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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1980 Wangler/Carter Video Asking Students to Arrive Early at Big House

How bad have the late arrivals in The Big House student section been this season?   This bad:

Yes, Jordan Kovacs and Roy Roundtree had to make a YouTube video asking fans (read: students) to arrive early for the Northwestern game (they didn't).


Can you imagine students leaving large chunks of The Big House student section empty when Bo was coach?

We could.

In fact, while the actual video was lost, we here at the MZone discovered the following transcript in the Bentley Historical Library.  It's from a shoot on November 11, 1980 at Michigan's old practice facility.  It was supposed to be just quarterback John Wangler and wide receiver Anthony Carter.  But it didn't turn out that way.

Here, for the first time, is the transcript from the shoot:

JOHN WANGLER:  Hi, I'm John Wangler.

ANTHONY CARTER: And I'm Anthony Carter

JW: And we need you at the stadium Saturday for our game against Northwestern.

AC: Please come early to the largest stadium in college foot--

BO SCHEMBECHLER: What the hell is going on in here?!


JW: We're making a 16 millimeter film.

BO: What goddam 16 millimeter film?!

AC: One for if they ever invent a way for people all over the world to watch and share short clips on their TRS-80s some day.

BO: What the hell is this film about?!

AC: Asking students to come early to the game.

JW: So they don't show up late.

BO:  Are you [BLEEP] kidding me?!  Give me that damn camera!


BO: You are students at the greatest university in the country.  You have an opportunity for a very short period in your lives to watch and support the winningest college football team in the history of intercollegiate athletics.  In The Big House.  Where legends like Fielding H. Yost and Fritz Crisler coached.  Where players like Tom Harmon, Jim Mandich and Rick Leach brought home Big Ten titles.  Where the best marching band in America plays the greatest college fight song in all the land.


BO: A Michigan Man does not need to be asked to come watch his team play.  A Michigan Man doesn't have to be begged to support his school.  A Michigan Man shows up before the band takes the field and doesn't leave until the final whistle.  Win or lose.  Rain or shine.  I will give the tickets away to the thousands of real Michigan fans who would drive across the entire state for the chance to watch the University of Michigan football team play before I let a bunch of Michigan students in name only show up late.  If they can't show up on time, I don't want them in my damn stadium!  And I will close the goddam student section down before I beg students to come watch their team!


BO: Now turn this [BLEEP] camera off.


BO: And you two get your asses back on the practice field.


BO: Begging students to come to a Michigan game.  Over my dead body.


Dennis said...

Looks like Bo and the truth only have a passing acquaintance. :)

Seriously, nicely written. We've had a bit of the same problem this season from what I've seen. Kids these days.

Yost said...

Sad, isn't it, Dennis? Empty seats in The Big House and the 'Shoe? What is the world coming to?

gh said...

I did not know OSU was having the same problem.

Who would miss out on the opportunity to clap and do choreographed movements with the team before kickoff?


Really,is this a big deal down there?

Dennis said...

I don't know that it is a big deal, but I know Gerd mentioned it in a Buckeye watch. It was a noon kickoff against UAB. I thought I heard something similar about the Illinois game by one of the local radio guys. Since my son switched from gymnastics to swimming, I'm not working the games now for fundraising, and my annual alumni tickets were against Miami before students got to campus.

Tony's comment:

12:01 Not sure anything makes me angrier than students who don't show up for games. Maybe the only worse is the people who take up two parking spaces.

surrounded in columbus said...

it's not really a fair comparison. when i was a student, the policy on taking in "party favors" was pretty lax. we carried beer & other beverages into the stadium in almost plain sight.

odd side note- one of the teams (swimming or diving, i think) had a big fundraising activity selling quarts of apple cider, OUTSIDE the stadium, before the games. common practice was to buy the cider, pour half to a third out on the ground, fill w/ schnapps, and head into the game. they sold buckets of cider before every game, once it turned cold enough for folks to want to drink spiked cider.

now? you can't even smoke on campus property. god forbid you get caught w/ a flask or can of beer.

point being, i can't say w/ any certainty how many of these dog games (UMass for example) i would have arrived early for, or stayed late, if i had been required to do so sober.

i can't say that i fault the kids when i might have done the same thing.

ghp said...

I. Want. That. Video.


When my sister was there from '76-'79 & I had season tix in '86, I could SO picture Bo giving that very performance...

Brandon said...

Nicely written. I could hear Bo's voice in my head saying every line

phil said...

Dennis - I did see a similar video with tUOS players and Woody Hayes. The players start out by encouraging the students to show up early for the games and then Woody storms onto the scene and punches everyone.

Dennis said...

I've seen that. I have it on good authority the folks at Midway Games modeled Sub Zero's Spine Rip on what Woody did to the guy holding the boom mike.

James said...

Awesome. Come to think of it, this problem seemed to really become noticeable right after Bo's death. It's like during his lifetime, all of us who were students had this unspoken fear of offending the great man.

Surrounded - I don't know if the stadium policies are really a factor. I was a student in the late '90s/early '00s and they had cracked down pretty hard on bringing in beverages by then, but students still mainly came on time.