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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two-Minute Drill: Children of the Cornhuskers & Sad Buckeye Nostalgia

Now Playing at the MZone Theater

We have a new movie opening this weekend in our state-of-the-art cineplex.  Prepare yourself for...

Buckeyes Go Back to the Past (Since They're Not Going Anywhere This Year)

Our pal Surrounded in Columbus sent us the pic below with a single line in his email that sums it up perfectly:

"There's something sad about this."

Sad, indeed. And frankly I'm just surprised it hasn't been vacated yet.


phil said...

I haven't gotten to Ohio for awhile. Could 'Surrounded' pick me up the "34th Anniversary Woody Hayes Punch" t-shirt in large?

Yost said...

Oh, Phil, that may have to end up in an MZone tweet somehow. Well played, sir.

surrounded in columbus said...

i really can't think of ever seeing anyone "celebrate" the 10th anniversary of a sporting event before. in So Cal, are the Angels selling 10th anniversary world series shirts? in Tampa Bay, 2003 super bowl champs? seriously, who does that?

as to Phil's request, i'll look around & grab one if i see it. other tee shirts you may wanna consider-

1 year anniversary of Sweater Boy retiring;

1 year anniversary of Gator Bowl appearance (which will be something of a collectors item since there won't be another "bowl" shirt for the 2012 season); and finally

3 year anniversary of tsio's 2009 win over Michigan- their last one in the record book?

Rigby said...

Excellent comment, Phil.

Yost - in addition to the tweet, can we make that shirt a reality? I would totally buy one.