If I hear anotherone bites the dust on the radio again I'm gonna go kick Clowneys ass my self!....Uhhh could use a lil help....

srudoff said...

Looks like the ones you guys wore in 2008 and 2009! Back to back!

Tom C said...

Geez I thought you had choked to death on your own bile, or seen a mirror and turned to stone....
You and your team suck.

surrounded in columbus said...

well said. well said.

Ramona said...

My, my, srudoff, how sour are the grapes today..

Dennis said...

First Alabama bets you up, now they steal your ideas?